Volume CCV: Thursday Thing King Edition; Senator Denise Batters Exceptional Speech Opposing Trudeau’s Treasonous EMA

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thursday Thing King Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Royal Highness is always appreciated. For now, the Purpose of this Post is to Show You that there are still Good, Honourable People in the House of Commons and Canada’s Senate. We need to lawfully remove ALL of Canada’s treasonous traitors by making strong, legal and lawful moral arguments. Denise Batters Gives an exceptional example of an individual within Canada’s Senate who knows and understands the Oath she made to protect Canada’s People and Charter rights, and ever more importantly, how to Honour that Oath. Please let Me start Your thing King about Your own Sovereignty this Thursday Thing King Edition by listening to Denise Batters exceptional speech to Canada’s Senate. This may well have been the Spelling of Magical Words that were the cause of Trudeau’s revocation of the Act.

[Queen] Denise, [House of] Batters speech to Senate

I Will have more for You later today but this is exactly the kind of Good News I Wish to report on because the Law really isn’t complicated and Denise does a fantastic job of simplifying the provisions required for the Emergency Measures Act to be imposed on Canada’s People legally and lawfully. Trudeau’s actions were both illegal and unlawful. If he’s not a treasonous traitor deliberately undermining Canada’s Charter and International Treaty obligations, he is grossly incompetent and needs to be removed immediately. Chrystia Freeland should be removed in cuffs as she is also serving as a trustee for the World Economic Forum which is a conflict of interest at best and a treasonous traitor infiltrating Canada’s government at worst. This goes for all State Actors in any capacity advocating for foreign interests in favour of Canada’s People and their inherent, unalienable rights.

Love and Blessings,

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