Volume CCVIII: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; Elon Barks at the Big, Bad Wolf

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. Today’s Title made My Monday feel somewhat Magical as well as comical because I also suggested that I would fight Trudeau for the Title, ‘One on One’, cage match style. So I was thing King it Will be fun to be tall King about that to add some comic relief to a rather serious world. I’m returning to Writing today after taking a deliberate, short, weekend ‘Vacate-Sean’ to reflect on Man’s Macrocosm and consider how I might shed some light in a world that appears to be descending into darkness. 6=9, the world is upside down, things are not what they seem.

Let’s start with the lighter side of Life, shall We? I’ve always kind of liked Elon Musk much to most People’s surprise (because he’s considered to be part of the Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and WEF club of super-privileged). I’m cautious to outright say I ‘like’ any One I don’t really know, but My intuition tells Me that Elon is One of the Good guys. His motivation behind electric, self driving cars was because he’d heard a statistic about how many People die in car accidents every year and made a personal mission statement to eliminate car accidents over the course of his life. And let’s face it, he’s well on his Way and that’s only one of many projects the Man has going on. Elon Musk is not rich because he has all these companies and millions of dollars, Elon Musk is rich because his Mind is priceless. He could lose everything he owns today and be one of the wealthiest People on earth in another five years because he’ll never stop being a genius until the day he dies. That’s why this move perplexed Me, and I can’t help but be thing King it must be a joke.

There are several reasons I believe this was intended to be a joke. The first, is that Vladimir Putin kicked Facebook, Meta, and Twitter out of Russia – they are all banned platforms in Russia. So Twitter wouldn’t exactly be the best place for Elon to be challenging Putin if no One in Russia can read it. I’m sure Elon knows Twitter is banned in Russia and not a careless oversight. The second reason is because he has no legitimate claim upon Ukraine! It would be no different than authorizing any other foreign nation to go in and conquer Ukraine without as King of them first! Did the People of Ukraine hold a private election where Musk won the majority as their new leader? So even if he won, Elon could not do anything except be as King of Russia to leave and he’s making the presumption that they Wish for him to! (That is what We Will hear on mainstream media but there is another Story, here.) So it is arrogant and presumptive to say the least, unless it was intended as a joke, which is precisely why I am thing King it was. But those are the minor reasons.

The biggest reason it must be a joke, is Elon cannot possibly be serious unless he has no Idea who Vladimir Putin is. The Man graduated among top of his class at one of Russia’s most prestigious Universities, was accepted by the KGB almost immediately after graduation, has been trained in hand to hand combat by the KGB, he can literally command any vehicle with an engine including choppers, jets, boats, tanks, can fire any military weapon, and happens to also be a black belt in judo, ‘just for kicks’. Elon Must would not last two minutes and I’m sure he’s not stupid enough to be thing King otherwise. Finally, on the off chance he was serious and Putin did accept, what does that mean? Does it mean Putin gets to take Ukraine without any further conflict? If that’s the deal, I am thing King Elon may Wish to be more careful about being clear when he’s being facetious, otherwise I’m pretty confident Putin would take that deal if the rest of the world were to accept the terms, most especially Ukraine’s People. Personally, I’m not sure We know what the Ukrainian People Wish for because We can’t Trust anything ‘Legacy’ media is telling Us and I don’t personally believe that Zelensky is being honest about who he is and what his People actually want (or who HIS People actually are – like US representatives using Ukraine as a foreign cash laundering service, maybe?).

But I have a lot more for You today because for Trudeau, the House [of Commons] really is on fire. Trudeau is not only a laughing stock here in Canada where his approval ratings Will soon be on par with Biden’s, he is also the proverbial Fool on the world stage, though even that Title is too noble for True-dough – the Fool in Shakespeare’s Play was cunning and wise like a fox. One cannot even properly insult Trudeau by calling him a tool because even the most mundane tool has a Purpose. Trudeau is just a useless idiot, but don’t take it from Me…

I also find this curious because Trudeau did quite literally buy the mainstream media to use as his own personal propaganda device, yet now the Sun are being not only openly critical but downright harsh! Unfortunately, nothing in even the remotely mainstream media in Canada has anything Truthful to say about what is taking place in Ukraine.

In other news in the Macrocosm, I Wish to let You know that Canada’s House is not the only One on fire. It is the whole of what they call the ‘western’ world. Canada and the United States are collapsing and if they continue to impose sanctions on Russia, the only People who Will Truly suffer, Will be Canada’s People – or perhaps more accurately, America’s People because it Will include the U.S., too. See, companies that have a lot of financial pull here in ‘the west’ like VISA and MASTERCARD, boycott Russia. Russia already anticipated the west would do this and has now partnered with China. Both Russia and China have the capacity to be [virtually] completely independent. I also hear that both China and Russia have plenty of gold to back up their nation’s currency to restore financial markets (though I Will admit I haven’t heard any more interest in that Idea since the development of digital id’s and currency, but it may somehow be integrated into the digital currency China is/has developed, I’m not sure).

For now, oil is the resource used to trade on international markets which is measured in U.S. dollars. Both China and Russia can secure plenty of their own energy, and the U.S. dollar Will depreciate at an alarming rate if Canada and the U.S. don’t start producing their own oil and gas to offset the rising cost.

