Volume CCIV: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition; Treasonous Trudeau Infiltrated by World Economic Forum – The Financial Post

Hello every One, and welcome to the Sensei-Sean all Saturday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You. I had been war King on a series on Satanism and the war Ship of Lucifer but I am going to save My conclusion for next week’s Saturn-day Edition because there are too many things to be tall King about today with respect to Trudeau’s treason. I am thing King it makes a great addition to Our series on Satanism as it is My belief that Trudeau is the proverbial golden boy state Actor who has been cast to play the ‘anti-Christ’ on Our world stage.

There was a time when People would tell Me that the use of the Word treason was a little over the top and extreme for Trudeau. Many People would tell Me that Trudeau isn’t smart enough to have any kind of plan to take over a country from within and that is a pretty strong argument. Unless he’s a much better state actor than he appears to be and has been feigning stupidity since he took office, he certainly appears to be too incompetent to ever infiltrate Canada’s democracy. However, One does not need to be very bright to win accolades with world powers at the World Economic Forum, they just need to do as they are told. Being a Good ‘State Actor’ for the World Economic Forum and Clause Schwab’s global takeover is all about memorizing One’s lines and playing the part as directed by their puppet masters. And just so You know, they have been warning Us about Claus Schwab since at least the days of ‘The Spy Who Shagged Me’ and its subsequent sequels where he plays the infamous ‘Dr. Evil’.

I know, it sounds far too science fiction to be real but there is a proverb that states,

“Truth is often stranger than fiction”


Next week for the conclusion of My Satanism series and the war Ship of Lucifer, I Will tell You why Trudeau is the perfect ‘state actor’ for the role of the anti-Christ. This week I am just going to stick to what We already collectively know. Trudeau has championed for equality, unity, and an end to all division among Canadians, while simultaneously demonstrating his unyielding capacity for double speak by handing down draconian dictates that have systematically and categorically deprived the very same People of the most rights and dignity. Being dignified means being able to make up One’s own Mind about important health and medical choices without public scrutiny and demonization.

Speaking of demonization which sounds an awful lot like demonetization, five of the biggest banks in Canada all went offline at approximately the same time on February 16th shortly after Trudeau announced his plan to illegally and unlawfully impose Canada’s Emergency Act to silence dissent of Canada’s ‘fringe’ protestors – a ‘fringe’ of protesters that was in fact the largest trucker convoy in world history. The Man who promised to unify Canada now calls People who value the Charter of rights Trudeau is (legally and lawfully) bound to protect as the People of Canada’s primary ‘Trust’ instrument, “a fringe group… Holding ‘unacceptable’ views.”

Any criticism of this narcissistic can-do-no-wrong snowflake is considered unacceptable because he has led an altogether much too privileged life and is not accustomed to public scrutiny. Terence Corcoran published this article in the Financial Post tall King about Trudeau’s treasonous money trail and how he has been obediently following the counsel of World Economic Forum foreign dictates (officially an Act of treason) to ingratiate his own economic agenda and garner support from this group of elitists seeking to take over every Sovereign country on earth.

Now, this might not seem like such a big deal because We can all see how incompetent Trudeau is as a leader – there are few People anywhere in the world who Will argue that point with One now (well, with the exception of a few select Canadians who have become unwitting victims of Trudeau’s propaganda brainwashing campaign, convincing People that rights are worth trading for Trudeau’s ‘protection’). No seriously educated individual with any respect for inherent freedom would throw the Man-child a bone these days, and the fact that the Financial Post is Writing about it is, well, Significant to say the least.

The Financial Post and the Wall Street Journal are two of the ‘powers that be’ most favourite publications. Some People call them the ‘Illuminati’, or the ‘Rosicrucian’s’, or sometimes just ‘the Freemasons’ or members of some elusive secret society but the meaning is the same – they all refer to ‘the powers that be’, whomever they are.

Yesterday, the Financial Post published the article on Trudeau and Claus Schwab’s infiltration of Canada’s government (his Words) specifically. We have one of Trudeau’s conspirator’s confessing to the crime in an online publication? Well that is very interesting, isn’t it? It should be because this is the same publication running the narrative, responsible for ‘fact checkers’, and this article Will not be flagged as ‘misinformation’ because the ‘Financial Post’ is one of those coveted publications they Wish for American audiences to Trust. Basically, this is like the driver of the getaway car dropping One off at the police station and telling them, “This is Your stop, You can get out now.”

