Volume CCV: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition; Policing Propaganda – The Truth of Ukraine Corruption

Hello every One, and welcome to the Sensei Sean all Saturday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Royal Highness is always welcome. Today I am continuing with My policing of propaganda in favour of the continuation of My series on the war Ship of Lucifer and Satanism (for which Trudeau has been assigned the role of anti-Christ for this Universal Product-Sean) because this Issue is so critically important to global awareness and the great unveiling of world Truths.

The Good News is that this is in Deed a very opportunistic time for Man’s kind because We do very much have the ability to navigate Our own course moving for Ward – to decide for Our Self if We Wish to wave the national flag of the citizen Ship, or if We Will stand together in King Ship with One another for Universal national Sovereignty. Please also keep in Mind that when I am tall King about a Sovereign nation, I am tall King about the body of Man (regardless One’s sex/kind), NOT the commercial flag the corrupt, capitalist, treasonous traitors of the Crown generally associated with patriotism and ‘nationalism’. Canada is a corporation, not a nation, the People of Canada are Sovereign, as are the People of every other corporation posing as nations across the globe. They have effectively ‘franchised’ Sovereignty for their own nefarious, greedy, corrupt, capitalist goals that teach People to compete with One another at all costs for One’s own benefit.

One of the reasons this is Good News is because I have held these beliefs for many years and have had to be what many might call a ‘closet communist’ because most People have ideas about communism as they are propagated by mainstream media, and have no real Idea what actual communism is. Most People equate communism to fascism because communist countries have been led by dictators with an iron fist in many cases. Yet the World Economic Forum Wishes to make all countries communist and I Wish to let You know this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it is relative to the constitution of the People just as any other system of governance Will be. If a constitution respects fundamental inherent rights and freedoms, then it doesn’t really matter what form of government a People chooses to elect, so long as the State Actors Honour the Charter or compact of the People. This has NOT been happening in Canada for a very long time, the People have been complacent.

Canada is already preparing what most People Will consider to be a communist manifesto by Way of a Bill proposed to senate called ‘Bill S-233’, a Bill for a Universal basic income – basically exactly the same thing I have been telling Canada’s State Actors at Ontario Works for many years. None of the ‘rights’ this Bill seeks to address are new, Canadians have just failed to be pro-active in letting their government know that their Acts are inadequate for fulfilling the Charter obligations to Canada’s People.

Canada has a Charter that guarantees the right to security of the person and a dignified living wage, but that sentiment is not reflected by the Ontario Works Act and other Acts previously legislated by parliament, and the government has effectively been abandoning this Fiduciary obligation for many years. This Bill seeks to address that Issue – though there Will no doubt be nefarious strings attached simply due to the nature of a capitalist ideology and centuries of mental programming (propaganda) that have caused elected officials to concern themselves more with how an Act can benefit them than the People they were elected to serve. This is why Trudeau makes a ridiculous income while People freeze to death homeless on the streets of his nation’s capital, and the mayor Jim What’s-on seems to believe that’s perfectly acceptable. It’s not – it’s negligent and a display of gross incompetence in leadership for all the world to see. Jim Watson is a fascist fraud, just like Trudeau.

I understand these are somewhat bold statements to make but I said just yesterday that Putin is one of the Good guys who believes corporations, oligarchs and capitalism destroyed the communist manifesto because it promotes corruption in government. I agree with him. I suggested he was liberating Sovereign People who had expressed of their own free Will that they Wish to rejoin the Russian federation. Well, I’m very surprised to say that I did not expect the Ukrainian president to echo My sentiments on the very same day. This speech was made yesterday at roughly the same time I would have been Writing about it. What a fabulous Way for My Words to Magically Manifest. Here is an opening quote from a press conference held by Ukrainian president addressing the speech to Biden and ‘the west’…

“With every new fact, a new entry, new posting of accounts, We are convinced that external governance and international corruption are Siamese twins with many faces of senior government officials, oligarchs, and many other state actors who steal from the Ukrainian People.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky

He addresses how western interests have been laundering millions of dollars through many international banks and laundromats (how fitting) that were subsequently transferred to accounts in the Biden family. Ouch!!! That’s gonna hurt Biden’s last 1% of public support for him. Now does it make sense as to why U.S. and all their globalist buddies (like Trudeau and even sadly his counterpart Pierre Poilievre) are demonizing Russia for the invasion? THIS is the REAL reason Putin invaded, to ‘drain the swamp’ in Ukraine. My belief, is that Putin Will be happy to work with president Zelensky once the corrupt oligarchs are out of his country and the Sovereignty of his People is restored.

People were attacking Me (as I suspected they would) for suggesting that Putin is actually liberating Ukraine from foreign influences. Now We have the president of Ukraine himself supporting Me. What else is he tall King about?

“New recordings between the persons who appear to be the fifth president of Ukraine Petro Poreshenko and former Vice President Joe Biden, testifying to external governance.”

President Zelensky, Ukraine

But there’s more.

“We Will also unveil colossal corruption schemes related to the procurement of oil and gas, due to which the Ukrainian People pay 30% higher utility tarrifs. At the same time, the highest levels of government of Ukraine and the United States participated in these schemes.”

But there’s still more…

“We Will also make public the facts of embezzlement of hundreds of thousands of dollars of technical assistance provided to Ukraine by the United States, as well as evidence of the deliberate sabotage of the prosecutor general’s office of Ukraine.”

Oh, so the U.S. also corrupted the Ukraine courts (but We are to presume that the Judges Biden appoints are on the up and up, right)?

All of this information is being disclosed by Way of an international press conference that I don’t suspect is going to be available on YouTube or reported by mainstream media.

I know it’s only ONE point I’m making today, but the intent is to show You just how deep the propaganda campaign of the ‘deep state’ really is. They have infiltrated every government We perceive to be ‘for the People’, and the goal of the U.S. (which infiltrated Canada by employing the exact same tactics of private banks usurping Canada’s Sovereign economy in 1974 and why the Bank of Canada Act is an Act of treason by Trudeau senior, his successor is here to ‘seal the deal’, so to speak, selling out Canada’s resources to private banks at the expense of Canada’s People because he has no Idea how to finance a Sovereign economic system). Good thing I’ll be here to teach Canada’s elected officials if they have all forgot because part of Me believes that they have.

It Will be VERY interesting to see if We hear anything about this in mainstream media, or if Zelensky mysteriously commits suicide. He begins the press conference by stating that he was threatened with sanctions for speaking out about this, he decided to no longer be intimidated by Biden’s threats and expose the Truth.

Welcome to the Great unveiling Ladies and Gents, Queens and Kings. The finale is going to be spectacular!!!

Oh, and for those interested in events in My microcosm, no Word from the lawyers yet and the 30 days to release the funds to Me or the Court has officially expired. I Will consult with My siblings tomorrow to see how they Wish to proceed. We are technically owed about $2.25 million CAD. That Will fun to collect.

Love and Blessings,

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