Volume CCV: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; Treasonous Trudeau’s Illegal and Unlawful Acts Amplify Urgency for the Restoration of Rights in Canada

Hello every One and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition and thank King or Queen You for being here, Your Royal, Moral Highness is always appreciated. Today My Motive a Sean is the same as it is everyday, only considerably amplified by the treasonous, illegal and unlawful Acts of Canada’s traitor to democratic and legislative process, the treasonous Trudeau government. The mayor of Ottawa is equally guilty and should also be tried for aiding and abetting this treasonous act. However, the Motive a Sean today is to let You know that Canada’s People are not Giving up.

Here’s a short clip of another 10,000 truckers getting ready to support the protest.

I’m also hearing rumours that if the trucks are not allowed into cities, they Will stop providing goods to cities that are under martial law (like the city of Ottawa right now). Despite the protesters being removed from Ottawa, the police remained in force, no traffic of any kind was allowed to pass through the city of Ottawa, so this Emergency Measures Act had NOTHING to do with supply chain disruptions – the major trade routes had already been negotiated and were operating without issue. In some cases, those Issues were resolved with hugs between police and truckers. Trudeau chose to wage war on Canada’s Charter, and waging war on Canada’s Charter is waging war on Canada’s People and their Sovereignty. He has no legal or lawful right to keep peaceful protesters from demonstrating at Parliament Hill – but that’s exactly what he’s doing with countless police check-points preventing access to the downtown core to all but local residents. And Trudeau and Watson (City of Ottawa’s fascist dictator mayor) are blaming the truckers for $15 million for damages to local businesses in the city? It is a colossal joke!!!

The city lost millions of dollars because the mayor and Trudeau shut down local businesses for the pandemic and again when the trucker convoy came to Ottawa, despite many local vendors boasting about how the truckers with their big ‘GoFundMe’ and ‘SendandGo’ accounts were supporting all the local businesses – feeding the truckers and protesters breakfast, lunch, and dinner, providing fuel…

The reality is, the #FreedomConvoy was a cash cow for the city of Ottawa had they chosen to embrace it and celebrate these war King class citizens. And yes, I’m calling them citizens because the legal agreement government made in exchange for that citizenship contract was the security of their freedoms as determined by Canada’s Charter and International Treaty obligations. Instead of embracing the culture of Ottawa and People coming together to overthrown a treasonous dictator by Way of peacefully protesting non acceptance of mandates that violate their Charter rights, the mayor decided to vilify these People just as Just-in did, painting a fraudulent, misleading portrait of the Character of the protest. The federal government announced a $15 million donation to the city of Ottawa to compensate for the harm done by the truckers. I’m here to let You know that is 100% nonsense and propaganda, nothing but a publicity stunt designed to discredit the protesters and trick People into thing King these People are causing the same kind of havoc witnessed by BLM members and Antifa. That is simply NOT the case. In fact, I might humbly suggest that if they WERE violent, looting, and defacing government property, ‘True-dough’ and mayor ‘What’s on’ would probably be telling all Canadians to exercise their right to protest like they did for BLM? Remember that? They even lifted the social distancing requirement so People could get out and protest. But if it isn’t virtue signaling to support his World Economic Forum alternate agenda, it’s just a fringe group of Swastika waving Nazi’s.

What Trudeau sought to do was invoke fear in the Heart of all Canadians, instead he has stoked a passion within the People that is burning for justice – and with a bit of Luck, the arrest of Justin Trudeau and his treasonous troop. We should see how many members of the House support this Act, then arrest them all for treason after they have made their vote, along with any Judges or Justices who support the Act. There is no clearer breach of the Public Trust than what Canadians are witnessing right now. This is NOT a lawful government, Canada’s government HAS been usurped by foreign interests and they need to be removed like the parasites they are. Poly-ticks=many-parasites. Breach of contract means the contract is no longer legally or lawfully binding and Canada’s Charter is the citizen’s contract with government. Once that is breached, they are just unelected tyrants (because this is not what they were Trusted to do by the People who elected them, the Trudeau government has ZERO legitimate authority in Canada anymore).

