Volume CCVI: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; Matrix Resurrections IV De-Coded, Part V

Hello every One, and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition and My Matrix ‘Resurrect-Sean’ IV De-Coded series, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. Today it Will be Good to take a vacation from the current chaos of Man’s macrocosm and see if We can learn from Neo’s adventures in the new Matrix. It’s Called ‘Resurrections’ because Neo dies at the end of the last film of the previous Trilogy, though He does save the People in the Land of Zion. Why is ‘He’ back (because Neo is a metaphor for Christ), what happened to the rest of the People sleeping in pods, and what happened to the machines that were feeding off the Energy of Man’s kind (the People sleeping in pods)? If the People did all wake up, how did they dismantle all the machines and restore a world with no Sun?

All these Quest-Ions and many more were left unanswered at the end of the third Matrix, and many reviews criticized the ending of the film for this reason, some calling it a cheap ‘cop-out’. It was prophesied that Neo would bring the People out of bondage and into Zion. Would You believe that Zion is a new virtual community designed to protect Truth, offering a free speech platform alternative to Facebook’s new ‘Meta-verse’? Yeah it’s True, just click on the link to learn more and no, I’m not getting paid to plug the new platform, just pointing out that there are no coincidences, all the world is a stage and everything is foreshadowed to Us in film and television because they know We pay more attention to that than We do to what’s published on the Public Record in the News [paper gone digital]. Zion Will always represent the same Idea as it did in the Matrix, and this is how subconscious programming connects neural path Ways in Our brain. Neo is Showing Us the Way to navigate Man’s Matrix.

If I had Writ a prequel of all the themes relative to My thesis, We might have four of five editions before We even got started because there is just so much. The main themes of every Hero’s quest are Present, including the internal struggle best summarized by My discussion of the Latin phrase introduced in the first film, ‘Temet Nosce’, or ‘Know thy Self’. The Hero must overcome this internal struggle to defeat the anti-Hero and save the world, (which is usually represented by a princess in distress). On a deeper psychological level, the anti-Hero is in fact the internal demon the Hero has externalized, known in psychology (Jungian) as the shadow self or animus. We already know that once the Hero conquers the internal struggle, He or She Will also conquer the anti-Hero. These basic principles apply to virtually any Good story telling.

Even queuing up the film for today I found some critical Magic I missed tall King about. ‘O’ the city’ is in fact a spiral which represents Time. The apostrophe represents a missing Letter which represents ‘Heavenly’ Ideas because Heaven only exists in the Mind of Man, as does the Letter ‘f’ which is missing (yet We already know what it is). Time is too difficult to explain because Man’s Mind can only Imagine it as linear, though everything that could ever be conceived of has already happened. We come back because it’s fun (missing f), and because We are constantly learning how to make it better, We are also continually evolving the experience and the overall program. The apostrophe represents the entire Universe and every potential experience and outcome, the spiral is continually making it better. Imagine that Life is the inside of the ‘O’, death is the end of the ‘O’, and the experience and knowledge gained is added to the apostrophe, then the system repeats. Perhaps even more importantly, the Word directly above this Sign is ‘HeArt’, for ‘HeArt O’ the city’ HOTEL. VACANCY.

The HeArt of the city is dead and vacant, empty. Also, it’s a capital ‘O’. Why? A capital ‘O’ also represents the ‘Omega’, which symbolizes everything, the end (and by contrast ‘Alpha’ represents the beginning). Symbolically, this represents both a Godless world (He Art), and a Heart-less world. The main theme of the Story is always Presented in the first few moments and introductory Scene (seen it, nothing new under the Sun).

The other element that makes these Spiritual Interpret-a-Sean’s so Magical is that I have also expressed that I feel the films are speaking to Me specifically (mostly because very few People Will ever pick up on most of these details). The first obvious number in the film has a Magic value of 6 (1+0+5) which represents Peace, Home, Love, Family Life. What We are looking at is actually ‘9’ (police, emergency 9-11)! One of Our themes is that everything has 2 meanings, 6=9. This directly shows that Man’s Matrix has been tricked into thing King 9 is 6, chaos is Good. Also ‘0’ represents exactly the same thing ‘O’ does, except it is perhaps a slightly more complete variation representing the circle of Life rather than a Spiral, so therefor also representing the ‘Alpha’ (zero is the beginning, too). The first film was a perfect metaphor for My Life leading up to My Cestui Que Vie Trust Declaration (and subsequently defeating the Agents of Man’s Matrix in My microcosm). I felt the fourth film might have some new Secrets for Me specifically, and My ‘home’ (6) in Man’s Matrix ‘just happens’ to be apartment number 105. It’s not My ‘real’ home, it’s a fiction (9). But that is where I am right now because Real Home is where the Heart is, the physical address is the illusion in Man’s Matrix. Ten also represents a new Age/Aeon which was introduced to Us Magically by the release date and numeric Magic in the opening Scenes, and 5 is the day number My name (Sacred Calling under God) was Given Me (name day, GOT), and My favourite personal number (10-5,105). We also know We are on Our Way to ‘Andersons’, which is also Neo’s legal fiction name in the Matrix. All very convenient coincidences for a Man who suggests there are no such thing, nothing new under the Son…

Before I continue, it is also worth Noting that there is a Sign that Show briefly behind Trinity when she’s battling the Agents that reads ‘Salvo a Mierda’. Salvo translates to mean a sudden, vigorous succession of aggressive acts… ‘mierda’ translates to mean ‘shit’. The ‘a’ suggests it represents going through shit (in Spanish). A number of sudden, vigorous aggressive Acts to get through shit.

Fighting through shit…

I was thing King that Will be a Good Way to end this Tell a Vision Interpret-a-Sean of Matrix Resurrect-Sean’s IV De-Coded for this week because I also said that one of the main reasons I’m so excited to share this with You is because it is a coded message for what is taking place in the world right now!!! They basically Gifted Me with a ‘real time’ script in Magical code. I’m Your Cipher, but I Will not betray You!!! This is subconsciously telling the audience that We are all fighting to get through shit. Stay the course, know it Will be a Good fight (and a tough one). But also know that this represents the fight for God, Love, Heart, and moral principles because that’s what Trinity represents. And once again, Trinity is in trouble.

Love and Blessings,

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