Volume CCVI: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; All the World’s a Stage – Playing House

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank Your Royal Highness for being here, Your ‘Presents’ is always a Gift. Today I Will be tall King about the bigger events going on in Man’s Macrocosm as it seems that the House is Truly on fire – We are finally burning it down. Also, a new Magical Spell was Cast into My microcosm this morning that Created some new sparks under the roof of My own House. We are still in the Magical window of New Moon beginnings and it is a Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday in Deed.

To start things off on a serious but satirical Note in an effort to Present Good News even when dealing with darker topics, I Present to You JP’s interpret-a-Sean of the Russian Ukraine situation, and I am thing King many Will relate to JP’s sentiments on the Matter.

All the world really is a Stage and the State Actors are putting on quite a Show. It is not a coincidence this conflict comes immediately after Trudeau’s draconian, illegal and unlawful use of the Emergencies Act. The Idea is to distract from problems at home so that We Will forget what Trudeau has done and Focus on Russia and Putin. For a more serious outlook on the Issue, We have Kim Iverson discussing the Matter on ‘The Hill’.

These points are all points that People should consider when watching things unfold on the world stage. We in ‘the west’ are always taught that Russia and China are the enemy, has any One ever considered why? I mean, it’s one thing to condemn an Act of a nation but to just continuously be led to believe that a nation and its leader are corrupt through and through… What’s that about? Is there another motive? Could it have anything to do with something called NATO?

But there is even more going on here for Canada. Did You know that the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians (NSICOP) found that there is sufficient evidence to support charges of treason with respect to Just-in Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland? Yeah, check this out!

“NSICOP found and stated in the above video that there is ample evidence that both Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland are under the influence / control of foreign states. Justin Trudeau redacted Germany and Germany EU states like insolvent Ukraine.  Chrystia Freeland has been serving Ukraine’s national interests, bailing out and bankrolling Ukraine’s neo-Nazi government and providing Ukraine with CAF troops and 45 RCMP officers and government funding (gave $45 million to Ukraine in 2019) while she served as Foreign Affairs Minister (Global Affairs Canada), Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.”


Well, that doesn’t sound very Good for Chrystia Freeland and Justin Trudeau, does it? This is the unveiling, Ladies and Gents, We Will see things as they are.

Here, We are learning more about the vaccines since Pfizer and Moderna were forced to disclose the full list of trials and other information regarding their products. Insurance companies have notice that all causes of death are on the rise since the inception of vaccines – and not by a little, but as much as 40%?

We’ve also got big pharma and their disciples continuing to preach that boosters are okay, though they are withholding the data that was publicly released to avoid hesitancy? So long as it doesn’t sound suspicious or anything, I suppose that’s okay, right?

But if that isn’t enough to convince You that crooks all over the place are running scared and trying to hide what they do know, this might help to push One over the edge. The next video is once again Presented by Our Star of today’s Post, Kim Iverson, this time tall King about some of the fake footage that has been shown on mainstream media reported to be taking place in Ukraine. I’m telling You, You can’t make this stuff up, You would need props equally convincing to do that.

Then of course there is always the economic angle of things, too, right? Prices Will go up, they Will blame Russia no doubt. But what effect are the sanctions being imposed by Canada having on Russia anyway, and does Canada have any business getting involved, and if Canada does have any skin in this fight, is Trudeau really the best One for the job? Or Chrystia Freeland, for that Matter? It is not a coincidence I included what Canadian Intelligence has found on those two.

I did also say that some new Magic Cast into Man’s Macrocosm regarding events in My Microcosm did cause some sparks under the roof of My House, too. This is another reflection of how the Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm in all things, and how foreign interests are trying to burn down My father’s House.

Last night, I took advantage of the New Moon Magic of the Knight to Write a new Spelling of Magic that would be Cast first thing this morning, 8:37 AM. I had advised My Brother and Sister that I would be Writing such an email and would have it drafted and sent before Friday at the latest.

I was very excited to get this done, New Moon Magic for New beginnings and the beginning of the end of a long, drawn out matter. I advised My Brother and Sister that I believed Noah would try to come between Us by appealing to one of them to make an application to the Court, and that if they agreed to do so he would ‘do a favour’ by continuing to withhold the funds.

This afternoon Noah emailed My sister without My knowledge or consent and told her that if she agrees to make an application to the Court, he Will continue to withhold the funds until the application is approved. I discussed the Matter with My Sister on the phone this evening and I have made a personal resolution with My Self to not allow this to Create any further conflict in My family. At the same time, I can’t endorse her application. She doesn’t even know that Noah contacting her privately and as King of her to do this is a breach of Trust.

But she has asserted that she Will be making the application through the Courts the same Way any One Will, so it Will be interesting if they Will even accept the application considering I have already been as King of the probate Court to direct any legal Matters to Me, and advised them I am Acting as My father’s private attorney.

Apparently, My sister requested My Brother’s consent to her application, and the belief is that if they both support the application, it Will be two against One and My Sister’s application Will prevail. I do not believe this Will prove to be True, but I suppose We Will see because My Sister claims that Noah ‘guaranteed’ her application Will be approved. I wonder how he managed to do that? I’m also not going to say it isn’t possible because from what I know of Noah already, anything is possible.

However, I did send a final email to My Brother and Sister regarding this Matter, too, and I’m going to share that with You because this is a perfect example of how it doesn’t Matter how sincere or genuine a Man’s intentions are, there Will always be People who Wish to betray You. This is My Brother and Sister, and they would rather file an application against Me than support the position I’ve had for the last year and a half. So this is how I responded to them to let them know what Noah is doing and how it’s a breach of Trust.

If I don’t go now, I Will not get this published in time but it really doesn’t affect anything I’m going to be doing anyway. I Will still be holding Noah to the terms and conditions of the Letter of Demand and Notice of Claim, and I Will still be filing a Claim against him for the damages he has done to the Estate. I’ll be Showing You all how I Will go about all of that tomorrow. What I said about not allowing this to cause further division between Me and My siblings was something I meant very sincerely and now I am thank-Full that I have an opportunity to Show You how to do so the best Way I know how. Basically, I can’t let My sister’s ignorance of what’s going on (and her ability to be taken advantage of for it by lawyers) to stand in the Way of what needs to be done to take care of My father’s interests and Honour his death.

I stand on everything I have suggested here until I’m proved incorrect by Noah’s actions. I don’t believe he can deposit the funds with the Court or he would already have done so and My Sister or Brother would only be compelled to file an application if the Court refused to release the funds to Me. After 5:00 PM Friday, I Will be as King of the Court to start war King on a few more Magic Spells.

Love and Blessings,

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