Volume CCI: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; A Prequel to My Interpret-a-Sean of Matrix IV, and Much More!

Hello every One, and welcome to the Terrific Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition, thank all Your Royal Highness for being here, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. There is much Breaking Good News ta King place on the world Stage, State Actors who’ve forgotten their lines Will soon be receiving Sentences and replacements (re-Place-Mind/to move One’s Head of State to a new Capital). In fact, there is so much Good News in Man’s Macrocosm it is the only reason that this Will not be the Official intro to My new Matrix Interpret-a-Sean, because the Value of what’s ta-King (‘ta’ is ‘thanks’ in advance for what the King is as King) place in Man’s Matrix is much more Magical and Miraculous still.

Remember that investigation into the Covid ‘vaccines’ I told You about that’s taking place in the UK? I included a link to the Telegram feed for My most interested readers to follow along in real time if they Wish. Although I don’t have news of an official criminal investigation taking place in Washington, DC., I can tell You that the People in attendance have the same information and evidence provided to the UK., because the investigation number is included with the initial Notices. The panel addressing Ron Johnson includes whistleblowers from the original criminal filing.

I’ve been stating here for a long time that the Common Law is much easier to understand and comprehend than the commercial codes, statutes and Acts. International Law relies on Common Law Principles which are recognized in almost every country of the world (if not all but I’m really not sure – in an international Court, Common Law Principles Will always apply; they essentially constitute ‘the Rule of Law’ according to natural, moral, and ethical Values). The ‘Sovereign’ rights of the People are the foundation of the Common Law because We are all perceived to be equal in Law, at Law, and before the Law. That’s also why it’s the highest jurisdiction of Law because it really has nothing to do with money and everything to do with unalienable, Sovereign rights. The problem is, they are ignored until they are under attack and the ‘State Actors’ forget there are limits on the laws they can Create until they violated them so violently, there’s no turning back.

(meeting begins as 0:40:00)

One of the main Principles of the Common Law is transparency. Transparency especially applies to government because they have been Trusted by the People to act responsibly – and the ‘pun’ or use of the Word ‘act’ is not arbitrary or coincidence because it very much includes the ‘acts’ government pass into legislation. Including the number of the criminal investigation taking place in the UK to a letter or Notice automatically makes all of the information reviewed by the UK authorities available and presumed ‘known’ to the recipient. Whether the local authorities investigate the information or not does not change the fact that they become liable for having possession of the knowledge and failing to act on it to protect the People from further harm. Any police department anywhere in the world who receives a request for a criminal investigation into their government in response to the criminal investigation already taking place in the UK who fails to take action, is effectively guilty of malfeasant, abdication of duty, gross negligence, and Will be waived of any immunity typically afforded by their position of office.

It also helps to hold the UK police department accountable because more and more People are going to be contacting them requesting additional information or adding their testimonies to the complaint.

The New Zealand government received a letter from a concerned citizen that is well documented and the same principles apply here; the government now has a duty and a responsibility to the People to read this letter carefully and take immediate action to prevent further harm. If they fail to do so, it just becomes another piece of information that can be made available to the criminal investigation taking place in the UK, further demonstrating that this is intentional, Willful misconduct (mens rea, with guilty mind).

Finally, We have a letter to… Scotland Yard?! Well, how about New Scotland Yard (and if I remember correctly, I am thing King My uncle told Me that ‘new’ Scotland is somewhere between 400 and 800 years old – anything older than 800 years is just ‘Scotland’ – so ‘New’ Scotland Yard is probably not so new).

Why do I find this so encouraging? New Scotland Yard has that nostalgic ‘Sherlock Holmes’ sort of feel to it, so I am thing King that if nothing else, on a subconscious level People believe a real investigation must be taking place and that they probably have someone like Sherlock Holmes war King on it in the background so undercover that not even New Scotland Yard knows there’s a Man on the case war King diligently to bring these villains to justice!!! But even more than that, these are some of the other important government offices and agencies that were Gifted with these Presents,

  • the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of London,
  • the Home Secretary
  • the London Assembly
  • the Investment Advisory Board
  • Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary
  • the Independent Office for Police Conduct
  • the Director of Audit, Risk, and Assurance
  • the College of Policing
  • the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners
  • the National Crime Agency
  • the International Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Interpol

Yeah, I thought ending with ‘Interpol’ was somewhat poetic for Breaking Good News in Man’s Macrocosm. Does Just-in Trudeau really think he Will get away with his treasonous acts? I am thing King he Will not.

Okay, I best touch on My Matrix Interpret-a-Sean prequel. The most Magical thing about it is that I’ve already seen [most of] it. I had to stop it,, and I’ll be watching from the start once I finish this Post. I had to stop it because it was too overwhelming, almost like sensory overload. The film doesn’t just ‘hint’ at some of the main concepts I was tall King about in My first Matrix interpret-a-Sean, it quotes some of the things I Write almost exactly, touches on every main theme I discuss and introduces a couple more that I would never have picked up on because it hadn’t happened yet. Hadn’t being the Key Word, and Keys are a big Symbol in this film, too. Keys represent path Ways in the Mind of Man, and the Matrix movies are all about finding the Way. What is the ‘Way’? Did they not say that Christ is the Truth and the Light and the Way?

Finally, Four is Foundation. It’s the last Matrix movie (for now). But it provides the Foundation for the New world and even explains to Me what it is they are hoping to accomplish and some of the problems they’ve encountered along the Way. Point is, they know I’m here and that I’m going to be decoding it for You, and that fact that I was able to get a copy within a month of it being released assure Me they Wish for Me to tell You. So many Secrets in the movie that no One else Will even Notice, I can hardly wait to get started on it.

However, I’m also very excited to watch the rest of it despite the fact that no matter how it ends, it Will not take away from any of the Magic I’ve already seen. I cannot be thank ‘King Keanu’ enough and also ‘Queen’ Carrie-Ann Moss for agreeing to do this ‘final’ film. The entire cast does a phenomenal job in My humble opinion. Considering the reviews I’ve read so far, it has been greatly underappreciated by audiences and critics alike. I am hoping to Shed some Light on Matrix IV that Will allow for People to see its fragmented Reality shine in a whole new Way.

Love and Blessings,

Chillin’ in the Sun

Though her name is actually ‘Gigi’ she was named before I adopted her, and I usually call her, ‘Pumpkin’, ‘My little Pumpkin’, or ‘Princess’.

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