Volume CCI: Satanism and the War Ship of Lucifer, Part III

Hello every One and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me for My Saturn-Day Special on Satanism and the War Ship of Lucifer. In the previous Parts of this little mini-series I have been tall King about a video a Friend shared with Me on the subject of Satanism, as King of Me what My thoughts on the subject might be. I have since felt compelled to share My thoughts on this very sinister subject with You to dis-Spell some of the rumours. One of the main reasons I felt the compulsion to do so is not because I’m an advocate of Satanism, but because one of the main themes shared in this particular Present-a-Sean is that freemasonry is Satanism, and that is simply not True and not fair to the Art of freemasonry as a whole.

Truth be told, one of the other reasons I felt compelled to discuss this topic is because the Man in this video may be very convincing for some but I can assure You he is either lying about ever having been a freemason or member of a Secret Society or he is a high ranking member of a Secret Society they were as King of to make a video to deceive and terrify. There is plenty of factual information contained in the video which makes him seem all that much more credible, though it is also the primary Trick tactic of the Master Magician; the hat is Real, the rabbit is Real, but the Magician is not manifesting a rabbit, she is conjuring one.

‘Con’, definition; “to persuade to do or believe something, usually by means of deception”

Definition from Oxford Languages

‘Jure’, definition; to make a juror of

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

So conjure means to deceive a judge. Would People perceive the world differently if they had deeper understanding of the Words We use everyday? Rhetorical, but something I am often thing King about.

I also mentioned in the previous Part of this series that My grandfather on My Mum’s side was a freemason. He wasn’t exactly a great Man and abandoned his wife and six children while My Mum was still too young to remember him. However, I also highly doubt he was a Satanist. Who knows, maybe I’m wrong and maybe he was, I really don’t know – but I do most certainly know that not all Freemasons are Satanists, I have met several over the course of My Life who are as average as You and Me.

Having said that, some of the rituals described in the video are very real. How can I know for sure if I’ve never been a member of a Secret Society? Well, I have read a lot of Aleister Crowley’s work who (to the best of My knowledge) is was the most Powerful Master of Magic of his time. He did not call him Self ‘the Beast’ and Give Him Self the number ‘666’ for no reason. He had a very important and serious Quest to fulfill that he would never have been able to accomplish without complete Mastery of the Spiritual Sciences. Some of the rituals are described in detail in his books, which do involve lying in a coffin, drinking blood from skulls and all kinds of other things that Will make People’s skin crawl – that’s the whole point to the rituals.

The simplest Way for Me to explain some of the most sinister Magic, is to bring to Light the most complex Idea; Satan was Created by God, so Satan could not exist without God. Similarly, God cannot exist without Satan. 0=2.

I was sitting here thing King that maybe if I don’t type for five minutes it Will Give One sufficient time to be thing King this over, ‘(laugh out loud) I can’t force them to contemplate an Idea!!!’. And it’s True, I can’t. I’m not even sure I can help You psychological grasp the concept in any tangible Way, but I am going to try.

In the video, the Presenter says that one of the most important themes of the Secret Societies or ‘Mystery Schools’ is the Law of Duality. He supports this Idea by Showing floors of important [masonic] buildings with black and white checkerboard floors. The rooms seem to mimic a giant chess board. But who does One Play when they sit down to a Game of Chess?

If You’ve read ‘Everyman’ (required early reading here in Canada, I am thing King maybe grade two to four), You Will know that the world’s most accomplished Chess Master, deemed to be unbeatable by any of his peers, meets Death on a beach. Death tells the Chess Master it is time to go. The Chess Master does not Wish to leave and challenges Death to a Game of Chess. Any Idea who Wins?

What I find most interesting about the Story is that We are Secretly hoping he Will. Does not ‘everyman’ Wish to cheat Death, or better still, vanquish it forever? But if there was no Death, what would be the meaning of Life? Am I hurting Your brain yet? I guarantee if You follow this little mini-series for long enough, I Will!

The opponent in Chess is the Illusion, One is only ever Playing their Self. We can comprehend how this is True on a psychological level because We know that the odds are the same for both Players. Bobby Fischer would/did disagree with this and believes that black’s position is entirely compromised because black is always compelled to respond to white. But if the position is perfect from the start, then is the One who moves first not also compromising the balance and making their Self vulnerable?

The Higher Truth is even more difficult to comprehend intellectually in any tangible Way. The ‘Reality’ is that there is only One colour on the board, the player is both black and white at the same time. As difficult as this concept may be to Truly comprehend, it is this understanding that allows for True Spiritual Mastery. How so? Consider applying the very same philosophy to Good and evil; after all, that is what the black and white pieces on the chess board represent in Man’s Mind.

‘No coincidences’ it is also the main Theme of the new Matrix IV film and the main reason I am so excited to start on My second Matrix De-Coded series. They actually confirm in the film that ‘they’ (powers that be) Wish for Me to explain these concepts to You, and the film provides Me with plenty of tools to do so.

Well, We’re already at over eleven hundred Words for this Post, so I suppose this Gem-in-I should Sign off. I am very pleased with this series so far because although I have Promised to share some of the world’s most sinister Secrets, I have not been tall King about anything too dreary and dark. So far, I have been able to share some of these Secrets with You without having to get into any of the specific details, and My belief is that I Will be able to continue to do so right to the end.

In what I Imagine Will be the final Part of this little mini-series, I Will be tall King about some of the more sinister rituals rumoured to be had. However, My Intent-Ion is to let You know what it is all about before We get to any of the gory details.

To Give You something of an Idea as to why this is necessary, the same Friend who shared the video was tall King with Me about it afterwards as I was explaining some of these concepts. Her Quest-Ion to Me was something like this…

“So You don’t deny that Satanists are performing blood rituals all over the world and making human sacrifices on a regular basis to war Ship Satan, but You say they are ‘Good’ People war King for a Higher Purpose?! NOTHING can justify the kind of Acts these People perform!!!”

“You only say that because You do not understand the Higher Purpose.”

“Sorry, I don’t believe You, I think You are wrong, nothing, no ‘Higher Purpose’ could ever convince Me these People are Good.”

“I didn’t say they were.”


“Do You believe the soldier is ‘Good’? Nothing can compel a Man to do evil or break God’s Law, they do so Willingly and People Will celebrate them. Are they not committing the same, horrific Acts? Oh, but they are doing so for a ‘Higher Purpose, right’ – so that makes it okay?”

And… Ghosted (laugh out loud). I care far less about offending People these days, though this is a great example as an introduction to the True Higher Purpose of ‘evil’ and Satanism. Who knows, maybe I’m ‘Lucifer’; Lucifer is the bearer of Light who Illuminates the world… Remember, it’s just a Fantasy Fiction, anything is possible!!! Or maybe it’s Lucifer (the Highest ascended Master of the [‘Satanic’] Mystery schools, lighting the Way for Christ?.. See, I am thing King that is more likely, but You’ll have to join Me next Saturn-day (Satan-day) for further Magical Initiate-Sean.

Love and Blessings,

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