Volume CCII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; Casting a Few Serious Spells

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Royal Highness is always welcome. I do have some Magic to be tall King with You about and although there were no auspiciously Lucky events, the day felt Lucky in Deed. Even now the Magic of the second new Moon of this year is only one percent luminated, all this Magical thing King has been taking place at the Moon’s most Mystical time. There are no coincidences and new Moon’s represent new beginnings, the planting of new Seeds of Intent-Ion that Will flourish as the Moon begins to fill with Light. Let’s Imagine this Full Moon reflecting the Light of the Son.

Unfortunately, it Will be a very short one today because this Wednesday got late early for Me. I have also said that Wednesday’s are Lucky because We make Our Luck and We decided they should be. The added Bonus to this belief is that it is a buffer for any Magic Cast on that day, too! So the Luck I was making for My Self today was the beginning of a requisition for an Order of Appointment of Estate Trustee. Of course, this involves reading the Rules of the Court regarding an Order for Appointment of Estate Trustee. I haven’t relied on the Rules much because I know what kind of Fiduciary obligations any One Will have when Acting as a Trustee and Executor of an Estate. These are the official Rules of the Court regarding who can apply for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee.

“If no Will exists, the deceased’s spouse or common-law partner usually has the first right to apply for probate, then a close adult relative of the deceased (child, parent, grandchild, sibling or nephew/niece) can apply. The court may appoint the relative who it deems to be the most appropriate person in the circumstances.”

Apply for probate of an Estate, Ontario.ca

So by default I am (at the very least), the closest adult relative of the deceased. Considering My Sister is very busy as a nurse on the proverbial ‘frontlines’ fighting ‘covid’, and My Brother is busy trying to manage his [real estate] business and a family that is often home from school because of same ‘covid’, I am also by default the most appropriate Man under the circumstance and the only other interested party to the Estate. Noah and Laraine don’t even have a legal right to hold the assets because none of Us ever consented to either One acting as Estate Trustee on Our behalf to begin with! Where was their application to the Court for Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee? Where do the Rules of the Court state they have a right to make an application at all?

Things that make One go ‘hmmm…’?

Because Noah has never made an application for Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee with the Court, no Bond has been Issued to guarantee that he fulfill his duties in accordance with the Law.


“An estate administration bond is a bond that is posted by the trustee of an estate to assure that they will do their duties according to the provisions of the Will and the law. The bond covers any financial losses to the estate due to dishonest or improper acts by the estate trustee.”

I am going to be as King for Noah and Laraine for a copy of their Bond to ensure performance of their Fiduciary obligations as Trustees and Executors of the Estate. We may need that to collect the damages. As of today, the property Noah sold for $425,000.00 is estimated to be worth over $2,000,000.00!!! And People Wonder why I call his crimes against the Estate extortion?

Alright, Gods and Goddesses, Queens and Kings, time for Me to go or I Will not get this Posted in time and Will ruin My streak. But You can see why I am thing King We have a very Good case against Noah and Laraine, because everything I am finding that pertains to Estates (under Canadian Law in Ontario) and probate of an Estate, suggests that nothing should be happening without full disclosure to all Beneficiaries, and only after the Beneficiaries have appointed or agreed to have some One Act as Estate Trustee.

Noah did everything he did outside of the law and outside of the Court. The more I research, the more Willful his criminal Acts appear to be. Everything Noah has done was without a performance Bond, without any judicial oversight, and without any consent from the Beneficiaries, or Notice to them. Everyone with an interest in the Estate must be served, even for corporate interests/debts in/owing to the Estate (See the link for more details).

Love and Blessings,

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