Volume CCVI: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; The New Moon is the Most Magical Time to be Casting Spells

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition, thank King or Queen You for being here, it is always a Pleasure to have Your Highness in My House. Wednesday’s are Lucky because for Witches, Wizards and Warlocks, Luck is not subject to fate but something We choose to Create. Today I Will be tall King about an event of great importance in My microcosm that I Will be making Lucky by Spelling the Magic of it later this evening.

I have a very Special relay-Sean-ship with God, the Universe, karma, or whatever One Wishes to call it. Generally, I Will use ‘God’ and ‘the Universe’ synonymously with One another. Sometimes People Will be as King of Me what I mean by that, ‘how does God speak to Me, exactly’? Well, He doesn’t – that’s the Law of no coincidences.

I am dealing with a Matter regarding My deceased father’s Estate and there are remainder funds from the probate of the Estate available for the Beneficiaries. This Notice was Given on the 27th of January and We (the collective beneficiaries) were told if We did not apply to the Court for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee within thirty days, the funds would be deposited to the Court at further expense to the Beneficiaries. I protested this Notice stating that the funds may not be withheld under threat of [further] economic harm to the Beneficiaries, and advised the extortionists they Will be liable for any additional costs for filing with the Court and a fine of $100,000.00 for delaying the payment, unlawfully withholding the funds, and the threat of further economic harm to the Estate. The deadline to turn the remainder funds over to the Beneficiaries or deposit them with the Court in accordance with Our terms and conditions expired Saturday (February 26th).

How does this relate to Magic and the Voice of the Universe, or God? Well, I was wondering if today might be the perfect time to compose My Notice of Claim and Letter of Demand seeing as it’s ‘Lucky’ Wednesday and We make Our Luck. So I decided to check My moon calendar to see how close the New Moon might be.

Even though We can see a slight sliver of light on the right, it reads 0% when I am looking at My phone and thing King it might be the perfect time to Cast some new Spelling into Man’s Macrocosm. This is also one of those events that links Man’s Macrocosm with My microcosm because We are using the same system of Courts and Law.

These Common Law Principles apply virtually everywhere in the world; in any Common Law Court which is guaranteed in any Commonwealth country for sure, and many more. I still need to Write a new Book on the Common Law to fully explain the Magic of it and it is on the Agenda this year. The Lucky of this Wednesday is that I’ve been waiting for this Magical moment a long time.

My father’s Estate has been a Matter in My microcosm for almost two and a half years and I’ve been dealing with Noah S. Potechin and his partner in crime, Laraine Burton almost exclusively for the last year and a half. Noah is a lawyer who represents the interests of the National Bank of Canada, Laraine is a legal clerk for their firm, ‘Merovitz Potechin LLP’. Presumably LLP Will be ‘limited liability partnership’.

The Lucky of this Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition, is that Noah and Laraine have been using the same tactics that the city of Ottawa has used, the Ottawa Police, the Salvation Army, all State Actors, the Canadian Justice Council, and the UK Met police also used these tactics recently regarding the international investigation I was tall King about – it’s called [legal] ‘gaslighting’. Basically, the respondent (the One receiving the Notice or complaint) ignores all the legal arguments Presented and respond with their own narrative entirely (“We are following the directives set out by…”, for example), or fail to respond at all.

For a year and a half individuals have been served proper Lawful Notice in a Common Law jurisdiction, have failed to oppose any of the legal and Lawful arguments made against them, have had Default Judgment awarded against them in front of You and the rest of the world as My jury of peers bearing witness to My Deeds – and yet the crimes continue. It is no Wonder the world doubts the Magic of Spelling, yet the Spells remain war King their Magic.

The legal gaslighting tactic is only effective so long as One is not before a Court. Standing looking stupid when One is as King of the other to answer a Quest-Ion in a Court of Law Will not go over very well, the other party is presumed to be in agreement; silence is consent.

I knew that one day, this Matter would come before a Court. The nature of the Universe is such that there was no Way around it for any One. Are the Spells meaningless? Soon We Will find out, I Will be Writing the email this evening and having it scheduled to send for 9:37 AM tomorrow morning (mourning for Noah and Laraine).

The Luckiest and most Magical thing about the email I Will be Writing tonight and the Mystical, Moral Principles in Law I have been tall King about for so long, is that the Principles of the Common Law I have been tall King about here are the same Principles being used by the law firm heading up the international investigation I have been tall King about.

This is My first opportunity to prove how powerful these processes are once We find a competent Court. What is True in My microcosm is True in Man’s Macrocosm and the international law suit is Founded upon the Trust Principles of the Common Law.

The other Magical and Lucky element to this Wednesday is that I did not Wish to say too much about what I believed to be True with respect to Noah and Laraine and how they might respond to the Notice I filed with Court. My belief, and what I privately disclosed to My Brother and Sister, is that Noah Will not be able to pay the funds into the Court without paying the full fine amount I am as King for. I did not Wish to speak too confidently about it because the Truth is I really didn’t know what the Courts would do, but if the Courts are doing their job effectively, he should not be able to otherwise. The Common Law says Noah must rebut the statements in My Notice to the Court, or he (and Laraine) have tacitly agreed to those terms.

The funds were required to be deposited with the Court on the 26th of February with Notice to Us, or be paid out to Us directly before then. There isn’t a legal or lawful third option, they are now officially withholding the funds illegally and unlawfully, and I’m pretty sure My Brother and Sister know it as well as I do at this point.

From here My next Stage to set is pretty easy and Will be a pretty short, sweet, email straight to the point. It Will be a Notice of Claim and Letter of Demand. They Will be Given until Friday 5:00 PM to turn over the $306,100.00 they indicated is immediately available to the Beneficiaries. Failure to do so before 5:00 PM Friday and they Will also be liable for the fine amount of $200,000.00 and 10% interest which Will be applied to the gross total. An additional 10% compounding monthly interest Will be also be applied, calculated daily until the date of payment.

The Notice of Claim is to advise Noah that a Claim Will also be filed against him for the market value of the Real property at the time I file My Claim with the Court, and any funds paid out before that time Will be deducted from the market value of the property at the time I launch My Claim against him. He was Given fair Notice I would be doing this at the beginning of the year, for Our first New Moon Magic! I may also request that Noah and Laraine be arrested if they continue to withhold the funds with a minimum bail bond of $1,000,000.00 to ensure performance of Noah’s legal and lawful Fiduciary obligations to the beneficiaries.

Tomorrow I Will have that email to share with You, and one Way or another I Will soon be filing a Claim against Noah and Laraine in their private capacity. It doesn’t Matter who these People represent or what organization they are war King for – Noah and Laraine are the only individuals involved in this Matter that Acted in a criminal manner and with criminal intent. In fact, as representatives of a law firm, they should really know better.

So this New Moon marks the beginning of a very Magical event in My Microcosm and it is also the third New Moon of the year, just two days into March (and two is a Door). So the Magical Spell I Will Cast later this evening Will be opening a Door and I am thing King that March even mean that the Ram Will be breaking it down!!!

Love and Blessings,

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