Volume CCII: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; Spelling and Casting Magic into Canada’s Court

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank King Your Highness for being here. It has been something of a Thrilling Thing King Edition because I received (a copy of) My high school transcript today! That had some interesting Sir Prizes for Me as well – My Microcosm is almost stranger than fiction and telling You why. I also sent an email to the Court to let them know that Noah is as King of Me to file an Application with the Court for Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee, is withholding funds, and threatening further economic harm to the Estate and its intended beneficiaries for failing to comply. I’m as eager to share that with You as I am to read their reply.

Okay, first things first.

KCI Transcript

Oh, this was a Fun read!!! I have to confess, I am embarrassed to share My grades! It did Give Me a Good laugh because I remember a lot of it but not all. My highest grade on the transcript is only an 83, and surprisingly, it’s for a history course. If You were to be as King of Me, I would probably have said that history was My least favourite academic. The coolest thing about it is that I’ve never seen one of these before. It’s not very exciting or anything, it’s just that I got a folder that had to be an inch thick filled with everything I had ever completed for school here and in Scotland. This is one sheet of paper very simple and plain. But what’s the most interesting detail? An entire year is completely missing from My Record!!!

I thought (just by estimating what age I might have been) that the last semester in Quest-Ion was 94/95. I was correct, I think! However, I’m ‘registered’ with the school in Jan. 93 and receive My very last credit on the transcript in June. It’s the only course showing on My transcript from KCI. I was there for two more semesters after that!!! The English course that does show was the only course I took the first semester because I registered late and it was the only English (OAC) they had left. I wasn’t going to bother taking just one class, but I had 23 credits at the time and 30 are required to graduate.

I took one stupid English course My first semester so that I could take three courses each semester for the next two, and be done. They had like 12 OAC English Courses or something crazy, all different. I took five more OAC classes and grade 11 math because it’s a prerequisite I didn’t have. That entire year does not exist. No wonder he can’t tell Me who the math or English teacher was, that English teacher isn’t the right one! How crazy is that!? Where did that year go?

I think it’s kind of funny right now, but I also wonder if that has something to do with why Peter sounded so nervous on the phone. Did they just delete an entire year of My life to prevent a potential lawsuit? Trust Me, there is a Record of it somewhere… If they did, did they do it when I was at the school threatening a lawsuit, or after I Writ My email as King about it? Now I’m curious to see what the Kitchener Waterloo District School Board Will have to say when they get back to Me.

The other thing about My transcript is that the last year was the whole punchline! I knew the rest of it was bad (it’s not really that bad but it’s pretty bad – I Will Show it sometime) but the last year I redeemed My Self. I’m pretty sure they were the best grades I had because it was the first time I took school somewhat seriously. Ironically, it was also one of the things the guidance counsellor said to Me when he gave Me that copy of My Records, “You know You’re not fooling any One – We know You don’t take any of this seriously.”.

Can’t argue with Truth. Speaking of which, let’s take a look at My letter to the Court:

“URGENT, UNDER DURESS: Requisition for Order of Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee; Joachim Heinrich von Dehn

Email to the Court

Really, I’m not sure what to expect at this point. There was no reply today or I would be tall King about it. If You read the above email, You Will notice I am making some very strong arguments. I am going to assert that every Word of it is also True, and that I believe Noah and Laraine may be in some very hot water right now. Frankly, if they are not they should be because it is very clear in the email that serious harm has been done – if not to the emotional and psychological well being of the intended beneficiaries, it has certainly been costly for them ‘financially’. I mentioned that the ‘True’ wealth and Value of the Estate was completely compromised, now it is easier to see why that is True.

The other detail I find very interesting, is that I’m pretty sure anyone Wishing to do anything with an Estate Will have to make some kind of application to the Court. There Will have to be some assurances that the Beneficiaries Will receive their share and that due process of the Law is followed.

I have these ‘beliefs’ about what I call the Common Law I believe to be True. One is the right of full disclosure and transparency. I was feeling a little anxiety from the beginning because I didn’t know what was going on with My father’s Estate and not being told very much. I found this really frustrating and ended up taking it out on My Brother and Sister regardless if it was the result of negligence or intentional. This was foolish for two reasons; first, is that I was expecting My Brother and Sister to know things it would be unreasonable for Me to expect most People to know. The second, is that I Truly believed that at some point, they would be told they need to make an application to the Court for Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee, and that My consent Will be required. This proved to be True.

I believed that the Rule of Law, God, the Universe, whatever One Wishes to call it, would protect Me regardless what I do. The magnitude of this real eyes-a-Sean was after reflecting on something My Brother said,

“What if We were the kind of family doesn’t care about each other at all? I got the call dad was dead. Not You, not Tanja. What if I just never told any One and did nothing, let it rot there? No one has contacted You or Tanja, You wouldn’t even know.”

Brother, paraphrasing from memory

I have to admit, I’d never considered it quite that Way before My Brother mentioned it, though I had wondered what would happen if My dad died and nobody knew. The Registrar General’s office only ‘registers’ three main events; birth, marriage, and death. The moment My father was declared dead by the state, wheels were put in motion for administration of his Estate. They (big brother/state) Will know who the entitled beneficiaries are, that’s why those events are registered in the first place.

Alright, We’re getting long already and what I’m trying to explain is so simple it’s complicated. Remember when I said that Court is only for ‘dis-Honourable’ People? See, the [Common] Law presumes every One Will Act in Honour, so only when One is not Acting in Honour is the service of a Court required. For Me, My Sister and My Brother, that time is now.

It Will be interesting because according to the Rules of the Court a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee is required to Act as Executor of an Estate. Where is Noah’s? More importantly, the Trustee is to Post a Bond to ensure performance within the Law and in their Fiduciary obligations to the Beneficiaries.

Love and Blessings,

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