Volume CCII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Kingdom Comes, My Will is Done…

Hello every One and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King Your Highness for being here, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. I am feeling pretty Fabulous this Friday and it is one of My most Favourite days of the week for Writing; I Hope and Trust it Will make for an Inspired Edition if not a short one.

It may be a short one today because I really am feeling Fabulous in Deed. When I said that I spent My Holy Days further defining My Trust in God, this is one Page of the Declaration I began war King on December 22nd, 2021 (and completed on Christ Mass Day).

My Cestui Que Vie Trust is a legitimate, legal and Lawful Express Trust. It was initially Writ and Expressed on December 25th of 2016, and ‘RECEIVED’ by the Ministry of the Attorney General’s Correspondence Unit on Jan. 19th, 2017 – long before My father died, and only relevant if he died without a legal Will. That’s the only Way ‘God’s Will becomes relevant because if My father does not leave a Will, he must be Trusting that God (or the Universe, karma, fate, destiny, whatever One Wishes to call it) Will look after things for him. My father placed his Trust in God by Way of causality, the Act of no act, of having no other Will expressed; whether My father believed in God or not is irrelevant. It just so happens that his eldest Son does, and happened to Create something in the event that his father does, too.

I don’t know how Noah or Laraine expect to rebut or oppose a Certificate of Life or prove to a Court that I have not been Acting as the Executor of My father’s Estate from the very beginning – at least as far as they are concerned. A Trust can be legally and lawfully binding without a single Word ever Writ on paper. The reason for that is because a Trust relationship exists where Actions define demonstrable causality.

To Give an example from My own experiences, I protested My Sister’s application because she was going to be hiring a lawyer and I did not Wish to see any unnecessary funds wasted on legal fees to the detriment of the Beneficiaries. I eventually agreed to a conditional acceptance of My Sister’s application provided none of the legal costs for doing so were deducted from the Estate. That was also the form I tried to Give My Sister’s lawyer who refused to accept it! She had an exact duplicate form without My condition on it that she wanted Me to Sign instead. I again tried to Hand her mine again showing that it was the exact same form, just with a condition attached to it. Wouldn’t take it! I tried to place it on the binder thingy she was holding and she pulled it back before I got the chance, clutching it in her arms. Strangest part of the whole thing? I said to her, “You know, I don’t even think You’re legally allowed to refuse to accept this as My Sister’s lawyer.”

“I’m not Your Sister’s lawyer!”

Really?.. Then who was she war King for exactly? She ran away after that like I’d just told her I’m contagious with the world’s deadliest biological weapon. Is it too soon for that joke?

The point is, that was an ‘executive’ decision. It was the first thing I did to protect My father’s Estate, and it was done to protect ALL of Our interests (because if My Sister were to pay legal fees up front she would become very aware of the costs and might reconsider). It was also the first thing that caused serious conflict with My family. I have no Idea what story the lawyer might have told My Sister, I only know she didn’t tell My Sister that I had provided the conditional acceptance she was as King of Me for, she only told her that I refused to consent to her application.

It was the lawyer who told Me that an agreement and Promise My Sister and I had made was no longer on the table. Causing conflict where there was none, and I thought it was My Sister’s doing (okay, so there was some pretty heated conflict, but this was supposed to put an END to that conflict).

Since then, I’ve been telling Noah and Laraine what they should be doing (or not doing in most cases) and I’ve kept My Brother and Sister in the loop with every single email I’ve sent to them regarding the Estate. Now I’m as King Noah and Laraine for a performance Bond and Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee to Show they had any legal right to do anything with the Estate at all. If nothing else, My Brother and Sister Will now see why the Courts insist on a Bond to ensure performance.

Perhaps the reason I’m feeling most Fabulous this Friday is because of My last email letter to the Court made under duress and marked ‘URGENT’. There was no response from the Court today and for Me that is Good News.

I’m not expecting a reply from the Court because there is no need for the Court to respond. I’m telling the Court that I do not Wish to be compelled to use their services, but under threat of further harm to all Beneficiaries of the Estate, I may be compelled to do so. Now the Court bears witness to the terms and conditions of My application to the Court if Noah still compels Me to make one.

Both God and My father in Heaven are Grantor’s of God’s Gift of Life (combined with the Energy of Mum, of course). Both are Grantors and Settlor’s of the Trust, God Gives the final ‘Spark’ or Gift of Life that Gives it all Value. You Will also Notice that all My family are listed as specific Beneficiaries. This was all done before I sent My final Notices to Noah and Laraine to start the New Year. The point to sharing this with You is that My father’s Estate is just one small part of this Trust! My Brother and Sister have been Beneficiaries of this Trust since Christmas of 2016, and it just so happens (no coincidences) to include My father’s Estate as [one of the ] Grantor(s).

I could be wrong, I guess We Will see, but I am not expecting to hear anything from the Courts, and most certainly not over the weekend. I Will be tall King about it more in another Post but I believe if the Court does not respond, and Noah does not oppose, they Will not be able to deposit the funds with the Court, the Court Will direct Noah back to Me. If I’m wrong, and Noah can and does deposit the funds with the Court in twenty-two more days or whatever it is, I do not believe the Courts Will withhold the funds. My belief, is that Noah already tried to deposit the funds with the Court and was told he must be as King of the Executor of the Estate first so as not to cause further unnecessary economic harm to the Value of the estate for an unnecessary service of the Court.

Love and Blessings,

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