But I Wish for You to know that I am also keeping an eye on the international criminal investigation into these treasonous traitors. Biden, Trudeau, Marcon, Arden, Boris the Bonehead of UK, whoever is unlawfully holding position of government in Australia – they are all traitors at this point, and they appear to be war King together. Otherwise, it is a very unusual coincidence that none of these previously perceived to be ‘freedom loving countries’ have had a single Word to say about every single one of these Sovereign nations becoming a dictatorship virtually overnight – though they all have plenty to say about the situation in Ukraine? Interesting.

The revolution may not be televised, but it is being very carefully recorded. There are People taking notes of all the Acts these criminals perform and how unlawful they are. They are cataloguing the violent acts of police officers against peaceful protesters, and they are keeping very careful records of all the injuries done to People by Way of these vaccines. In fact, because Canada’s government are certainly not likely to openly share adverse events reporting statistics, I Will Show You what has now been produced by the medical authorities in UK tracking the data.

Of course, just because these injuries occurred after individuals had received the vaccine and the adverse events are very consistent across the board, this data does not infer causality – You are free to believe it is an inconvenient coincidence for the drug companies. However,

Truth is like a lion. It doesn’t need to be defended. Set it free, it Will defend it Self.

Proverb, unknown

Now We have funeral directors and embalmers joining the choir of the Universal Harmony who now report they are seeing ‘alien-like’ blood clots in People unlike anything they have ever seen in the profession before AND the number of blood clots from vaccinated individuals is five to six hundred percent the number pre-vaccine. I bet the vaccine companies didn’t count on morticians finding the toxins in their lethal injections. Never Mind the People who survive, the dead are now testifying with a body of evidence that is completely unbiased. And wouldn’t You know, some of these reports and findings have also been added to the international criminal investigation along with video footage of the extreme use of force discharged upon the citizens of Ottawa by the Ottawa Police Service and RCMP. ‘Oh, Canada’ Will now have People thing King about the most pathetic Man-child to ever call him Self a leader of Men (of either kind/sex).

We’re already over Word budget for today but My hope is to keep People motivated despite this being the darkest time in Canada’s history. Not metaphorically or hypothetically, but in the most somber and sobering Way One could Imagine.

I have been tall King about how Trudeau and his father were treasonous traitors to Canada’s People for as long as I’ve been authoring this blog. I saw this coming and I tried to warn People – I was called a conspiracy theorist. People would try to tell Me that no One has motives that sinister and long lasting. It is inconceivable to Us that this might be a Plan the powers that be have been war King on for thousands of years without exaggerate-Sean. Even now, most People tall King about it make it sound like Canada became an authoritarian dictatorship overnight. As hard as it might be, I’m here to remind You that isn’t True. They’ve been chipping away at Canada’s constitution and Charter from the moment it was Created but the chips were so small We never bothered to take Notice. We gave more and more of those rights up with little to no resistance when the plandemic was first announced. Why? Fear. They terrorized Us with media and promised to protect Us, all We had to do was Give up Our rights. Sound familiar?

Trudeau’s decision to enforce an Emergency Measures Act IS the equivalent of V’s speech after he takes control of the media network. It’s the wake up call Canada needs.

The revolution Will not be televised because they own the media and are not allowing any unauthorized media to report on anything regarding the #FreedomConvoy, so expect only propaganda from the Trudeau posse of criminal clowns. But rumour has it that the freezing of bank accounts was the last straw and Canada’s People are coming together in greater numbers in every city of this country. I believe Canada’s People Will prevail, and I Will do everything I can to protect the inherent, Sovereign rights of Canada’s People in any Way I can.

And this liar and treasonous traitor, Steve Bell, boasting of the ‘professionalism’ of his officers. Absolute NONSENSE. They were very aggressive and he knows it.

And in case You don’t believe Me, here is Steve Bell saying what’s REALLY on his Mind and how much respect he has for the Charter and right to peaceful protest…

The other thing I Wish to point out before I go is Trudeau is allegedly saying that he froze the GoFundME account because it was supporting terrorism and this was based on the logic that many donors were U.S. citizens or from other foreign countries. So he’s basically suggesting that by accepting loans from foreign countries and corporations is an act of treason and terrorism supporting the overthrow of Canadian government. If that’s True, should Trudeau’s government accounts not all be froze for borrowing from the International Monetary Fund, is that not a foreign entity to Canada. Gotta love when politicians blame others for what they themselves are guilty of. His father’s first act of treason was selling out Canada’s Sovereign economy to private banks. Like father, like son…

Love and Blessings,

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