Volume CCV: The Super Natural Son Day Review; Trudeau’s Treasonous Connection to Pfizer Finally Found

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural ‘Son’ Day Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, always a Pleasure to have You in My House. This ‘Son’ Day Edition is in reference to Canada’s own ‘sunny Ways, sunny days’ incompetent prime minister and glow-ball man-child, ‘Just-in’ Trudeau. Not since his father, Pierre-Elliot Trudeau, has a Man succeeded in creating so much division amongst Canada’s People, though his ‘promise’ was for the polar opposite. Trudeau’s polar opposite has left the interests and inherent rights of Canadians out in the cold. Today, I received more information demonstrating that My Words Magically manifest.

Dr. Robert Malone is one of the individuals who has been cancelled by mainstream media’s blackout agenda of all opinions contrary to the propagated narrative by Trudeau’s bought and paid for legacy media. $600 million dollars is what Trudeau gave to Canada’s largest media companies to ensure they tell the story he narrates, and only the stories he narrates. I suggested that he has been conspiring with China for some time and that he was probably war King on gain of function research right here in Canada’s top science labs. Earlier last year, the House of Commons demanded disclosure from Trudeau regarding the arrest and deportation of two high level Chinese scientists expelled from Canada’s top science lab. Trudeau refused to supply the documents (unlawful and illegal) and managed to pull off his usual deflect and distract routine by calling an election. I suggested that everything was revealed to Us in the film ‘V for Vendetta’, and that We Will eventually discover that Trudeau’s fascination with vaccine mandates is motivated by his interest in the profits of those pharmaceutical companies, and that We Will eventually discover that he has purchased shares in the major vaccine companies. Dr. Malone has recently discovered that the ‘Trudeau Foundation’ holds 40% of the shares in a company called Acuitus Therapeutics, one of the main ingredients in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. But that’s probably just a coincidence, right?

Here’s a quote from ‘Becker News’.

“Confirmed: Trudeau’s foundation owns 40% of Acuitas Therapeutics which makes mechanic lipids for Pfizer. Dr. Robert Malone discusses this conflict of interest as long investors start dumping Pfizer/Moderna stocks ahead of the actual vaccine safety data leaking out.”

Becker News

‘Mechanic lipids’ for Pfizer. Hmmm. What exactly are mechanic lipids? Would People Willingly put mechanic lipids into their body if they were informed? Maybe they would because a lot of People still Trusted their government when this whole thing started. Now We know this is all motivated by profits and Trudeau Wishes to sell as many vaccines as he possibly can which would explain unnecessary vaccine mandates for virus with 99.98% survival rate (and 99.5% for People over 75). Hardly pandemic numbers that would warrant a national emergency unless there were an ulterior motive at play, right? How many global leaders are You thing King We Will find have invested in one of these vaccine producers or their suppliers? I’m guessing 100% of the countries that imposed draconian mandates on their People. I am thing King if We follow the money, We Will find the same is True for companies that supplied the decals for stores and windows, the masks, PCR testing devices… The list could go on.

This is why capitalism is the real enemy. I Wish I could remember who it that made this comment but it really doesn’t matter. The comment was,

‘It’s not that I don’t Trust medicine or the medical profession, I don’t Trust a medical system that is motivated by profits’.

Unknown, but sensible

If there were no profits involved, what reason would there be for an individual to lie about a product and disregard another equally effective, more affordable alternative? Nothing – and that’s the problem. The same is True for politics. When I say that no leader should receive more pay than the least of their People, it’s not a socialist ideology, it’s just responsible leadership. All the ‘public Trust’ funds are provided by the People, so why should the People State Actors are allegedly serving get paid last? In what line of work does the boss make less than the employee? Politics is the only profession in the world I know of where the servant receives more pay than their master. So why do We keep paying them?

That answer is also pretty simple. Because they don’t teach Us economics in school. They don’t teach Us banking in school. They don’t teach Us law in school (even those who go to law school only learn how to practice law – the requirement for a license is proof that One is not competent and must be given codes, statutes and acts to follow instead) , yet We are presumed to be ‘Masters‘ in Law when We claim ‘age of majority’.

Well, let Me tell You something. The reason they call it ‘age of majority’ is because the majority of adults are Acting like children; not figuratively, literally and legally. That’s what parentis patria is all about – taking care of the majority of grown up children who are supposed to be fully grown Men (of either kind/sex) but instead choose to surrender their Estate and accept the status of child like the rest of the majority. It’s not the age of maturity, or age of competence, it is just the age of majority, stating that You are just as incompetent and irresponsible as every One else, and require parental guidance afforded to One by the state for social protection in Order to conduct One’s Self with Honour in society. Honestly, they (powers that be) regard Us (collectively) as so incompetent, they Will not even let Us use real money!!! We use a ‘de facto’ currency. It’s no more valuable than monopoly money, which is why nobody actually ‘owns’ anything (and in Canada, it’s just as colourful to Play with).

The Good News today, is that Mr. ‘Sunny Ways’ has seen better days and the House of Cards is falling down. Remember when these vaccine producers were trying to withhold the full contents of the ingredients of their vaccines to protect their brand, claiming it was disclosing pertinent patented information? They were as King of the SCOTUS for seventy-five years to disclose the ingredients! Thankfully, SCOTUS said they thought that sounded every bit as ludicrous as it does and gave them no more than six months to fully disclose the contents of these experimental vaccines. That six month deadline is getting close, and People are dumping their stocks like hot potatoes because they know what kind of law suits Will ensue. The gig is just about up.

Here is one of the things that One is presumed to know as an ‘adult’ acting in full capacity of the Law; if a corporation or even an individual Will not accept full accountability and liability for their product or actions and the individual decides to contract with them anyway, then the individual is presumed to accept full liability and accountability for their actions in stead. Makes sense, right? But this is how People are taken advantage of because We were ALL told that none of the pharmaceutical companies are liable for their products because they are experimental and still in trial stages. If One agrees to take that product anyway, they are accepting full accountability and liability by default.

The Good News here, is that because the government of countries do presume that all their citizens are legally incompetent by default, they accept liability for their citizens in the same Way parents would for their children. So the pharmaceutical companies may not be liable, but governments mandating such medical procedures upon their citizenry most certainly are. Also, all immunity from prosecution that may have been granted to these vaccine companies is null and void if it is clear that there was fraud or deception involved in their contract. Failing to be transparent about the [known] risks and [dangerous] ingredients and withholding that information effectively destroys the immunity from prosecution they were initially granted by these governments. Any complicity with the fraud on the part of government Will make them equally liable.

Trudeau’s father, Pierre-Elliot was a bad apple. Just-in Trudeau is proving that the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree.

As far as the conflict in Ukraine is concerned, My prediction is that it Will not last long. Only U.S. wars last forever because they are playing both sides in most cases. Putin has a plan and Will either succeed or concede within no more than two weeks and probably substantially less – My guess is that it Will be over in a couple of days, lest NATO gets involved.

All the world’s a stage and all the players play their part. Right now We’re switching from monopoly to chess, and this is the beginning of the endgame for Trudeau and the other treasonous traitors posing as State Actors on the glow-ball stage.

Love and Blessings,

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