Volume CCVI: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition; Satanism and the War Ship of Lucifer, Part V

Hello every One and welcome to the Sensei Sean all Saturday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. Today I Will be finishing up My little mini-series on Satanism and the War Ship of Lucifer, though I am thing King it Will not be what You might be expecting. It Will also be tall King about some Good News regarding mandates in My Microcosm which also ultimately affects Man’s Macrocosm, too.

Let’s start with the Good News of the day and the end of mask mandates and vaccine passports in Ontario.

Seriously, for Me this is some of the best Good News I’ve had to report in awhile. The video is tall King about how some People are having a hard time letting the Idea go! The craziest part about that is that there was never sufficient evidence to suggest they made any kind of meaningful difference in the first place! It was never about science, just political posturing and social shaming.

Anyway, I Wish to get back to wrapping up My series on Satanism and the War Ship of Lucifer, though today I’m not including the video that inspired the series because it’s more or less irrelevant. It was basically a five hour video tall King about the horrors of Satanism and how every One involved in Freemasonry is Secretly a Satanist. It simply isn’t True, Secret societies are like any other group of People, there are Good and bad.

The most horrifying and shocking Truth I have to reveal to People about it, is that it is not as sinister as it sounds because those who are involved [at the highest levels] know and understand Magic well enough to know the effect of Satanism and the war Ship of Lucifer. Lucifer is known as the light bringer, all Spells of Magic Cast in his name Will bring forth the polar opposite to maintain balance.

What’s perhaps more important to understand, is that Man’s kind was going to go through a period of Spiritual infancy regardless what Laws were Created. Man’s kind as a whole needs to experience enough evil to never choose it again. The Spiritually evolved version of Man’s kind is war King together (what most People call the ‘socialist’ model), while the Spiritual infancy of Man’s kind competes with each other for self Glory (what We commonly call capitalism).

So by channeling Spiritual energy, whether it be Good or evil, One is also Manifesting the polar opposite somewhere in the Universe. So if rather than allowing all of civilization to run amok aimlessly looting and pillaging from one another in Our Spiritual infancy, what if they decided to come up with this complex, monopoly like game where every One gets a playing piece to substitute for their [True] Character? The ‘artificial person’ is the boot on the ground of the real Life Monopoly board of Man’s Matrix.

I also thought it was kind of funny that it was just a couple of days ago that I mentioned Dr. Evil from the Spy Who Shagged Me being a mockery of Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum. Here JP shares My sentiments along with a few other satirical thoughts.

I also happened to share a number of Kim Iverson video’s from ‘The Hill’ just a couple of days ago and learned that their channel (The Hill) has been banned from YouTube for a week. I don’t Wish to put Words in any One’s mouth so I’ll let Kim tell You what that is all about.

Worth watching because Kim is tall King about the YouTube policies that were allegedly violated. Very Good information for any One still using YouTube. The Good News regarding the cancel culture of True journalism, is the emergence of new social media networks, new news networks, new apps being Created to share information that Will not be subject to this ‘Brave New World’ cancel-culture. Listen to some of the things that are specific violations of YouTube and I Will humbly suggest that it’s probably because they are all True… But We Will find out in Good time.

I’ve also done My fair share of Shapiro bashing in My day, and I do not dislike everything the Man says (I just strongly disagree with his opinions regarding capitalism, communism, socialism and democracy). But here he’s Giving an analysis of Just-in Trudeau here and sometimes a Man as articulate as Ben can be a Gift in Deed. Here’s what he has to say about the ‘teenage girl in a Man-suit’.

To finish up My little bit on Satanism, the real point I Wish to make is that the reason We need these archetypes is because We have not yet transcended them. One of My favourite Netflix series of the now is ‘Lucifer’, I had no Idea it would be so Good! There are also plenty of gems of wisdom scattered throughout the series and one of the things that tends to annoy Lucifer is when Man’s kind blames Lucifer for his Actions!

Our ego Created Lucifer just the same as Our ego Created God. Are they real? Well, there is no ‘real’, so yeah. But they are just in One’s head, as is the entire rest of the perceivable Universe. We use the devil as a scapegoat. That is one of the reasons the expression came to be and why the devil is associated with goats. So much easier to say, ‘the devil made Me do it’ than to take accountability for One’s Self. But the Good News there, is that We only blame the devil for the bad stuff We do, what about the rest of the time? Why are We not blaming the devil in every moment if We are all born into a world of sin? Because We are Angels navigating the darkness and making Our Way to the light by better understanding Lucifer.

Love and Blessings,

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