Volume CCIV: The Super Natural Son Day Edition; The Son Implodes on its Self as Catastrophic Truth of Trudeau’s Character Shines Through

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Super Natural ‘Son’ Day Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. It has been an eventful week as things in Canada become more and more dangerous with Trudeau in charge. Today I Will be re-Viewing the last week to let You know what is going on with respect to the #FreedomConvoy in contrast to what is being reported by Canada’s mainstream media networks. I also have some very insightful videos to share with You today that Will save You some time finding valuable content related to this very important Glow Ball Issue. All the world really is a stage and Canada has a state Actor who is a Colossal, Catastrophic disgrace to Universal Sovereignty. It is an Honour to have You here with Me, please let Me Show You what is really going on in Ottawa, Canada’s capital.

There are a few interesting things to be tall King about with respect to what is happening in Canada and Trudeau’s treasonous takeover of Canada’s Sovereign People. The first thing I Wish to point out is that the Scales of Justice are tipping in Favour of Freedom. Although I don’t even pretend to believe that every media network is pumping out their own propaganda in one Way or another (because really, ‘propaganda’ is just the ‘propagation’ of Ideas, planting seeds of thought), the overall message is shifting. Fox News is what might be called ‘controlled opposition’ of the mainstream narrative. They Will contrast on the most critical details (like Trudeau’s treason and self declared dictatorship) but carry the same narrative on other issues (like the fact that all of the countries of the world that were least oppressed and enjoyed the most freedoms are now the most oppressed). I’ve also noticed that all the mainstream opposition seem to be pointing out that none of the other so called ‘freedom loving’ leaders of other Common Wealth countries have not said a Word about Trudeau’s treasonous dictates… Like this was a collective plan they’ve been war King on together? Boris, Biden, Trudeau, the fascist dictators of New Zealand and Australia who’s names I don’t know off the top of My head… That Italian prime minister… Marcon? Something like that… They all have plenty to say about Russia invading Ukraine, but nothing to say about Trudeau’s totalitarian dictates? What is going on here?

The first video places Trudeau as one of the most dangerous people on the world stage.

The sad part is, some People might be thing King this Man is exaggerating – maybe they just think Trudeau is a coward and a poor leader who panicked. No. This is deliberate, and he has no intention of removing it. Allegedly, all the protesters are gone now, but there are still hundreds of check points all over Ottawa and they Will be keeping them in place to ensure no One returns to protest. Really? And for how long? This is Trudeau’s Way of telling Canada’s People that he really doesn’t care about what they are thing King of feeling, the voice of dissenters to his rule Will not be tolerated whatsoever. This requires international intervention immediately. He needs to be removed from the House of Commons in cuffs. If You don’t believe Me, take a look at what he has instructed the Ottawa Police to do, and how they’ve been told to report it to the world.

First, I’m going to show You how the RCMP were instructed to use their horses to trample a crowd of lawful, peaceful, protesters. It is important for all of the world to know that the Act Trudeau passed does NOT provide any legal or lawful right to arrest any peaceful protesters. It is ONLY to be used to defend against attacks upon the Sovereignty of Canada’s People, trespasses upon the democratic and legislative process that protect the rights of Canada’s People according to their Charter. It is NEVER lawful to harm a peaceful individual for any reason. The police chief Will be charged with aiding and abetting treason, as Will the police chief of the Ottawa Police Service and the OPP. The two events I am about to show You are under review because of the excessive use of violence and the police officers clear intent to invoke violence and cause harm to a group of peaceful protesters.

There are two incidents that are being investigated by an independent police review board, this is the second of those two events captured by reporters on the scene.

