Volume CCV: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; President Putin and Policing Propaganda

Hello every One and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Great Honour to have You in My House. I Truly have a Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition today because there is SO much Good News to be tall King about despite how crazy and chaotic Our world appears to be, especially for those in the geographical area Commonly known as Canada. As today’s Title Will suggest, I Will be ‘policing propaganda’ in this Edition and We Will begin taking the mainstream media’s fake news a little more seriously – not to be confused with taking them more credibly. Propaganda is a serious problem in every country of today’s world for all People in Man’s Macrocosm today, and this all just happens to be perfectly synchronized with what Will be a running Theme on My Blog this year and especially in My Matrix IV Decoded Interpret-a-Sean.

Okay, before I begin tall King about Man’s Macrocosm, I’m going to Give a brief update regarding events in My Microcosm that I have been tall King about since the beginning of this year; 6=9.

The main Matter in My personal microcosm is My father’s Estate. On the 27th of January, Noah S. Potechin and Laraine Burton sent an email to My Self and My siblings to advise Us that My father’s House has been sold, his Estate probated, and there are remainder funds available for distribution to Us. All of this was done without Our prior consent or Notice to Us and an additional threat was made to apply to the Court for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee within 30 days, or have the remainder funds deposited with the Court at additional cost and expense to the entitled beneficiaries. Needless to say, this is a [second] threat of extorsion, compelling One to pay a fee to acquire that which they are rightfully entitled by withholding their entitled property. So another Notice of Criminal and Civil Liability was served upon the perpetrators and filed with the Court by Way of email.

I’ve been asserting for a while that this is proper lawful process in any Common Law jurisdiction, and I am sharing this information with You because the respondents in this particular case have been ignoring their legal and lawful obligation to oppose My legal and lawful arguments, a tactic more commonly known as [legal] ‘gaslighting’.

This may Give One the impression that I have no Idea what I am tall King about and frankly, that is the whole Idea behind the gaslighting strategy. Very soon I Will have the opportunity to prove My point in a Court of Law, as the 30 day deadline is tomorrow. I’m also going to state for the Record that although the time frame can vary in the Common Law, I have suggested that 30 days is considered an Honourable and reasonable timeframe. Symbolically, I have also suggested that this is why they say that Christ was betrayed for 30 pieces of Gold, representing the amount of time in days (per diem) One should allow to respond to a Notice. Again, the time allowance is really relative to the complexity of the Issue at hand and determined by the One serving Notice, but 30 days is [generally] the longest One is allowed and this is reflected even in the Rules of Civil Procedure which typically provides for 20 days to respond, plus 10 additional days if the respondent requests more time in the first twenty days, for a maximum of 30 days.

I was expecting to hear Word from Noah today, though I suppose he could still deposit the funds with the Court tomorrow, I anticipated he would not Wish to have to do so on a Saturday. Legally he is compelled to provide the full thirty days, but I was still expecting that if he does plan to deposit the funds tomorrow, he would serve a final Notice today or sometime before then.

The other reason I Wish to be tall King about this is because the microcosm does reflect the Macrocosm in all things and I am teaching these Principles of Law for a purpose. My intention is to demystify the Rule of Law because if People are guided with moral conscience, it really isn’t that complicated. It’s the legal fiction that Wishes to complicate the Rule of Law because ‘the devil is in the details’, as the expression goes. Legal gaslighting is also a very real legal strategy, regardless how suicidal and ill advised. Legal gaslighting is exactly what the UK Metropolitan police are doing with the criminal investigation that was filed with their office, Giving them Notice of International crimes against the [UK and the world’s] Sovereign People, and the UK Metropolitan police responded with an official tweet from their department earlier this week stating that they had reviewed the information, concluded that no crimes have taken place, Will not be taking any further action, and the case with their department is officially closed.

Gaslighting is also a form of propaganda because propaganda is all about maintaining a false narrative at any cost. Now the UK Metropolitan police are complicit with the crimes perpetrated by State Actors, and this really isn’t much different from what We see taking place in Canada with Ottawa’s local police, the province’s Ontario Provincial Police, and the RCMP. The announcement on Twitter by the UK Met police is an official public notice. Rumours of the international law suit were harmful to the pharmaceutical companies and the vaccine mandates, so they Wish to just sweep it under the rug and are probably backed by corrupt State Actors and corrupt Court judges in the UK. None the less, the law firm must respond to the official notice or it is deemed to have been accepted. This was the public reply two days later.

But it is also important to let the UK Met police know that their determination to close the investigation is negligent and a breach of the Public Trust. This is the law firm’s official email letter to the UK Met police.

Wow, We’re at 1000 Words already and I haven’t even touched in Putin yet!!!

