Volume CCV: The Thursday Thing King Edition; Right to Lie with Impunity Reserved for Trudeau and Canadian Mainstream Media

Hello every One, and welcome to the third Post of this Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Thursday, and there is certainly plenty to be thing King about! I’m going to do a much more extensive Post tomorrow for the Free Lance Friday Edition that Will include many videos from all kinds of sources tall King about the incompetence of Trudeau and his treasonous party. Today, I don’t really have to make any effort to make Trudeau look like an idiot, it’s one role he’s qualified to Play without any direction whatsoever. Just to Give You an Idea what I am tall King about, here is Trudeau condemning Russia for their recent invasion of Ukraine, and even more ironically, denouncing Putin for ‘lying with impunity’ on the world stage. I guess that role is reserved exclusively for Trudeau, his criminal cabal, and Canada’s mainstream media networks? Take a look at today’s latest lie from the Man-child himself…

Who does Vladimir Putin think he is, Just-in Trudeau!!! Ah, nothing like projection, right? I honestly don’t know what to make of the situation in Ukraine, I only know that the government’s of the world like to point the finger at other nations because it distracts from this dis-Order of their own House of Commons. Time for Trudeau to get out of the House. I mean, really, he should never have managed to get in from the start, but at this point he’s just looking more and more incompetent by the day and in case he’s too stupid to notice, the world isn’t buying what he’s selling anymore, they know he’s just an incompetent fraud.

Before I go, I Wish to leave You with a bit of a rant from Jordan Peterson who has also recently awakened to the infiltration of Canada’s government by foreign interests at the World Economic Forum. I don’t agree with everything Jordan Peterson says and am a little disappointed to see he is still buying into the climate crisis hoax, but baby steps – awakening to the Truth is a continuous process that involves peeling back many layers of the onion of indoctrination.

Despite My criticism, Peterson is correct on virtually every point with the exception of the climate crisis, and I only Wish I could articulate My rants about Trudeau so cohesively. He discusses the irreparable harm Trudeau has done to Canadians with respect to their Trust – not only in government, but also in the policing instituions of their country and now the financial institutions of their country. If one can’t be assured their money is safe in a bank, then who are People to Trust?

I also Wish to let People know that despite the fact Trudeau has gone ahead and frozen these accounts anyway, and that the banks are acquiescing to these illegal and unlawful government orders, there is absolutely nothing legal or lawful about them. All Canadians have lawful recourse – if not in Canada, then in any real Court of competent jurisdiction. I fear Canada’s courts lack any competence because that Will require at least a few competent individuals as vigilante about defending Canada’s constitution, Charter and Treaty rights as I am.

Love and Blessings,

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