Volume CCI: The Thursday Thing King Edition; My Father, He Art in Heaven…

Hello every One and welcome to the Thursday Thing King Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. I have a Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition in Deed, as I received My first response from Noah S. Potechin and Laraine Burton in response to the Default Judgment, Nihil Dicit, Res Judicata awarded against them on this Common Law Court of Record twelve days ago, January 17th, 2022! I also have some kismet ‘coincidences’ regarding that Matter to be tall King with You about, along with the email I received this afternoon.

Alright, it has been quite the roller coaster of a day in My Microcosm and I even like the theme park attraction metaphor because I did say I was going to be having a little more Fun with things this year, right? Well, there have been all kinds of little bits of Magic dust floating around in My Atmos-Sphere.

Atmos; definition:

“the gaseous envelope surrounding the earth or any other celestial body.”

Google ‘god’

And We begin Our Way down Alice’s Pro-Verbial rabbit hole. Didn’t they tell Neo to follow the white rabbit? ‘or any other Celestial body…

“positioned in or relating to the sky, or outer space as observed in astronomy.”

Google ‘god’

I’ll confess I was a little disappointed that the first definition did not include the Words ‘Heavenly’, or ‘Heaven’, though relating to the sky, out space, and astrology is Good enough. Psychologically they all represent Higher Ideas, and Heaven is just a Higher Idea for Man’s kind.

Love of Mum, the Divine Feminine Energy/Magic

Nothing Magical here, right? Mum is basically My Trinity, though not in an Oedipus Rex kind of Way. Mum’s Love was what Played on My Heart strings as a child. As the eldest, I was the One who would take back a few groceries so that We could all get a chocolate bar at the grocery checkout. I was the One most conscious of My Mum’s anxiety and stress as she shopped for the groceries. I learnt at a young age to add up the groceries as We shopped in My Mind so I could tell My Mum how much We were at. It is Truly amazing the things We learn to accept; as a child it was so clearly and painfully obvious that We Live in a world of unbelievable abundance, it was hard to understand why any One would worry about not having enough to feed a family. I decided quite young that money was going to have to go, it has no place in God’s Kingdom.

At any rate, Magically what I mean is that the things My Mum Wishes for Me are the most likely in the Universe to Manifest for Me. If My Mum is as King of God to Give Me something, it Will absolutely Manifest. I received this Magical card while I was war King on a few documents to add to My Trust to further clarify its intention. I had also sent a Gift to My Mum, My niece and nephews on My Brother’s side, and a Gift for My niece on My sister’s side ‘in My Mum’s Trust’.

My Brother received his Gift roughly when I expected he would considering regular Post and Christ-Mass was upon Us, My Mum did not receive hers – they were sent at the same time. I was slightly devastated because I could not understand how the Universe/God would allow for anything to interfere with such a well Intentioned and Loving Gift. It bothered Me so much that I was finally as King of God to please just let it be late and lost temporarily, or I Will be calling Canada Post to find out who is responsible for losing it. We ‘Trust‘ that when We place mail in the Post it Will get where it is going and I did have enough post-age on it.

I received a very excited email from My Mum to tell Me she had received My Gift and four other Christmas cards from Scotland that got lost in the mail! And although I’ve had too much other Good News to share to be tall King about in more detail, My most Magical Declaration of Trust was Officially received and confirmed by Ontario Works as well, and that one was sent ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’, so I know there is a Record of it with Canada Post.

My Brother had thanked Me for My Christ Mass Gift but hadn’t had a chance to sit down and Write a proper email since because he is so busy with Life and his Family. But he almost sounds as fed up with the government as I am and especially commented on the division the Trudeau government is Creating in society – People now secretly shunning families depending on their vaccination or mask status? It is called ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ and it is affecting Way too many People in Canada right now – that’s the Real plague that’s ta-King over.

My Brother also mentioned that he got very angry with My sister recently regarding the Estate, though he didn’t Give Me any specifics. This was early this morning. I responded and told him not to worry, I don’t really care what Tanja might be doing or trying to do, she can’t do anything without Notice to Me, and I know even if she Wishes to get her share of the money she Will be required to produce a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee. I told him that I really don’t hold grudges and I have no anger or resentment toward either My Brother or My Sister, and very soon they Will each be receiving a check for $150,000.00. I also told him that the only reason I’ve been holding back is because I legitimately feel bad for Noah, but he very much does have a legal and lawful obligation to respond to Me (and My Brother and Sister) to let Us know how much the house sold for and how much is waiting in remainder for Us. Regardless what Noah is thing King in regards to the Notices or anything else I’ve done, those are the ‘unchanging’ duties and responsibilities of any One Acting in the position of Power of Attorney over an Estate to recover a debt (or for any other reason, really) if they are Acting in Good Faith. He should have been providing full transparency through the entire procedure, power of sale, whatever – this is what People do when they have nothing to hide.

A few hours after I send My Brother an email telling him I’m going to have Noah Issue a check for him and My sister in the amount of $150,000.00 each immediately, and proceed with criminal prosecution and or compensation for Noah and Laraine’s trespasses against Me and the Estate separately, I receive an email from Laraine Burton, Noah’s law clerk and co-conspirator of his crimes against Me.

I Will have more to say about this, Ladies and Lords, fell-low Queens and Kings because I am thing King any One who reads the above email Will know it is Good News for My Brother and sister if nothing else. At least it should be, right?

My sister was fighting Me tooth and nail to get a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee when she was thing King the entire Estate was only worth $150,000.00! I’ve Promised them that much each!!! I have a feeling that’s not Good enough for My sister, if You’re wondering why sister isn’t getting a capital. There is a very Good reason I Will never Trust My sister and I am thing King she is about to Show the world why One more time just for Good measure.

My sister is a textbook narcissist of the highest degree. Power and control are so important to My sister, she Will risk losing her share before she Will let Me be as King of Noah to cut her a check for $150,000.00, and My guess, is that she Will be as King of Me to pay her legal fees from My share just out of spite. I honestly couldn’t tell You what it was I ever did to her, but she Will do anything she can to compromise My share in some Way.

Although I Will be tall King about this more (and may well do a Part II later tonight to discuss some of these things in more detail), I have not responded to this email yet and I’m wondering if You know what My thoughts on the Matter might be? Something for You to be thing King about and one last thought I have to leave with You, is that Noah is providing 30 days (was Christ not betrayed for 30 pieces of silver? Did I not suggest time is money?) before he Will deposit the remainder funds with the Court. Did I also not previously suggest that everything Noah has done was without any judicial oversight whatsoever (save My own)?..

I also strongly encourage You to read the Notice of Default Judgment awarded against Noah and Laraine on the public Record. If little else, the email proves that Noah Wishes to receive legal email correspondence at the same address to which the Notices and Default Judgment were delivered, so We know he has been and Will continue to be checking his inbox.

Part II I Will provide My Interpret-a-Sean, though I Will not be revealing how I intend to respond just yet – that Will have to wait for the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition!!!

Love and Blessings,

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