Volume CCIII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; As Trudeau Trashes Truckers, Tucker Trashes Trudeau

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Royal Highness is always welcome. I could not resist today’s Title because Trudeau’s Treason is catching the eyes of mainstream media’s Tucker Carlson – and not in a Good Way (though appropriate for the Good News Journal). I have that Story for You in the interest of keeping My Favourite day for Writing Fun while sharing some of My sentiments on subjects more serious, too.

First, let’s start with today’s feature video, courtesy of Fox and Tucker Carlson.

Trudeau “Attacking Human Rights” – Tucker Carlson

[The Trudeau government should] “Use its federal powers to stop this protest.”

President Biden

I couldn’t watch the press conference featuring Trudeau’s official response to the #FreedomConvoy but I can tell You it sounds as though the worst President in U.S. history, Joe Biden, may be Trudeau’s top advisor now, too. I mean really, does it not look like Trudeau is consistently trying to stifle a smirk? Or is it just Me? It infuriates Me to watch True-dough try to fumble his Way through a press conference desperately attempting to feign competence, tall King about how the #FreedomConvoy is an ‘illegal‘ occupation. Illegal? Illegal!?! Just how late is the ‘Just-in’ Trudeau, anyway? Did he forget the reason they are in Ottawa in the first place is to remind him that his vaccines passports and mask mandates are illegal?

“End the vaccine mandates, and the bridge reopens.”


Hmmm? Which solution are You thing King is easier? Which solution Will most peacefully resolve the dispute? Which solution Will free up more police to arrest real criminals like the members of Trudeau’s treasonous party the #FreedomConvoy appears to have crashed? Police overwhelmed? A cult? That’s mainstream media for You in Canada these days. It’s brain candy for cupcakes. In fact, even the capitalist poster boy pundit and propaganda puppet, Ben Shapiro agrees with My sentiments on Trudeau.

“Arguably the most law abiding citizens on the planet.”

Wall Street Journal (of Canadians)

“You have a bunch of authoritarians over there who have just decided that they are going to set standards that defy science and defy reason.”

Ben Shapiro (of Canada’s government)

You know I’m making big concessions in My Life and trying to be more for Giving when I quote People like Ben Shapiro. We are virtually political polar opposites of One another but the Truth of Canada’s fall into fascism and tyranny is positively undeniable and gaining global momentum by the day. In fact, I’ve been criticized far too often in the past for complaining about what I call the complacency of Canadians being ‘marketed’ by mainstream media as ‘Good law abiding citizens’ as an acceptable excuse for the erosion of constitutional rights in Canada.

The bright side to this is that when Canada does take center stage as the instigator and brains behind of one of the largest protests in Canadian and global history in the last century or more, it makes the glow ball impact that much greater on the world’s stage. Countries around the world are now launching their own #FreedomConvoy to put an end to mask and vaccine mandates, lockdowns and the rest of the entirely not scientific or medically based authoritarian dictates.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of Canadians who do not seem to realize that the opinion of mainstream media is not ‘following the science’, it’s following the propaganda narrative. ‘Following the science’ means doing one’s own research, getting second, third, and fourth opinions that are not subject to bias and prejudice, and being able to discuss medical choices with One’s doctor without fear the doctor may be lose their license for prescribing effective remedies ‘not approved’ by the Canadian government? It’s madness.

Just-in Trudeau has basically been the subject of global roasts lately, even upstaging Biden’s incompetence in the U.S., and that really IS an accomplishment. And just when I was thing King Just-in is Good at nothing, he tops the world stage as the worst State Actor in a leading role for this Universal Product-Sean. Here’s the Fox Five describing treasonous Trudeau as Canada’s ‘elite cupcake’…

Honestly, the expression on his face makes Me wonder if he wears a diaper and is trying to do some other business while he’s tall King (with an equal or greater degree of hard-ship).

Well, I am going to be keeping this one short because there have been a few very long ones recently and some still relating to My father’s Estate. I still have a lot of Ideas to touch on there and experiences to share. I resolved with My Self over the new year that I Will not allow the Estate of My father to cause any more division or fights with My family, and I was Good to My Word with respect to finally making that clear with My Brother and communicating the same sentiments to My Sister.

As I’m sure many of You Will know, things are not just Magically fixed after an apology, regardless how much accountability and fault One accepts for their own actions. I apologized for being overbearing and impatient, for taking out My frustrations with what lawyers were doing out on My Brother and Sister, when I am supposed to be the One setting the example and providing them with guidance when necessary.