Okay, this may surprise some People but I have said in the past that although I acknowledge that I don’t really know him, I like what I do know about Vladimir Putin. Normally, I would be a little concerned about openly expressing that opinion because I know what most People’s first reaction Will be. The west have been taught to hate Putin and communism Our entire Life. I’ve also suggested that the Communist system would be perfect if it were not for corpocracy and capitalism. I happen to know for a fact that Putin agrees with Me on this point, as his inspiration was the communist manifesto which he believed had been usurped by foreign, capitalist interests that infiltrated Russia’s government at every level. He was criticized by BBC News for being a tyrant for using his political influence within the KGB to assassinate rivals. I’m sure that’s True, and I’m also sure that if he did, it was necessary to protect the interests of his Sovereign People. Vladimir Putin speaks frequently and passionately about his belief in the Sovereignty of his People.

Now, what if I told You that I have a hunch that Putin is in fact attacking Ukraine because Ukraine’s government was usurped and replaced with a leader who in fact represents U.S. interests? What if I told You that I believe Putin may have intel on biological weapons facilities funded by the U.S. on the border of Ukraine? What if I told You that Putin did not mandate vaccines in his country and openly stated that mandating medical procedures is a trespass upon his Sovereign People? And what if I told You that Vladimir Putin is the only national leader I know of that refused to allow Pfizer and Moderna into his country and developed his own vaccines to deal with the pandemic? You know, vaccines that still fit the original definition of vaccines and do not contain MRNa technology? Now, I’m not entirely sure about the last part, but I am sure about almost everything else. The biolabs owned by the U.S. doing gain of function research in Ukraine may or may not be True, but My instincts say it is.

It is also worth noting that two of the territories Putin is invading, he is invading because they voted to rejoin Russia and leave Ukraine, but their request was denied (I think by U.N., but maybe NATO – I can’t remember off the top of My head). This is why he is telling the Ukrainian People to overthrow their government because they were as King of Putin to invade and secure their Sovereignty. But You won’t hear that on mainstream media. Here’s a video clip of Putin receiving intel from one of his spies.

You Will also hear mainstream media saying that Putin is treating Ukrainian People like human shields. Putin speaks very frankly about how this is advice from U.S. intel for their mainstream propaganda machine.

This is also why I stated sometime last year that I didn’t really know what was going on with Fox News because they are reporting on a lot of Truth but I know they are still the propaganda machine. It is what is more commonly known strategically as ‘controlled opposition’. This is a Way to try to regain Trust in mainstream media by having one media network tell a counter narrative on major points of contention while consolidating their efforts toward a greater goal on which the propaganda campaign seeks to achieve. Fox News is equally clueless to what is really taking place on the ground in Ukraine, or they are just as much the propaganda puppets CNN and all of Canada’s bought and paid for media networks.

There is Way too much to be tall King about, but back in Canada, it is rumoured that Trudeau’s decision to revoke the Emergency Measures Act was in response to pressure from the five big banks. Although it is virtually impossible to confirm because mainstream media is so corrupt, banks were limiting daily withdrawal amounts to $1000.00 per day and typically banks don’t do that sort of thing unless they are worried about a bank run or experiencing one! The secondary damage is the reputation of these banks bending to the Will of government because most People Wish to be thing that they pay these ridiculous fees and interest charges to keep their money safe. So not only does it hurt the reputation of these banks locally, but also globally because some countries may threaten to kick those banks from their country if they are aiding and abetting treasonous government and illegitimate emergency powers.

People should also know that there are a LOT of lawsuits going on the background, including some filing for injunctions against the government act of freezing their account as unconstitutional, illegal and unlawful. Viva discusses some of these topics on his livestream today and although it’s long, I recommend checking it out. He has the Justice Council for Constitutional Rights on the show later in the episode, tall King about some of the lawsuits they are war King on.

I’m twice as long as usual and did not get anywhere near covering all of the Good News, but what I Wish to leave You with today is the Idea that You REALLY can’t Trust anything on mainstream media anymore and it is getting more and more obvious as to why this is Good advice. Worth checking out what mainstream media has to say on a particular topic because the nature of propaganda is that the polar opposite is far more likely to be True.

Before I Sign off, I do Wish to point out that any officer causing harm or apprehending some One in any Way who does not positively identify their Self as a police officer is guilty of fraud and is NOT acting within the law. Many People said that it was ONLY after the Emergency Measures Act was passed that police got violent and aggressive with protesters and removed all their identification badges for accountability. Look at these thugs – that’s all they are if they are not clearly displaying their name and badge number. There was nothing legal or lawful about any of the arrests and the wrongdoers Will be held accountable.


Lots more to come soon, including a breakdown of Canada’s de facto government. For now, just remember, 6=9, 9=6. Good = bad, bad = Good. Start thing King about all mainstream media this Way and the world Will begin to make more sense. 😉

Love and Blessings,

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