Volume CCIV: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; This ‘Just-in’ – True Dough, Canada’s New Face of Fascism

Hello every One and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition of the Good News Journal and My Favourite day for Writing. Thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Royal Highness is always appreciated. I am very excited to be here today because there is so much going on in the world and the most beautiful thing about Free Lance Friday is that I Give My Self the Freedom to be tall King about anything and everything that’s on My Mind. Although this may be True to some extent whenever I Write a Post, Friday’s I am not thing King about any topic in particular I Wish to be tall King about, I just say what’s on My Mind.

Today the #FreedomConvoy is on My Mind and I’m sure that’s True for many of You, too. The Freedom movement has gained worldwide traction and it is now a Glow-ball Celebration of Sovereignty. I’ll share a bevvy of videos with You today just to Give You an Idea where I get some of My information and what I use YouTube for. Despite knowing it is heavily censored, it’s still useful for Me to see what other People are watching if they have not switched to Rumble or one of the other alternative platforms. It’s also encouraging to know that there are a lot more Canadians in support of the #FreedomConvoy than what the rest of the world is being told, and that’s something I Wish to continue to Write about so long as these draconian mandates and fascist dictators are violating Canada’s Constitution, Charter and even parliamentary due process. I was also absolutely correct about Jagmeet Singh, he is also a traitor to Canada imposing as opposition while secretly supporting a fascist dictator (Trudeau). The first video I’m sharing with You because he Signs off by addressing his fellow Man as ‘Kings and Queens’. I like to share Truth whenever I find it and remind Canada’s government who is really in charge here. This is just a short video tall King about the Chief of Police resignation (they had to get one of Trudeau’s corrupt buddies who doesn’t Mind trampling on the rights of Canadians and backing an illegal and treasonous Emergency Act to fill in for this [real] Man).

See, some of these police officers WILL be smart enough to know that if Canada’s Emergency Measures Act is not lawful that they are in fact aiding and abetting Trudeau’s treasonous Act. That IS why they call them ‘Acts’! Apparently, it was even Trudeau’s father that created the original ‘war measures Act’ which this Act was designed to replace in 1988. It is an ACT of aggression against Canada’s People, an assault on their Charter rights and freedoms, it is the exact opposite of what the Emergency Act was designed for. It is to be used only in the most extreme situations where the Sovereignty of Canada’s government is at risk of falling to foreign powers (WHO, WEF, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Big Tech, Big Pharma). Canada’s government has been usurped by foreign powers, and that is not an overstatement in any Way, Trudeau is officially guilty of treason against Canada’s People and all police acting under his orders are aiding and abetting an international crime against humanity – consider this Notice if You are one of them (though I Will be Posting an Official Notice to this effect soon).

Here’s another officer in support of the truckers and the war King class, Sovereign People.

Today they arrested the second of the #FreedomConvoy’s main organizers (there may have been more arrests of organizers since but to the best of My knowledge this is the second and most significant arrest).

Police are now breaking windows to remove protesters from vehicles…

And if You are watching these videos I Wish to clue You into a detail that I’ve noticed when watching – the police officers identify their office (OPP for example) but are NOT clearly displaying their name and badge number. This is a legal and lawful requirement for any police officer on duty. One can also request a third piece of photo identification before One is legally required to comply with anything an officer is as King of One to do (to make sure they are not impersonating a police officer because police should be upholding law and order, not invoking violence, escalating situations, and causing harm as they are doing here). The Oath these officers swore to protect is their Highest duty and obligation to Canada’s People, NOT the dictates of Trudeau. The fact they are hiding their required identification tags and badge number indicates that this was pre-planned and that (at the very least) their superiors know these actions are unlawful and made sure to keep that information unavailable to media cameras recording these crimes). I have not been able to make out a single identification tag on any police officer on the scene in any videos I’ve seen so far.

Here We have some veterans standing with the #FreedomConvoy.

This Gives One an Idea of the police presence as they violently assault a veteran.

I mean, just look at the freeze frame. Can YOU see any badge number or name on the officer’s uniform anywhere?! How impossible is it to identify these criminals? That’s the Idea, People, it’s not a coincidence. They Will be held accountable, they know they are aiding and abetting a fascist dictator. I wonder what Trudeau has promised them in return for their treason? I would like to see these officers use their Emergency powers to do what they were designed to do, and remove Trudeau from office for his act of treason and watch how quickly the world gains respect for law enforcement and authority. Just an Idea. The more fascist they behave, the more the situation will escalate, these criminal policy officers are instigating violence where there is none to be found.

Something else I noticed for the first time today is that the Sun seems to be Giving a more Truthful account of what’s actually happening. This is very strange because the Sun is owned by Post Media corporation which also owns the Ottawa Citizen (and the Ottawa Sun). They make it look like there are a number of publications with alternative political views but they are all published by the same chief editor (Michelle Richardson) who takes her orders from Trudeau and prints whatever she’s told. Here Anthony Furey Gives a very real and serious account of what is Truly taking place in Canada and how dangerous this situation really is.

CTV News and CHCH are publishing pure propaganda nonsense on YouTube, but they have also conveniently turned off comments on all their videos. I hadn’t noticed that before but of course they Will because otherwise deleting the Truth posted by Canadians in the comments would be a full time job for every single video they upload. Just another example of how masks are symbolic of the government’s determination to silence the People (it has nothing to do with a virus and never has, sorry to break it to You).

I STILL can’t prove any of this because I have a feeling it is Willfully buried information, but I have heard rumours that Trudeau has stocks in the companies that made all those cool stickers for the grocery store floors, the plexiglass dividers in restaurants and stores, the masks, the test kits, and the vaccines themselves. My guess is they Will eventually get Trudeau on serious conspiracy to commit insider trading, and using his political influence to terrify Canada’s People to sell products at their expense for his personal benefit.

Here’s a harrowing tale of a shop owner in the By-Ward market of Ottawa who was very near the trucker convoy and wanted to do something Good for them so she bought them some gas to keep them warm on a cold, Canadian winter night. Very small donation. She is now receiving threats for ‘supporting terrorism’. This is Fox News reporting on this disgusting situation…

“This speaks to My humanity, not to My political beliefs.”

Called a terrorist and all members of her family have been threatened with violence for filling up a gas tank that cost $250.00. I wonder if the police Will come to arrest her for aiding and abetting terrorism, too. Remember what I was saying about criminals and how they love to project? Accuse the other of doing what they themselves are doing? Yep, True narcissist, that’s True-Dough, Canada’s new face of fascism, ‘Just-in’.

To conclude today… Well, just Keep in Mind that what Justin Trudeau has done is NOT in any Way, shape or form, legal or lawful. There is no emergency for which the Act was necessary and that has already been demonstrated by clearing the bridge between the U.S. and Canada. Truckers were negotiating trade routes to keep things open. Trudeau literally poured gas on the fire by imposing this unlawful act, and the only really Good News here, is that it does make it a very public, irrefutable act of treason against Canada’s People, so it really is only a matter of time before he is removed in handcuffs. I’ve been saying it for a long time but never really Imagined what it might be that would seal his fate. This is it, and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association is calling Trudeau out on his treasonous Act, and Mary Simon Will go down with him for the same. We have Canada’s first Governor General to officially abdicate her duties in the face of treason. Canada’s corruption reaches new levels of depravity and incompetence.

The Good News is, the world is watching… The Golden Dawn is Coming.

Love and Blessings,

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