Volume CCII: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; Potechin, Burton, and Capsizing Noah’s Ark, Part II

Hello every One and welcome to the Second Part of the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, thank King Your Highness for being here, always a Pleasure to have You in My Realm. For the second Part of this Magical Monday Edition I’m going to be tall King about the rest of the Good News in Man’s Macrocosm first before continuing on with My Plan to Capsize Noah’s Ark.

Would You find it encouraging if I were to tell You that I received a reply from the Police today?! Yes in Deed, Ladies and Gents, fell-low Queens and Kings robbed of their Highness by Canada’s corrupt corporate policies. Although this is not a reply to My request to enforce some of the Default Judgments already awarded against People like [Simple] Mary Simon who are clearly in abdication of their Oath of office, it is a reply from a group of Police officers that go by ‘Stand on Guard for Thee’ who do Wish to Honour their Oath to protect the inherent (Charter and Internationally binding Treaty obligations) rights of Canada’s People. I was as King of them why they can’t just arrest these individuals when the facts and evidence against them are so clear and they are not even attempting to rebut the accusations? I postulated that if they are all dedicated to Honouring their Oath, then there should be no reason We can’t apprehend these treasonous traitors right now. They responded to let Me know that they consulted Rocco Galati as King of him precisely that Quest-Ion. Here’s what Canada’s heavyweight constitutional lawyer had to say on the Matter.

It’s only about a three minute, brief explanation regarding why it is so hard to bring criminal charges against these People and what [generally] happens when One does. It’s worth watching if One Wishes to have a better understanding as to why these investigations no One seems to be hearing about are taking so long to produce any results. The information has to be compelling and if there is corruption in the Courts, prosecution has ‘discretion’ as to whether or not they Wish to proceed with the charges and it is often just thrown out. Norm Travesty is a great example if any One Wishes to do a little research to look into the Story because it is pretty incredible, really. They chose to prosecute but on the date of the hearing the Courtroom doors were locked and Norm Travesty and his lawyers were not allowed in. Case was dismissed for ‘lack of compelling evidence’ (don’t quote Me on that but it was something like that, please source the Story Your Self for the facts). The lawsuit was against Justin Trudeau so it’s not at all surprising considering his ethics record so far…

But this is some of the Good News this Magical Monday. The emails to Noah and Laraine sent today are the second and third files from the top in the picture above. This was within a few seconds after I Published the Post, and before the Post had received any views. Documents filed with the Court are considered documents of fact – the Court Will not challenge an unopposed document it has already accepted. All the documents Noah received in the email were not filed onto the Court of Record by some robot or computer, they were all read and Signed by actual People who endorsed the documents. The exception of course would be the Declaration of Default Judgment and the Supreme Claim of Right upon the Estate, though now they are Presented to Noah in front of three witnesses who know that Noah has received them and had an opportunity to defend his position and Honour. He has none!!!

See, the real epiphany was not while I was on the phone with My Brother (unfortunately), it was a flashback from Our converse-a-Sean when I said to him, “if I were making those kind of accusations about You, would You not defend Your Honour?”

I don’t remember what his reply was because We were both so emotionally drained by the converse-a-Sean, but it was more of a rhetorical Quest-Ion, anyway. I know if he didn’t sue Me for libel (slander is ‘s’poken, ‘l’ibel is literal), he’d probably never speak to Me again at least as long the libel was on the public Record. Why do I know this? Because My Brother is a Man of Character. Noah is a crook, a criminal, and is demonstrating outright, shameless contempt for the Rule of Law, hoping he can away with it by gaslighting My legal arguments and taking advantage of My Brother and Sister’s ignorance of how serious his crimes are. The more confident the criminal is the less suspicious he looks, right?

The most Magical Part of this Monday is that although it would technically be too late for Noah or Laraine to rebut My legal arguments with a Declaration of Default Judgment awarded against them already, I did assert the primary Quest-Ion and legal argument he Will be compelled to rebut when I bring this Matter before a Court in My email. I said to My Brother, “Michael, if I were to be as King of Noah the very same Quest-Ion I Presented him with in My email in a Court of Law and he were to stand there stupid, looking like a deer in the headlights, how are You thing King that’s going to be war King out for him? Do You think silence Will suffice as an answer in Court? Michael, he doesn’t respond because he is guilty as charged.

My Brother and Sister have exactly the same response Noah does when I’m as King that Quest-Ion. If Noah does have some kind of legal or lawful answer, I would Love to hear it but I’m sure We’d have heard it already, and I’m sure that a Good, Honourable lawyer would sue Me if he did have a reasonable excuse and the Notices and Default Judgments were not removed.

So today I resolved with My Brother that no Matter what, there Will be no more dispute or disruption of Our family’s Harmony. One Way or the other, We know We Will get Our rightful share of the inheritance, and We’ve all formally agreed to equally distribute the funds. Neither My Brother or Sister Wish to be compelled to file an Application with the Court, and I don’t really Wish to either – but I do have a few other Ideas based on the documents I Presented to Noah today in an email I Will have Sworn by a Commissioner of Oaths sometime in the near future.

The Moral (most important Part) of today’s Story is that My entire Purpose on this planet is to teach the Common Law and I’ve said many times that My understanding of how the commercial admiralty system works is far beyond that of most (if not all) elected officials (State Actors) I’ve come across so far(that or they like to Play stupid), and I am often tall King about how I need to be more patient with them. It was very humbling for Me to recognize just how impatient I have been with those I Truly Love the most – yes, even My Sister. We don’t get along very well because We are literally like oil and water, but I would avenge any of her enemies if she were as King of Me to, and I do believe she knows that.

So from this point forward, no more Family fighting and although I am thing King My Brother and Sister are too drained to take any legal action their Self, I Will support any Act-Ion they do take, and I believe they now Trust I am war King for their best interest regardless how it Plays out. United We stand, Divided We fall; in Spirit I feel We United today, and that’s the most Magical Part of this Monday in My Microcosm.

I’ll do a Part III when I decide how I’ll deal with Noah and Laraine, but I guarantee I Will one day Capsize Noah’s Ark and remind him I am no citizen Ship.

Love and Blessings,

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