Volume CCIV: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; Matrix Resurrections IV De-Coded, Part III

Hello every One, and welcome to the third Part of My Matrix IV De-Coded Tell a Vision Product-Sean and Spiritual Interpret-a-Sean of the film, and the second Post of this Terrific Two’s day, making the second day of Man’s week True to its name. Thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House and I am more excited about this film Interpret-a-Sean than any I have previously done, so I am thing King You are in for a treat.

There are a lot of really big ideas in Matrix IV that I haven’t heard any of the reviews even remotely begin to touch on – so many that if I were attempt to Present My entire thesis to You before We begin We might not ever get started! So I’m going to address each concept as it comes up in the film as best I can, and I Imagine it Will take some serious time to get through the full two and a half hour film.

We are revisiting all the Spiritual concepts from Our first Matrix Interpret-a-Sean and expanding on them. The Matrix itself represents Man’s current world and more specifically the system of Commercial Admiralty Law and the Uniform Commercial Codes that govern commerce. In Our Matrix Morpheus represents the Idea of God, the Pope, and Divine Masculine; Trinity is the Idea of God, the Queen and Divine Feminine; Neo is the Immaculate Concept-Ion and Promised Son, the Saviour, Christ – the Perfect Union of Divine Masculine and Feminine Energy.

The concept of ‘Deja Vu’ is also a very strong theme in Matrix IV and that’s Presented to Us early by beginning the same Way the first Matrix film begins. I’ve mentioned that this is also a recurring theme in Writing and stories in general (for an adventure to end where it originally began). The voiceover of the Character entering the Matrix says ‘it is using the old code… I think this could be a trap.’.

This affirms that We are in a future timeline, and possibly a very distant future timeline because the code is ‘old’. Neo was essentially the virus of Man’s Matrix, metaphorically speaking. Neo is the One who breaks the code and saves humanity from the Matrix. So how did We get back here, and how many times have We been here? An old code implies a new code or perhaps several, so how many Aeon’s have passed since Neo saved Man’s kind? Or did he?!

We cut to a Scene where the camera is filming a reflection from a puddle on the floor, giving the Illusion that the police walking down the hall are upside down (6=9). Trust Me when I tell You no detail is arbitrary and as much as I catch I Will miss even more! For Me watching films like this is akin to gamers finding ‘Easter eggs’ in games (secrets that are hard to find or difficult achievements). I could probably watch it over and over and always find something new.

The next Scene after the agent enters cuts to the ‘HeART of the city’ Motel, and that’s where We left off last week. The ‘e’ is faded out from the otherwise ‘lit’ Sign, Magically invoking the Idea of Love (heart) with ‘He Art’ (God/Christ). ‘He Art’ also literally means ‘he Creates’, and the Significance Will be more relevant as We continue war King Our Way through the film.

We are once again reminded of the first film – the set is almost exactly the same, the dialogue is very similar but not exact, and the Characters are playing the same role but are distinctly different from Agent Smith and his crew from the first film. The same is true of the police officers on the scene. It feels like a plagiarism or copy of something We’ve seen before, a ‘rip off’ of the original, maybe (and probably why most critics were so critical).

But again there is Magic everywhere. I chose the cut-scene above because of the ice cream cone. Purple represents the Crown Chakra which is why King or Queen is a Spiritual Title – it represents the Illumination of the Crown Chakra (also why pictures of Christ and certain Saints Will have a halo of light around their head, or ‘rays’ like the Sun/Son). It is also pointing up like an upright pyramid, representing the Divine masculine and (Spiritual) ascension. It is supported by the cone (look up the Significance of cones in Egyptian mythology sometime but not coincidental, Trust Me), which is Gold, representing the wealth (Spirit/Life/Heart) of the Kingdom. It also appears to be mounted on something white, kind of like a light house leading the Way for citizen ships?.. You are thing King it is a stretch? Maybe. But are We to be thing King they left that luminated ice cream cone there by mistake when they’ve put so much time and effort into every other detail of the film? I know these little details are not a coincidence, My job is to tell You how Your Mind interprets these things. Whether One notices or not, these tiny little details are programming Our Mind in every moment in some Way. Perhaps more obviously, it is also a phallic symbol.

“We know what happens next. She kicks their ass!!!”

Bugs, Matrix IV

And We know this, too, of course. Periodically reading Our Mind is part of the film’s Magic and worth paying attention to. If We are thing King about it, We also know that Bugs should not be there! Hasn’t that always been the moral conundrum of time travel if it were possible?.. That We shouldn’t go back, even if We could because We have no Idea how the smallest detail might change the outcome that allowed Us to time travel in the first place. Don’t be thing King about that one too much or it Will start to hurt One’s head, but You get the Idea – what Trinity was doing in the first Matrix was new, this is ‘old’ programming and these are new Characters. What exactly is going on?

“This is where it all began. This is where He began!”

Bugs, Matrix IV

The film is so profound that based on the reviews I’ve read, I am thing King most People aren’t really ‘getting it’. This is the first line of major Significance to the main theme. Trinity is in the Matrix looking for Neo. It is never explained to Us why it would be Trinity and not Morpheus. Morpheus was the first Man to make the leap of Faith between the two buildings, Morpheus was the One to train Neo to fight in the Matrix. Why would they not send Morpheus to get Neo?

Hmmm, that’s a little more than 1100 Words and My second Post for this Two’s day, so I am thing King that is a Good cliff hanger for next week because these are some of the very complex Ideas that are covered in detail in this accept-Sean-ally well Writ film (thank You Lana Wachowski).

When We return next week, I Will answer that Quest-Ion and Give You a new one to ponder.

Love and Blessings,

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