It really is amazing what We can capture from reporters on the ground because these videos Will be added to the international investigation that’s taking place, too. These videos by on scene reporters are responsible for the private investigation into these events. Here You can clearly see the police instigating violence where there is none, sending one of their own into the crowd hitting protesters with a wooden baton until one is singled out, then running back behind the front line while police grab the individual and remove them from the crowd. Here, they shot a 40mm rubber round at a reporter’s leg. The lying piece of garbage police chief Steve Bell, tells People they used this force because protesters were violent and managed to disarm a taser from an officer so the excessive force was necessary. Please watch the video, You can see the taser referenced and Will notice that it was NEVER near any protester at any time, it was dropped by the officer who broke into the crowd to attack them and retrieved by another officer shortly after it was dropped. No other individual is seen trying to grab the device, and certainly no One disarmed a police officer to get it there.

Only approved press are now allowed on the scene to report because the police chief doesn’t Wish for the world to see what he is instructing his officers to do to Ottawa’s People. It is also important to note that although it is difficult for Me to confirm at this time, it is rumoured that police all across Canada are leaving their Post because of Trudeau’s Emergency Act and Will not return until it is revoked. I am hoping that is True and Wish to send a special Blessing to all officers who are Honouring their Oath at this most critical time in Canada’s His Story. 😉 You Will be remembered as hero’s because the Good guys do win in the end, Trust Me…

Now it might be easier for People to understand why I could never actually be a journalist war King for a major publication because I could never allow My Self to be censored. This was the only Way a Man like Me would ever be able to have his own international Public-a-Sean.

And although I Will concede that he IS making an argument for him Self for Prime Minister, I also can’t help but agree that he would do a much better job than Trudeau and that every point he makes is valid. What I REALLY don’t get is why the House is allowing this at all – OR Court judges and justices!? They (Courts) should immediately recognize that this is unlawful use of the Emergency Measures Act, the Courts have a role to play here, too! (Yes, that is for You dis-Honourable Justice, Julie Bourgeois – You just violated Your Oath).

It’s not a vote for Pierre, just some support for what Canadians should expect from real opposition in the House. These are legitimate, legal and lawful arguments that make sense. Someone has to help the House to real eyes that Trudeau is nothing but a traitor to Canada and its constitution at this point, and aiding and abetting is a serious offense. Every One in Canada has a duty to remove him from office as soon as possible in Honour of their Oath to both Canada’s Charter AND Her Majesty. Because all of this reflects badly on Her Majesty if nothing is done about it, Her Majesty is liable, it is Her Majesty that guarantees the protection of Inherent rights as defender of the Faith.

Finally, this is what a sociopath sounds like. Now that You’ve seen the videos of what took place in Ottawa over the weekend, let’s hear how the dis-Honourable, treasonous traitor to Canada’s People frames the event. Here the police chief demonstrates just how easy it is for police to tell bold faced lies without any conscience whatsoever. They are expert liars, even better than lawyers. This is what a sociopath sounds like, and he’s been Trusted to protect Ottawa’s People. God help the People of Ottawa.

All the world is a Stage, if One pays close attention they Will notice that every person on stage has a ‘mark’ on the floor telling them where to stand to make the best public impression. It’s all a Show, smoke and mirrors right here. They found a Man with no Soul, no regard for Canada’s Charter, the inherent rights of the world’s People, only himself. And I guess he is thing King tyranny and contempt for the Rule of Law is cool and stylish today. We’ll see how he feels about that from Guantanamo Bay… Aiding and abetting treason and public fraud with intent to deceive and mislead Canada’s People into thing King his violence is justified.

To conclude on a more positive note, I do Wish to remind People that many police have allegedly quit as a result of what they are being asked to do. I hope more follow suit. I do Wish for People to also know that I am NOT anti police officer, either – I am pro law. I know what their Oath is, what the highest law of the land in Canada is, and I expect they should, too. Here is an officer who does, and he affirms virtually everything I have been tall King about here. What he says here is absolutely True.

Remember, they Will NEVER share or promote the hero’s like the RCMP officer in the video above – but they DO exist. And the Good People do win in the end, always.

Love and Blessings,

Post Script: Found this one just after publishing which sums it all up quite nicely.

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