Volume CCII: The Two’s Day Tell a Vision Edition; Matrix IV and More

Hello every One, and welcome to the Terrific Two’s Day Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always Pleasure to have You in My House. Tonight this Terrific Two’s Day Will be True to it’s name, too. I Will have an new Tell a Vision Product-Sean of Matrix IV ‘Resurrect-Ions’ De-Coded later this evening, and today’s feature photo Showcases one of the Production company’s Logo from the opening credits of the film – just to prove how excited I am to be war King on it! So excited, so be sure to ‘Tune in’ to this Universe all Product-Sean later this evening ‘two’. 😉

Upside down Pyramid to start the Show

Okay, before I get into the excitement of Matrix IV, I must share with You the most recent developments regarding My Father’s Estate and the Notice of Criminal Intent: Fraud, Extorsion, Gross Negligence as Trustee – Issued to Noah S. Potechin and Laraine Burton early this afternoon. Today I had it Cast to Spell its Magic by Way of email at 12:37 Post Midi, Eastern Star Time. Did You know that today is not only the first day of the new month of February, but that it is also almost perfectly synchronized with the Magic of the New Moon? The exact time of the New Moon for My region according to My Moon calendar is just after midnight tonight.

But these are Good Omens. New Moon Magic represents the beginning of the Manifestations that were set forth at the beginning of the month (or moon-th). It is the beginning of the second Month and the second Moon since the Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean was officially Established, and many Beautiful Intentions were set in stone (like the II stones of the X Command-ments/Minds), and Two (II) is a Door. So the second new Moon of the new year is also on the second day of the month. 2,2,2=6. And Matrix IV is more 6=9, also starting today. So many auspiciously Magical Spells have been Cast at surprisingly serendipitous times!!!

The best Good News for Me in My Microcosm is that a lot of Good Intentions were set forth for My family; My Brother, My Sister, and My Mum – especially My Mum!!! So We have United for the Love of Mum which is in fact also the main theme of the new Matrix and the Intention (or result of the Intent-Ion) of the most Magical email sent today were the same, though the Spiritual, metaphysical aspects of what I am tall King about go much deeper. And We’re getting into all of that later tonight, too!!!

I’m Wondering if more People are beginning to Imagine what it might be like to always be thing King with the Mind of a Mystic. I guarantee You it is much more Fun!!!

I have lots of other Good News to share with You regarding events in Man’s Macrocosm as Our two worlds connect and collide, continuously intertwined by Our subconscious Mind. The Criminal Investigation into the vaccines is gaining more traction everyday and more international bodies and police forces are getting involved and war King together. Like the #TrudeauTruckStop, the #FreedomConvoy is now trending in many places of the world, the latest and perhaps most Significant I am aware of being the United Kingdom where the truckers are scheduled to travel all over the United Kingdom and United States truckers who are joining the convoy and also heading to Ottawa to demand that the #TreasonousTrudeau step down immediately.

I Will be saving all of that and more for the Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition and I’m going to conclude this Post by saying that I am also feeling both Blessed and motivated because I have kept My commitment to Blog every day and to begin a lasting workout routine. I’m one month in and I Promised I Will get over My ego and Post [photos of] the results, though I’m not quite there yet. My initial war King out routine are My most popular pins this year so for now I’m going to Show You the ‘Program’ I am currently downloading to My Matrix.

As You Will notice I didn’t quite reach My goals for the month, but I’m not too disappointed about it because that’s kind of the Idea. I should just be able to accomplish My goal. If I reach My goal too soon it wasn’t ambitious enough. If I set the goal too high, it can risk being demoralizing and un-motivational which defeats the Purpose.
Very pleased with My Chins Progress!

One of the reasons I’m most pleased with My chins progress is because I find them much harder than push ups (even on knuckles or fingertips) and they hurt so much!!! When I first got My chins bar two years ago, perhaps sad but True, I could only do two reps on My first day (and I think one or half a rep for the remaining sets). When I started this year, five was… Comfortably manageable on the first day. I almost tried for ten but knew I wasn’t feeling quite that strong and this Magical training Program is designed to improve cardio performance (slightly) as well as muscular endurance specifically, so I decided to see if I would have the endurance to last four more sets instead. No point being strong if it only lasts for a few seconds.

You may also notice that I started My Program with only one set! Even I find that a little funny as I’m thing King to My Self, ‘just how lazy were You feeling that day?’.

But that was done with Intent-Ion, too because I always make the mistake of training too hard on My first few days. It doesn’t really affect performance too much and it Will probably even yield greater, faster results off the starting line (if One does overdo it a little on the first day), but the pain?.. I just didn’t Wish to go through that if it wasn’t necessary. This is the first time I’ve ever Promised I Will start out slow and kept My Word enough to not be sore. And don’t get Me wrong, either, ‘no pain no gain’ is a real thing and does apply, but there’s a manageable amount of pain without going overboard. Today (for example), if I stretch My arms out completely I can feel tension exactly where I should but not enough to interfere with My day or be uncomfortable – just enough to know the muscles are growing!

And Truth be told, the reason I’m not sure I’ll get over My ego and Show You how well it is war King for Me is because I am already beginning to look like something out of a Marvel comic book. It was this morning while I was trimming My beard that I glanced down to be shocked with the results of My reflect-Sean in the mirror. It felt surreal, like it wasn’t even Me – ‘whoa, when did this happen?’.

We’ll see if I can get over that because the point to sharing this with You is a little like My painting hobby. Most People who meet Me and see My Paintings are as King of Me why I’m not a ‘professional Artist’ or something and I shrug them off because I know they’re only Good in the eyes of an amateur (yes, it’s True – the Artist may be her own worst critic, but she is also painfully honest with her work). Similarly, People who see My physique are as King of Me how and why I’m not a personal trainer or something. Truth is, I don’t really do much, just the war King out Program I have used pretty much My entire Life because it is war King so well for Me.

Seventy-five push ups a day isn’t bad for the first month, even if I am still 6 reps short. The goal for next month Will be 150 for push ups and 60 chins. I’m sore just thing King about it because both are probably a little too ambitious but I’m very confident I can reach 125 pushups (too easy), so the next benchmark is 30×5 and We’ll see how close I can get. For chins, I should easily hit 50, so the next benchmark Will be 15×5 which I am thing King is Way too ambitious – so I’m picking a number I am hoping to be able to attain.

Alright, Ladies and Lords, Gods and Goddesses, I’ll be back with a new Matrix De-Coded Tell a Vision Production for Resurrections IV, so be sure to Tune into the Universal Harmony again a little later.

Before I Sign off, the really Good News is the Notice sent to Laraine and Noah today because making amends with My Family has taken all the pressure off completely. I can’t speak for My Brother and Sister of course, but I feel their Trust in allowing Me to resolve this on their behalf, and in their best interest. And that’s really all the Faith I need. I don’t Imagine Noah Will respond but I Will Keep You Posted if he does. If not, We’ll see how well gaslighting Will be war King for him; time to Capsize and start sing King, Noah’s Ark…

Love and Blessings,

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