Volume CCIII: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; Magical Spelling and Resolute Sean’s

Hello every One and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, thank King or Queen You for being here, Your Royal Highness is always welcome. There has been no Significant news in My Microcosm today so this Monday I Will be back to My usual, more Play-full explanations (explain-a-Sean) of Magic and Casting Spells. Today’s feature photo is related to today’s theme because it is a picture of just one of two Magical Spells I Cast into the New Year as new ‘Resolute’ Sean’s and although I can be as guilty as any One else of not keeping My resolutions, a little Magic does Magnify the Intent-Ion.

One can see ‘Chins – 30-2′ with ’60’ Writ underneath. 30 was the number of chins I was hoping to achieve (per workout) in My first month war King out. It reads ‘-2’ because I fell two chins short of My goal. The red line on My chart represents the end of a month, the purple lines represent weeks. It was a Good goal because I was only off by a week. However, it also makes the next monthly goal a lot tougher than My first goal because I only have three weeks left this month. If My progress continues at the same rate, I should reach 60 chins at ten weeks, not eight. With three weeks left in the month, 50 is what I’m shooting for more realistically.

By not performing every set to failure (doing as many reps as I can five sets straight) and increasing by increments of five reps when I can complete the last increment for five consecutive sets, My theory is that I Will be developing greater overall muscular endurance. At the same time, I’m not suggesting this is a better Way to promote efficient cardiovascular endurance. I’m not really sure what Will work best for cardiovascular strength (not to be confused with endurance), the Idea is to promote sustained muscular endurance. Eventually, as the individual sets get higher it Will promote cardio performance anyway.

The entire workout only takes about twenty minutes or less and any Good cardio workout takes twenty minutes just to fully switch over to cardiovascular production as the main Energy source. I just Wish to be clear that I’m not suggesting muscular endurance is the same as cardio endurance, and this workout routine is specifically geared toward muscular endurance and fast twitch muscles to promote reflexes and speed.

Although setting up a chart like this might just seem like an additional headache or waste of time, it does force One to be thing King about exactly what it is they hope to achieve. Really, 30 chins per workout isn’t a lot but it’s substantially more than most People who do not work out (or have some kind of profession that demands constant fitness maintenance) Will be able to do. It is Significantly more than I would ever have been able to achieve on My first day. In fact, the first workout of five complete sets I was only able to manage 15 total reps, so I’m effectively twice as strong now as I was on day one. That’s pretty encouraging…

As far as the Magic of spending time setting up a workout routine like this, it is True, it does take time and Energy and that is the Magic of it! The more inviting and inspiring it looks, the more likely One is to get started and chart their progress. The other Magical element of a chart like this, is that most People really don’t have My ‘natural’ physique – I have virtually no bodyfat (like Bruce Lee level) regardless how much I eat. When I start a workout routine and My muscles start to grow, it is noticeable from the first workout. Most importantly, after six weeks, it’s visually obvious I weigh more – this can be a problem that discourages some People, especially the female of Man’s kind.

Muscle Truly is heavier than fat, and fat is the slowest burning Energy source. Muscle production Will begin from the very first workout – muscles Will break down (probably cause all kinds of aches and pains as lactic acid burns the muscles) and repair themselves again, just slightly denser and stronger than they were before (in hopes of preventing that very same breakdown). So if no other physiological changes take place and We only consider what the muscles are doing, it is perfectly natural to gain weight when One starts war King out. Weight on its own does not say anything about overall health – but the results on One’s chart Wil.

By tracking progress like this it allows the individual to see their Self a little more Honestly. We really are Our own worst critic and People Wish to see results immediately; with a chart, One Will!

The Motive-a-Sean for Me this Monday is knowing I have kept this Resolute-Sean, and it is also one of the most viewed Pins on Pinterest and it is one of those tiny little things that might not seem like much, but it does work like Magic. One can adapt it however they Wish, even one rep per set is a fine goal to start. If One is in a position where they can’t do a single chin or push up, the Secret is ‘negative reps’. For chins get a stool and grab the bar in the finished position, let One Self down as slowly as possible until fully extended, then try and come back as much as possible. Push ups are the same, start with a plank with arms extended and go down as slowly as possible while maintaining a plank. Knuckles or fingertips increase the range of motion and difficulty (and can help to increase bone density).

I’ll be forty-nine this year which still feels pretty young to Me but it’s old enough for some People to be thing King it’s too late to start something like this. It isn’t and it never Will be. Even if One doesn’t keep it up, I am famous for that – I’ll get super fit and then just stop for no reason. No Idea why I would always quit, but every single time it improved My overall health. Every time one starts and stops, it makes starting again a little easier. I can honestly tell You that to be able to do thirty chins over five sets by the end of five weeks at forty-nine… Is really not any different from the same results I would expect at twenty.

So that’s My Motive a Sean this Monday to encourage You to begin a fitness program even if You broke a resolution, it is never too late to start. And an afterthought to what I was saying about cardiovascular training is that for Me, cardiovascular training is entirely separate from muscle training for Me, and cycling would be My go to. This routine is for muscular strength and muscular endurance, speed and reflexes, not cardio! Am I supposed to tell People to consult their doctor first? Probably. Yeah, I’m not Your doctor and this isn’t medical advice so please be as King of Your doctor if You feel You should.

Love and Blessings,

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