Volume CCV: The Treasonous Tuesday Edition; Jagmeet Singh, Leader of the New Dictatorship Party of Canada

Hello every One, welcome to the Treasonous Tuesday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. Although one of My Gifts is that My Words Magically Manifest, there are often times I Wish I was wrong. This is one of those times because I don’t pay a lot of attention to any State Actor because We know they Will say what they are thing King Will sound best to the People, without having any real intent to follow through on any promises. I’ve suspected Jagmeet Singh was a traitor colluding with the Trudeau government for a long time, that suspicion was sadly confirmed yesterday.

Every Word is propaganda, he says the truckers caused harm to Ottawa and its People when it provided a treasure trove of enthusiastic, energetic People passionate about defending their constitution and Charter by the lawful means afforded to them by their Charter. ALL politicians must yield to the Charter and Treaty obligations at all costs lest their intention is to breach the public Trust and destroy Canada’s democratic and legislative process. Trudeau (or any other PM) is in charge of protecting the Charter rights of Canada’s People as priority number ONE!

This is classic double speak. Framing the peaceful protest of Trudeau’s trespasses upon Canada’s Charter as ‘undermining the democratic elected leadership’. Exactly the opposite of what is really happening. It is Trudeau undermining his duties as a leader to protect the Charter rights of Canada’s People, pandering to the World Economic Forum’s ‘script’ on how to handle the pandemic rather than the science they repeatedly tell Us to follow which they themselves have ignored in favour of causing Willful harm to Canada’s People.

Self isolation is a form of torture used only for the worst criminals in jail. Trudeau made innocent, defenseless People in Canada criminals in their home, he destroyed their livelihood by closing down businesses, the mayor of Ottawa closed the city that was benefiting from the millions of dollars the trucker convoy brought to Ottawa and their local businesses. The government and their fascist dictates are responsible for the truckers protesting in the first place by assaulting Canada’s Charter beyond what the People were Willing to tolerate. For two years Canada gave Canada’s politicians the benefit of the doubt, and now that the pandemic is over and there is no medical emergency, Trudeau and Singh are creating an emergency to retain their absolute power. Make no mistake about it, these ARE acts of treason because this is from a scripted playbook by Klaus Schwab for the ‘Great Reset’.

This is what treason in the House looks like

Klaus Schwab proudly states that he has infiltrated ‘more than half’ of Canada’s House of Commons for their ‘new world order’ and ‘Great Reset’. Now We know who those treasonous traitors are; the New Dictator Party, and the True-dough anti-Liberals. Remember, everything is double-speak and Canada’s most ‘progressive’ party for freedom and liberty is now Canada’s illegitimate, illegal and unlawful fascist dictator? See how they use Words to their advantage? Liberal = tyrant, fascist dictator, authoritarianism. You now have the freedom to not be thing King at all because the government Will do all Your thing King for You and if You don’t like it, they Will just freeze Your bank account until You die or comply. Trudeau’s a real tough guy – I hear he’s hiding out again now…

Here’s another individual who speaks of Jagmeet’s self serving approach to politics and his vastly hypocritical perspective on rights and protests. He supports peaceful protest of India’s People but calls People who do the same thing in his own country traitors to Canada.

This is projection. Those calling Canada’s truckers treasonous traitors destroying Canada are the ones who are guilty of that charge.

But the government of Canada is scared because there is a record of all these treasonous Acts and now these criminals have to hope that the financial security offered by their buddies at the World Economic Forum Will be able to provide them with immunity from international Courts of Justice. Canada’s courts can no longer be Trusted because judges and justices don’t appear to know the Law of Canada any better or they would simply be throwing out these charges against protesters and advising the House that the Emergency Act does not have sufficient grounds to be legally enacted by government REGARDLESS how much they Wish to. It is NOT something they get to vote on unless all the criteria are met and they can show the Emergency Act was necessary!!! This involves democratic process, analysis of data and most of all, Truth (which of course We Will never get from Trudeau or Singh).

These are dark days for Canada as the majority of Canada’s leaders are treasonous traitors serving the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab. But the Rule of Law is coming for these traitors. And if the Rule of Law does not prevail and provide Justice to Canada and the world’s People, God Will. God doesn’t miss any treasonous Act, Mr. Singh and Trudeau, You are going down (to hell) when this is over.

Love and Blessings,

Post Script: I’ll make this Two’s day True to its name with another Matrix IV De-Coded Tell a Vision Product-Sean later this evening.

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