Volume CCIII: The Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition; The Matrix Resurrections IV De-Coded, Part II

Hello every One and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition of the Good News Journal and the second Part to My Matrix IV De-Coded Interpret-a-Sean. As always, thank King Your Royal Highness for being here. There is so much Symbolism and Magic in Matrix IV that We only made it one minute and twenty seconds into the film for the first Part. Today’s feature photo is where We left off, the Idea that (in Magic) 0=2, and 2 is a Door; here 0 is the Door We fall through a second time to land in Man’s Matrix.

But there are still more Ideas to consider before We continue with this Interpret-a-Sean. The first, is that this film beautifully supports all of the themes We discussed from the first Matrix. It’s clearly obvious that the Matrix of the films is a metaphor for Our modern world on the grandest scale, yet these films get right to the Root of the problem, the ‘Matrix’ itself (which essentially means the same as Genesis or beginning).

Full Definition of matrix

1: something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form; an atmosphere of understanding and friendliness that is the matrix of peace

2aa mold from which a relief (see RELIEF entry 1 sense 6) surface (such as a piece of type) is made

bDIE sense 3a(1)

c: an engraved or inscribed die (see DIE entry 2 sense 3) or stamp

In My first Matrix Interpret-a-Sean I was suggesting the Matrix is a perfectly coded metaphor for Our Commercial Admiralty world, capitalism, and the ‘codes, statutes and acts’ of Man’s legal fiction. On the simplest level, Morpheus represents God head, the Authority of the Spiritual world, Trinity represents the Divine Feminine, defender of the Faith, and Neo of course represents the promised Son and Saviour; in Man’s world, these archetypes are the Pope, the Queen, and Christ.

On a deeper level still, Man does not even exist in Our Man made legal fiction, but most of Man is clueless. The Ideas are echoed in the definition of Matrix itself, especially when One considers that the only Way One exists legally is by Way of the paperwork Created at the event of One birth, Our ‘id-entification’. An ‘artificial person’ is Created by the State with the same name as the individual. ‘An atmosphere of understanding…’

If We are Given an artificial person and told it is Us enough times Will We begin to believe We are the artificial person, Will We begin to ‘identify’ with it? Definition ‘2’ reads ‘such as a piece of TYPE.’? I say there is a big difference between the ‘NAME’ and the ‘Name’. En-graved or in-scribed? Does it not represent a decedent? Is it not SPELLED the same Way as a gravestone? Well, Matrix IV touches on these Ideas again, too. I didn’t cover off on them last week.

I mentioned that ‘USER’ was in all capital letters and so was the name of the agent, ‘KIWW’. The Significance here is that the ‘real’ Characters cannot exist in the Matrix at all without this ALL CAPS coding. This is True in Man’s world, too unless One has taken very specific steps to change it. But the commercial Character is always in ALL CAPS. Perhaps to better explain the analogy, it is like creating an artificial corporation with a fake name to enter the Matrix, and it is essential for them to do so.

The other important detail I Wish to touch on was the sequence of numbers that includes the zero We fall through to enter Man’s Matrix.

‘..32 555 069..’

Matrix, ‘tracing number’

Those are the first and last numbers in Our view as the camera zooms closer and closer to the zero. When We look at the numbers as they are, We are introduced with the Idea of 3 (Trinity) to start the sequence, then ‘2’ which I suggest represents a Magical Door, then three 5’s. Just seeing three fives beside each other subconsciously reminds Us again of the Idea of three. So We have ‘Magical’ brackets, 323 and We have ‘0’ on the other side of the bracket, ‘3230’. If 0 does =2 in Magic, then We have ‘3232’. But let’s not get that complicated, let’s just look at what comes after the 0. 6 and 9. Well, six is 2 3’s, and nine is 3 3’s. So subconsciously Our brain sees ‘323023’. We also like symmetry so We Will be wondering why the zero isn’t a 2. 069 is also the Idea of Pisces which represents Our current timelines of Anno Domini. Also, 5+5+5=15=1+5=6 followed by a ‘0’, then 69=6+9=15=1+5=6. Again, the 0 is surrounded by perfectly symmetrical numbers ‘Magically’. The Idea of 0=2 and 6=9 are also very similar as they both reflect the concept of duality; every Idea has an equal and opposing Idea. The human Mind is incapable of perceiving an end to the Universe because even if We found one We Will always Wish to know what is on the other side.

Finally, the Modal was ‘101’. Can One see how the 1’s are like pillars, and the zero is a door? Once again, 0=2 is a major theme in this film and it relates to a much bigger Idea than what One might be thing King when We consider the role of Neo. We know Neo is a metaphor for Christ and he already saved Zion so what could Neo possibly have left to do? Do We not presume that Neo’s sacrifice places him at the right side of God? Was Christ not said to be God on earth, ‘in the flesh’? Would he not just return to ‘Godness’ when he dies?

Once We fall through the zero in Neo’s proverbial Wonder Land, We experience deja-vu for a second time (if We didn’t notice the zero or logging into a computer to get here), the Matrix is the same Matrix We know from the first film and the first scene is starting in the same place. Remember when I said that Good stories end where they begin? We see this Idea reflected here, too (presuming this is the final film of the series).

The first Word of the film in Man’s Matrix We are introduced to is HeArt. I left the ‘e’ in lower case to reflect how it was done in the film. It Gives double meaning to the Word Heart because We Will read both ‘He Art’ and Heart. Significance? God is what ‘Art’s in Heaven. He Art = Heart means that God is Love.

Although reviews are bad, the best ones say the Matrix IV is the best love story of them all between Neo and Trinity and this IS the most powerful theme of all in the film and also the One I feel is most commonly misunderstood.

I’ll be back next week and We’ll get into more of the Magic of Matrix IV. Don’t listen to the critics, it’s the best of them all for those People who like thing King about a movie after it’s done.

Love and Blessings,

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