Volume CCVI: The Super Natural Sunday Re-View; Distract-Sean and Project-Sean

Hello every One and welcome to the Super Natural Sunday Re-View, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. Today Will be a very short recap of the week, mostly tall King about the Distract-Sean tactics State Actors like to use to project the People’s attention somewhere else, or on some One else to divert eyes away from Home. There was Good News, too because mask and vaccine mandates have been revoked in most parts of Canada now. The microcosm reflects the Macrocosm in all things and Home is where the Heart is, so let’s take a moment to reflect on the week and see where We should be Focusing Our Intent-Sean…

So mask mandates and vaccine passports are apparently gone. I haven’t looked into this in detail much yet but I can tell You it is not being widely or loudly vocalized yet. My neighbour had no Idea and every One at her work still wears them. However, she did say it would explain why so many People haven’t been wearing masks over the last week and why nobody has been saying anything about it. She wasn’t thrilled to hear some businesses may be keeping it for their employees.

Without getting into any detail here, I Will say that this is a type of soft propaganda, too. I’m hearing that the government may make mandates part of the labour code or something, but if it’s unconstitutional (which it is), then it’s still not really able to make it ‘legal’ at work. They are banking on employees not knowing their rights and giving them up voluntarily. The second the employee says, ‘no You can’t do that, it’s a violation of…. (insert Charter or Treaty obligation)’, is the second it no longer applies to that employee, or they have cause for a Claim of discrimination for exercising a protected right.

Over the last week, the world’s Focus in Man’s Macrocosm has been on Ukraine and Russia, most media networks glorifying Ukrainians and demonizing Russians. What I really Wish to remind People today is how much the mainstream media have lied over the last two years. I’m not complaining, but did it really just Magically become safe to walk around without a mask on again? Or is it stranger that I’m not Writing fiction while considering that Idea? How strange is it that some People still don’t feel safe without masks when it is now believed they likely did more harm than Good? I read at one point that ninety percent of Canadians were fully vaccinated. I’m tall King exclusively about People who got the first two, not the third (if there was one) or boosters. But the full data regarding these experimental vaccines was only recently released and something like $140 million was pulled from their stocks the first day of release. That’s not a Good Sign for 90% of Canadians, is it?

I am as King of People all over the world to consider who the government of their country is pointing fingers at and how they are treating their own People. Are these State Actors performing their Role on the world Stage in Honour, or dis-Grace? It is so easy to point a finger at Putin, and I am in no Way saying he is shameless, but I am suggesting he may be no worse than those pointing the finger. Trudeau is the most critical danger to Canada, it cannot bear his incompetence any longer. Is he really going to condemn Putin after what he just did to Canada’s People and more importantly, their Charter?

The world is in the state that it’s in because the State Actors have not been performing their Role on the world’s Stage for a very long time, but We kept paying attention to the performance and fun-ding their parties.

This week coming up I Will be revisiting Our last Tarot read and discussing more of that Magic as well as a new Edition of the Tell a Vision Tuesday ‘Matrix Resurrections IV De-Coded’ series.

For now, don’t let the State Actors point fingers at another Man’s House when they can’t seem to keep their own backyard in Good keep.

Love and Blessings,

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