The problem is, one of the main things I was trying to communicate to My Brother and Sister regarding the Estate is full transparency with respect to what is going on. My Brother didn’t care about transparency, so he didn’t care that he wasn’t getting it, or that he didn’t have any information to share with Me (because My Sister was taking care of it). It is normal for My Sister and I not to talk at all, so I was dependent on My Brother for updates and he wasn’t getting any.

Although I Will be tall King about this in more detail in another Post, today I Wish to tell You why it is necessary for Me to be tall King with You about this because although it is no excuse for how I responded, these details are critically important to the administrative process of an Estate.

It really doesn’t Matter that I happen to be the eldest, I am One of three beneficiaries with an equal interest in My father’s Estate (according to Canadian Law). Two years and almost four months after My father’s death, I still know virtually nothing about the Estate. The only information I have regarding assets are on My Sister’s application to the Court. It doesn’t include an inventory of My father’s personal, private property, photo albums, memorabilia, and whatever else may have been salvaged from the property. Any property salvaged from an Estate should be placed in a single location and itemized on a list. Nothing should be removed from the Estate that is not accounted for. In fact, hardly a single detail regarding the estate should be unaccounted for.

The reason I am tall King about this, is because what I have described above are the duties of the Executor and Trustee of an Estate. Failing to do any of the things above would be reasonable cause to have a Trustee removed for failing to fulfill their obligations to the Beneficiaries even if the position had been determined by a legal Will.

The point I’m getting at here is that I knew what My Brother and Sister were doing was not just unfair but unlawful and dis-Honourable. For the average citizen, the only recourse would be a Court. I even remember telling My Brother that the counsel I was Giving were not just recommendations but Fiduciary obligationslegally binding. But what is One to do, take One’s family to Court? Of course not, One does not take their family to Court if it can be resolved in any other [lawful] Way.

However, I did use it as an excuse to lose My patience with My Brother and Sister which was almost equally damaging and really not acceptable. I can’t stress that enough and Wish I had the foresight of the wisdom I have now when I first began feeling frustrated. But going to Court wouldn’t have been the right answer, either.

Here’s the Happy, Good News punchline and the reason I Will be tall King about this more.

There is now a sum of assets to be distributed amongst the Beneficiaries, and the holder of those assets is now liable to Me for every single detail I was as King of My Brother and Sister about previously. I may not have consented to My Sister’s application for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee, but I did not consent to any One else’s application, either (and to the best of My knowledge, nor did My Brother or Sister). I’m not sure if My Sister even Truly understands that if she had been appointed to that position, she would ultimately be liable to Me and My Brother if We felt she failed in her Fiduciary obligations, and she would also be responsible for any other lawsuits that may come up against My father We don’t even know about.

Noah and Laraine Will be responsible for producing every single detail I was previously as King of My Brother and Sister for because they have already [unlawfully] sold My father’s house and ‘probated’ the Estate without any judicial oversight whatsoever.

To simplify what has taken place, My father died and creditors made a claim against his Estate. It’s not My father, My father’s dead, and his Estate has no legal representation. It doesn’t take much Common Sense to know that attacking a Man who cannot defend his Honour in Court is immoral, unethical, and probably not legal (or if it is, it certainly Will not be lawful).

None of the things Noah has done can legally be done outside of a Court process, the Court process is what makes an Action legal – so far there hasn’t been any. There must be an Action against My father filed into Canada’s Court if any One has a Claim against his Estate, the Beneficiaries are entitled to Notice of any Claim, and the Court has an obligation to appoint a Trustee to protect the interests of the Beneficiaries and Act as attorney for the deceased in the legal action against any Claim.

The most ironic detail is that one of the main reasons I lost My cool and patience with My Brother and Sister was because I was somewhat worried that they might end up in trouble in Court somehow. The Truth is, I wouldn’t even care about that so much if I didn’t believe I had the position of Trustee by default but because I do, I am liable [to them] for everything they do. I am also liable to My Brother and Sister if they are unhappy with what Noah has done with the Estate because they were Trusting Me to take care of it. Technically, they could each sue Me for the market value of the house on the date the disbursement amount was announced by Noah because that is the effective dollar value of the Estate at that time.

Fortunately, I have done everything to protect their interests, soon it Will be in the Courts, and I don’t have to be frustrated with My family for failing their Fiduciary obligations to Me, I can accept accountability and responsibility for that My Self, and that is a much more favourable position to be in for this Fabulous Friday Free Lance.

Tomorrow I Will be continuing with My Special on Satanism and the War Ship of Lucifer, and possibly even concluding the little mini-series (which is not as sinister as You might be thing King).

Love and Blessings,

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