Volume CCIII: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; School Records and the Principal of the Thing

Hello every One and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. Today I am tall King about the ‘Principal’ of the thing which is in fact a vice principal of the last high school I attended. I recently called the high school about a short story that was stolen from Me by an English teacher over twenty years ago, only to discover the entire semester and preceding school year are entirely wiped from My transcript (as well as five additional credits)!!! The ‘Thrilling’ of this Thursday is an update to that Story.

It was last Friday that I finally received My transcript from Kitchener Waterloo Vocational Institute, the last high school I attended some twenty-seven years ago (that certainly puts a new perspective on time).

It was sent to Me after a rather frustrating email exchange with the current vice principal of the school, Peter Kaulbfleisch. The email exchange was frustrating because I communicated several times that I did not Wish to be compelled to discuss the Matter on the phone, My Wish was to have a [Written] Record by Way of email. I have since removed the email correspondences and a Notice that was served to Peter from the public record to Honour him for being forthcoming with the information when I finally did get him on the phone, but I commented on how nervous Peter sounds. He wasn’t even at the school the year in question, so he really had no reason to be nervous, he’s not liable, he’s just a messenger.

Without having the transcript in front of Me, it would be impossible for Me to know if it had something to do with why Peter sounded so nervous. On the phone he mentions that he doesn’t have a Record for the school year in question, but does have something for the previous year, so I just presumed I was off by a year because it was so long ago. It wasn’t until I received the transcript that I realized he meant exactly what he said – the entire year has been deleted from My Record, along with five credits!!!

I did follow up on Peter’s recommendation and emailed the Waterloo Region District School Board to see if they could provide Me with more information. Tomorrow Will be two weeks since I sent that email so I decided to follow up with another one today, as well as a phone call. I’m a lot less self conscious about sharing this phone call because I really don’t like having to assert My Self, especially on the phone. In Writing, Words can be misunderstood or misinterpreted, but Words cannot be added or subtracted from the conversation, People can’t claim that things were said if they were not said. I find if I don’t Record [important] conversations, People tend to Imagine I said things I didn’t say. At any rate, this conversation takes on a much gentler tone and I would like to be thing King a little more True to My ‘typcial’ Character – it is also somewhat productive.

The most Thrilling thing I have to share with You this Thursday is something I have been thing King and tall King about for a very long time – Trust. The moment One begins tall King about the ‘Public Trust’ People in high places get nervous. Even dis-Honourable Sally A. Gomery referred to the term ‘public Trust’ as ‘a hallmark of a frivolous and vexatious litigant’? Really? Well, this is one of the best examples – intellectual property ‘Writes’ (an obvious Play on Words for rights but also for ‘Art-I-Facts). The ‘Crown’ retains a copy of everything a Sovereign Will Create that is placed in their Trust.

The school system is one of the best examples of not only the existence of a public Trust but also of its relevance and Significance in a Trust relationship for a Sovereign People. Even the citizen (who has the default status of artificial person in Court and can easily be taken of advantage of it unaware) is presumed to be the ‘Sovereign’ authority of all those Records. The government is ‘Trusted’ to maintain all these Records for the Benefit of the People, and once they are filed and recorded, no One but the individual is ever allowed to access those Records without the individual’s consent and knowledge.

I’m emphasizing this point because (to be blunt) a lot of People are thing King the Queen is evil and responsible for all kinds of sinister acts in the world. The Truth is, I don’t have the slightest clue about any of that, I do not presume to know what Her Majesty does with her free time, and I am also thing King that People like to point their finger anywhere but at their Self. I once felt similar regarding My opinion of the Queen, as I hate the Idea of hierarchy – yet now I refer to My Self as ‘King Sean, House von Dehn’. So what changed?

Well, there was a perception that as the Head of State, Her Majesty represents authority over Canada’s People. In Truth, Her Majesty is Head of State and represents the authority of Canada’s [Sovereign] People. Her Majesty is in fact a symbol of what Canadians are, and who is in charge of their government.

That seems like a Good place to Sign off today but before I do I Wish to touch on one last point regarding ‘Art-I-Facts’. I once Writ that We have all lost Our Sacred family heritage and Sovereignty. Most of Us do not Record Life events like births, marriages and deaths in Our Family Manor Roll, We let the government do all of that for Us and keep a Record of all Our most important documents. On One Hand, it appears as though We’ve lost Our Sacred Family traditions, on the other Hand, Her Majesty has ensure that every important thing We touch is preserved somewhere in case We Wish to have a Record of it later. I mean, My current situation is a perfect example because if We were responsible for Creating and maintaining all Our own Records Our entire life, what kind of condition would they be in for most of Us by the time We are even middle-aged?

What I’m really trying to get at more than anything else with this Post, is that We have Truly taken for granted how Sacred and special all these things are. We don’t realize how valuable those first school assignments are. Surely We all recognize the importance of a new Life in Our family but few of Us Create Our own private, family Record of the event. On One Hand the government ‘forces’ (strongly coerces) parents to Register their children with the State, but on the other Hand it’s because in many cases they know how Truly Valuable that moment and event actually is, and how important it is to have a Record of it – more so than the parents themselves (in most cases), despite how much they recognize the Value of their child, those ‘artifacts’ are greatly undervalued by most People.

The Kitchener Waterloo District School Board did confirm for Me today, ‘not to worry, they Will have a hardcopy of that Record and Will be able to tell Me what teachers were at the school that year and what courses I took’. The Crown keeps meticulous Records for the Sovereign’s benefit.

Love and Blessings,

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