Volume CCIV: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday; Trudeau Treason, Truckers, and Wishes for the War King Class

Hello every One and welcome to the Lucky Wednesday Edition of the Good News Journal and Our second Full Moon of the year! Full Moon’s are one of the most Magical times of the month (moon-th) and represents the climax of events beginning on the new Moon. We Will be tall King about how this Full Moon’s Magic might be Lucky and related to the #FreedomConvoy, Trudeau’s treasonous dictatorship and the Truckers war King to defend Canada’s constitution with a peaceful and Lawful protest. Thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House and I have lots of Good News to share.

Okay, before I get into today’s most Significant Good News as it relates to the Magic of Our Full Moon and the climax of events for Canada’s #FreedomConvoy, I Wish to be tall King about something else of relative importance. I have said before that those who are opposed to mandated vaccinations are not what the mainstream media like to call ‘anti-vaxxers’. The Truth is, even I am not an ‘anti-vaxxer’, I just choose not to get vaccines unless I feel I really need it – and that’s My personal opinion on virtually everything related to My body and pharmaceuticals. I respect any One’s right to do what is right for them.

As far as this ‘nonsense’ about My choice to not get vaccinated being ‘selfish’ and placing others at risk… Sorry, but that’s the typical narcissistic Play. I’m not stopping any One else from getting vaccinated if they feel they need to protect themselves from unvaccinated People, or forcing them to leave their house and expose themselves to society if they feel scared and unsafe. And if One Wishes to Play the ‘what about the immunocompromised’ nonsense, that is a minority of the population and they should have all the care and support they need, too – they have absolute right to self quarantine or do whatever they need to do to keep safe but it does not Give this small minority any ‘right’ to dictate what others must put in their body to protect them. Would One go to a doctor to ask what drugs they should take to make their neighbour feel safe at home? Same thing, really. Mainstream media spins these insane ideas to divide society, We need to be united in Our freedoms.

I also mentioned that One of the main reasons so many People are protesting these vaccines, is because they are brand new, never before tested on Man’s kind technologies that required a new definition for the Word ‘vaccine’ to be created in order for them to be classified as a vaccine. They literally changed the definition of ‘vaccine’ so that these shots could be called vaccines despite the fact that they are completely different from what was previously defined to be a vaccine. Word Play. It’s like changing the name of cannabis to marijuana so they can make an artificial thing real, illegal and confuse People into thing King the real thing (Cannabis) is illegal, too. Oh yeah, they did that already. I didn’t provide sources to My information before because it was removed from Facebook by ‘fact-checkers’ (months ago), but apparently they have done it again!!! This time, Kim Iverson is reporting on the Issue.

This is relevant because unfortunately (though not unexpected) many mainstream media networks are trying to frame Canada’s #FreedomConvoy as a fringe group of ‘anti-vaxxers’ and that’s the part of this whole thing I find most infuriating. Every time People stand up to defend Canada’s constitution and Charter rights, (quite literally the Highest law of the land in Canada and the only thing Canada’s government are Trusted to protect without exception), they are framed as a fringe group of ‘terrorists’ and ‘extremists’ causing all kinds of chaos and violence. We’ve heard both Ford and Trudeau refer to the #FreedomConvoy as an illegal occupation and protest while they themselves demonstrate utter contempt for the Rule of Law with what are quite literally illegal mandates. Even Ryan and Robbie have a few constructive points to add to Kim’s insightful perspective on the situation.