To be honest, it took Me some time to find anything outside of mainstream media but this channel seems to be telling a different story than what is perpetrated by mainstream. Once People understand how powerful propaganda is and begin to realize how much of it We are subject to, they Will being to Truly see the world differently. Is this just another form of counter-propaganda, or what is known as controlled opposition? The best One can do is try to hear as many sides as possible and find the strings of Truth that link them together.

Biden is seen as a senile, incoherent and incompetent Man with the lowest approval rating of any President in U.S. history ever, and Canada simultaneously has the world’s biggest stooge on the world’s stage posing as Prime Minister. Both countries are at their worst economically, and are using tactics that cause more economic harm to their People at home than their intended target in Russia who Will benefit tremendously from America’s coming recession. This is simply going to widen an economic divide between China and America that has always existed, exponentially.

Here’s another YouTube video about how Zelensky has been used as a pawn by the U.S. Some history that might be worth knowing is that the U.S. ‘helped’ Ukraine establish a democratic government in 2016. Hunter Biden’s laptop and business dealings in Ukraine may tell Us more than We are thing King about why losing control of Ukraine is not Good for American interests.

Here’s a few other details about Putin many People might not know. Putin developed his own vaccines and did not allow big pharma into Russia over the course of the pandemic. Russia Will not allow Facebook, Instagram (soon if not already), Meta, or Twitter in his country because of their invasive tracking technologies. Putin Will not allow any children from his country to be adopted by foreign countries that might be linked to American interests that Will use them for organized pedophilia and or organ harvesting.

One of the ‘rumours’ for Putin’s decision to launch a ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine was because he had received intel from one of his spies that the Ukrainians had biolabs on the Russian border experimenting in bioweapon technologies. If the purpose of the mission were announced, the evidence may have been destroyed. There are also Russian supporters in parts of Ukraine that do wish to be liberated by Russian forces and were both aiding with the operation and providing a suitable alternative motive for the operation. All just rumours I hear through My grapevines, but some plausible explanations.

At this point, what We do know to be absolutely True, is that there were, in fact, bioweapon facilities in Ukraine, though the U.S. is calling them biolabs Created for public health and safety. I am thing King it sounds a lot like Fauci trying to say that what was going on in the lab in Wuhan was not ‘gain of function’ research, despite the fact that what they were doing was improving the lethality and transmissibility (contagion level) of already deadly viruses to animals, transmissible to humans. How does that improve public health and safety? Well, they have to find a Way to Create these deadly biological weapons before they can begin developing a vaccine for it, right? So it is to protect against another country who might just happen to be war King on the exact same experiment with the exact same animals using the exact same DNA manipulation techniques to Create a very unique, highly contagious bioweapon that this lab Will be able to develop a vaccine for… Should that one in a trillion chance ever potentially happen…

I was almost going to do a full Post about just this video because I Wish to point out why I know We Will eventually learn that the United States was funding gain of function research in Ukraine. My intuition isn’t always right about exact details, but I can usually tell when some One is lying, unless they are a True master who feels nothing at all when they do lie. But one of the tells I am thing King any One Will be able to pick up on, is how she never answers the Quest-Ion directly but continually repeats the same tall King points. This is called the ‘echo chamber’ technique. It’s not only important because it’s obvious, it’s important because it is the go-to strategy when One has something to cover up. The other striking detail about this lady is the tone of her voice. Pay close attention and One Will notice it seems strained, like she can’t get enough air, the confidence is not there – she sounds shaky and unsure of her Self. I am guessing there are professional body and voice language experts who Will tell You she is lying and knows more than she is saying and more than any One Wishes for Us to know. Whatever she knows, it’s bad – really bad!

Finally, I Wish to let You know that there is a very Good reason that every public official is flying the Ukraine colours. Biden, Boris, and Marcon all wore blue and yellow ties in the last appearance I saw of each of them, Trudeau has a blue and yellow band on his microphone. This war may not be Good for America’s People, the People of Europe, the People of Russia, Ukraine, or any other country in the world as far as the People are concerned. But interfering in this Matter and potentially getting NATO involved? Well, that’s big money, ladies and gentlemen, that’s the U.S.A.’s number one Friend and cash cow, the military industrial complex. All U.S.A. needs is a reason to print more fake money to build more military weapons so these clowns can make trillions of dollars while they scapegoat the harm they’ve done to their own People by lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates, pointing the finger at Putin.

The Good News here ladies and gentlemen, Gods and Goddesses, is that what is happening right now is the end of capitalism and the world as We once knew it. We’re no longer conspiracy theorists if We believe mainstream media is lying to Us, We’re considered awakened, but not ‘woke’. The fall of the Tower in Our Tarot represents the Fall of Babylon, and it was the first main event in Our read, which is why I Will be getting back to it.

Can You believe the greatest thing any One has had to say about Trudeau internationally, is that Canada should be thankful he did not show up at the Ukraine/Russia ‘peace talks’ dressed in costume as a Ukrainian. Canada is now only to be thankful that he does not make a further ass of himself on the world stage, basically. I can’t stand Trudeau, so that’s My Motive a Sean for this Monday.

Love and Blessings,

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