The entire article focuses on Justin Trudeau’s Willful treason!!! Plain as day for every One to see. And of course they are encouraging People to follow the money. I tell You now, any One who investigates ALL of Justin Trudeau’s private banking practices, offshore accounts and stock portfolios Will have everything they need to put Trudeau away in Guantanamo Bay for several lifetimes (and I have a feeling he’s got a few hundred more reincarnations before he evolves enough to spiritually transcend this dimension, so plenty of time for all that to ‘play’ out).

Here’s the opening paragraph ‘Just-in’ case You are thing King I’m exaggerating or overly excited for nothing…

“In a short 2017 video clip circulating on YouTube, Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum and the global promoter of corporatist stakeholder capitalism, outlines how his subversive WEF movement has, to use his word, “infiltrated” governments all over the world. He makes special note of Canada.

Financial Post

“Stakeholder” capitalism? Stakeholders of what, the World Economic Forum? If One has enough money they get to ‘vote’ on how the People of the world should be controlled? If that doesn’t scare People, it should. It’s like a bunch of children in a virtual playground who have now developed toys capable of crippling the world and allowing them to continue playing with them unsupervised.

That’s certainly what it sounds like, feel free to comment if I am misunderstanding the ‘stakeholder’ term here. I presume ‘stakeholder’ Will refer to People who invest in the World Economic Forum. If this is True, consider how much more relevant all the corporate policies Trudeau put in place Will be – the floor stickers in stores, plexiglass dividers, test kits, vaccines… If these are all ‘stocks’ the World Economic Forum Wishes to use government to promote to sell their products and stock options, is there really any better example of economic treason?!

That’s EXACTLY what this is, and controlling a country’s economy is one of the most powerful ways to control an otherwise Sovereign nation. That’s precisely why imposing sanctions on a country is so crippling, and why restricting resources to a country engaged in war is an international war crime because it is effectively taking a side.

The fact is, if the Financial Post is reporting on it, Trudeau is officially on his Way out. I don’t know what it was he did to officially piss off the powers that be, but he succeeded and he’s been dumped. This is basically ‘ratting out’ a criminal. When the People who were protecting Justin’s image (mainstream media) start throwing him under the bus (much like they are doing with Biden and Boris these days), You know his acting gig is officially up. Just a matter of time before he’s pulled off the world stage and the curtains Will close, the Emperor’s ‘new clothes’ fully exposed and it isn’t a pretty sight.

The Sun is officially bashing Trudeau now, too and he bought and paid for that publication but I guess money can only buy One so much silence.

Finally, before I go, I have one more thing to applaud Ben Shapiro for (yes, I’m serious). Ben is apparently one of the Mind’s behind the Daily Wire which is an entertainment network something like… Dare I say ‘Netflix’ without offending? It’s just getting started but it vows to bring uncensored opinions. This is the organization/corporation behind the new movie “Shut In” which is one of their major new releases. It is a paid service and I’m not enthused about sponsoring Ben Shapiro in any Way, but I Will support Truth anywhere and I have to confess, I am impressed and surprised to see Ben tall King about some of these things, especially Fauci and China’s involvement in the plan to covertly take over every nation on earth economically.

You can watch that series here!!!

I think this is also a great prequel to My conclusion on Satanism and the war Ship of Lucifer because all these ‘State Actors’ do swear to play their part on the world stage, sell their soul to do so, and Will be taken care of if they don’t do what they are told. I also mentioned that once they have successfully played their part, they are considered disposable. Only those at the very top know the ‘real’ plan, and most are just useless idiots WE perceive to be elite (but People like Just-in don’t even register on their scale of wealth – in fact, if You use money at all You simply don’t qualify because the People who run the world are the People printing the stuff).

Love and Blessings,


  1. I have imagined those political leaders in the West to be idealistic even like angels but maybe the rule of laws and the relative independence of courts make corruption less spread in the developed countries than in those developing countries…

    1. We’re not sure there are any legitimate courts in the west at all. They all represent corporate, capitalist interests and can be bought and paid for – most are.

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