This is what cowards do when they are scared. The Mayor of Ottawa, Jim ‘what’s on?’ is every bit as bad as Trudeau and would probably be worse if he were at the helm, as hard as it might be to believe. Somehow, the mayor complains that the #FreedomConvoy has cost the city $15 million so far. He complains it has shut down all downtown business. No, they did not, the mayor Jim ‘what’s on’ did that! Jim ‘what’s on’ lied about the crimes taking place downtown, and Jim what’s on imposed illegal and unlawful mandates on the People of Ottawa, destroyed local businesses and mandated masks that are useless against an aerosol virus and known by virtually every medical expert but completely ignored by Canada’s government because they are fascist vampires feeding on the fears of Canadians who have rightfully had enough. Now the House of Cards Will come tumbling down on Trudeau, he is officially a global disaster. That feels Lucky, doesn’t it? If not, review this next video to hear a Great Brit speak on Trudeau’s tyranny in Canada. It’s funny that the mayor ‘what’s on’ can spend $15 million to take care of truckers who annoy him but in over fifteen years he couldn’t find fifteen million dollars to take care of what he previously called a ‘housing emergency’. He’ll spend money first and be as King questions later if it’s to sandbag riverbanks to protect some elite housing in the neighbourhood from flooding but if it’s homeless People freezing to death in the streets because the mayor can’t sufficiently provide for his city’s People, well that’s an acceptable and unfortunate expense the city cannot afford to address, right Jimbo? I don’t even like ‘Jimbo’, still sounds too classy and competent to be appropriate.

“Trudeau is just a weak little Man”

I could hardly say it better My Self. Doesn’t even feel fair to challenge the Man-child to a cage match for the title anymore, We know he would just run and hide in the corner, maybe try and climb the cage walls?

More worldwide mainstream media exposure coming from Fox News in the U.S. and Kayleigh McEnany hits the nail on the head with her take on the Emergency Measures Act and how illegal and unlawful Just-in’s actions are.

Now, for those who don’t know, the emergency measures act Trudeau has invoked is not like these other ‘temporary’ states of emergency used for the plandemic, this is quite literally the entire country of Canada under martial law. It basically gives the government unprecedented powers BUT this power is ONLY to be invoked if the SOVEREIGNTY of Canada’s People is at risk. He is using it to destroy Canada’s constitution, which officially makes this Act Trudeau first Truly inarguable Act of Treason. His actions do not meet any of the legal or lawful requirements for the Act to be imposed. The Ottawa Police Chief just recently resigned, though I’m not sure what kind of public statement he’s making, I know the timing doesn’t look Good for Trudeau, Jim Watson or the Ottawa police because it looks like the Chief of police does not Wish to endorse the dictates of this treasonous traitor to Canada’s People because those who do Will be held to account – I Give You My Word. Here’s an officer tall King about his feelings regarding Trudeau’s treason:

And here’s the mainstream propaganda puppets tall King about the Notices that were served upon the #FreedomConvoy in Ottawa today. I have been following updates and since heard they have received additional ‘Final Notices’ to the ones being shown in this video. I’m curious how long before they move in to do their dirty to these truck drivers.

Although for reasons I Will not get into today, I generally do not support protests but I am SO thankful for these truckers because on the world stage, they represent the True authority of government, the war King class People. Trudeau is not only out of touch with the most basic social nuances like allegedly not knowing blackface was inappropriate because of his ever-so-privilege life, he didn’t know scamming People out of millions of dollars to pay friends and family was ‘unethical’ (WE scandal), he didn’t know that his unwanted sexual advances toward a female colleague was inappropriate, ‘she experienced it differently’, and he doesn’t seem to know that the People are protesting his illegal occupation of a respected position of leadership not suitable for a child in a Man suit. The Man suit is the proverbial ‘Emperor’s new clothes’ and the People are no longer pretending not to notice there in no Man, only a weak, whining baby.

Trudeau’s treason Will be no match for the truckers because they stand for the war King class, and the war King class are the better majority of the world’s People. I told You that Trudeau Will eventually be removed from the House of Commons in cuffs, We are soon going to get Our Wish.

Did You notice a theme to this ‘Lucky’ Wednesday? Yeah, the climax of this Full Moon is that treasonous Trudeau is now the world’s most celebrated Luna-tick (combination of Luna for ‘moon’ and ‘tick’ because he’s a parasite feeding on the blood Canada’s People and their passion for Sovereignty). They didn’t make Trudeau the ‘star’ of this full Moon for no reason, he is quite literally being ‘Magically’ celebrated by the powers that be as the world’s greatest lunatic. He is ‘Lucifer’, the one that luminates the darkness and cold of night so the People are forced to see the Illusion and seek the light and warmth of the morning Sun/Son – even if only to survive the long, dark knight/night. The Golden Dawn Will come after the darkest and coldest of nights.

Love and Blessings,

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