Volume CCVIII: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; Matrix Resurrections IV De-Coded, Part VII

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Royal Highness is always appreciated. Today We Will be getting right back into Our Matrix Resurrections IV De-Coded series, where I provide My Mystical Interpret-a-Sean of the film. Today’s feature photo Shows the choice Presented to Morpheus, and We are reminded that the choice is as much a part of the illusion of Man’s Matrix as Bugs’ blue hair, and Morpheus’ blue-tinted shades.

Once again We are exploring the dynamic of free Will versus fate and Destiny, all of which are relative to the film’s central theme of ‘Temet Nosce’ (know thy Self, Latin) and Living a Purpose Full Life. If everything is predetermined, then why bother making an effort to do anything?

The answer is perhaps found in the Magic of the Words themselves, ‘fate’ and ‘Destiny’. Fate sounds like certain, impending doom, while Destiny sounds like a Hopeful Promise. Although the specifics of what We Wish to accomplish with Our Life Will be unique to every individual, it is Our Heart (He Art) that guides Us. We each have a Dream that is Our Destiny, and We each have a fate We Will suffer for failing to accept it. Free Will is the choice between believing One is Destined for greatness, or fated to fail at achieving that which their Heart desires.

This is also why Trinity is the source of Neo’s beginning. Trinity represents the Love and Nurturing qualities of God, the protector, collective consciousness, and Her Majesty in Man’s Macrocosm as defender of the Faith over commercial admiralty waters, and the ‘Ark of the Covenant’ which is the citizen ship. Bugs is in the situation she’s in with Morpheus because she was trying to save Trinity, which is necessary in order to save Neo. Without Trinity, Neo has no Will to succeed.

“The choice is an illusion. You already know what You have to do.”

“Truth.” (as he takes the red pill)

I took the screenshot above to demonstrate how much emphasis there is on the use of blue in the film. In the light, even Morpheus’ suit looks dark blue rather than black. It is used in the film to remind Us that this is the illusory world. Bugs and Morpheus are chased by the agents and make their exit by jumping out a high rise window and crashing through the illusory roadway beneath, ‘spiraling’ into control…

I thought this was interesting because it’s the first time I’ve noticed the Matrix Show this spiral between the worlds. It also just ‘happens’ to be at exactly the 13:37 mark and ’37’ is always a Sacred Sign. Most People are thing King 13 is unlucky but in reality is is the Foundation for the new age (13=1+3=4, 4=Foundation). The spiral also happens to be the oldest known symbol for Man, representing the Sacred Spiral of Man’s unique thumbprint, which is the Seal of the Sovereign, required for the coin of a realm. When We reach the other side of this Matrix code, We do not end up in Zion!!!

This is where I am thing King some People watching the film for the first time begin to get lost. MR. ANDERSON designed the Modal that is being used to evolve the original program (the Matrix itself). ‘Neo’ is in the Matrix, but has conceptualized his avatar (egoic expression of Self, how We see Our Self) as a programmer of a game that is the Matrix. What this is really showing Us, is that even as MR. ANDERSON, Neo can never really forget who he is – even in his Dream, He is the Creator of the Dream.

Another quick cut scene in the film is to a plaque on MR. ANDERSON’S desk that reads, ‘EXTRAORDINARY INTERACTIVE GAME DESIGN’. ‘Extra-ordinary’ – the Common Man with a little ‘extra’. Some One once said to Me that ‘extraterrestrial’ is an ‘extra terra’s trial’, or trials from another ‘terra’ (earth).

The physical world is the plane that is designed to evolve the Spiritual program, the problem is that We believe the program We are evolving is physical. This is what Bugs was referring to when she says that they are using the old coding language to program the Modal. It is akin to Man’s kind trying to evolve Man’s body to become immortal and remain on earth forever. It is a training ground, the program doesn’t work if it doesn’t end. The ‘old’ code ANDERSON is using is called ‘BINARY’. I also said this film is a metaphor for what is taking place in the world, evolving a fictional program is akin to suggesting that introducing a new program called ‘non-binary’ is not the Way to fix the program, it is just evolving the fiction.

MR. ANDERSON notices there is a security breach in his program. He performs a diagnostics to find out what’s going on and who has breached his system…

He sees a confused version of him Self wall King through his program, just before a colleague interrupts as King what’s wrong. The reason I point this out specifically, is because He is the breach of his own security program. It was Morpheus and Bugs that were in his Modal breaching the program!

Morpheus can’t leave the Matrix like Bugs because he’s not a Man, he’s just a program in the Matrix, one of the Agents. This is a reflection of who MR. ANDERSON is right now as the programmer, just another agent in the Matrix. Morpheus also represents the absolute Truth of God, which is non-physical. Morpheus cannot escape the program but the ‘breach’ is that the Agent is no longer following the program MR. ANDERSON Created. Because Morpheus represents the Truth, he Shows up in Mr. Anderson’s computer game as his ‘True’ Self.

It is also worth Noting that I cannot understate the use of blue in the film, and the reason this is so important is because blue always represents water and water represents collective consciousness. MR. ANDERSON’S office is blue, he’s wearing all blue, his colleagues are all dressed in varying shades of blue. They even drink their coffee in a cafe called ‘Simmulatte’ (which I was thing King is pretty clever) where every One except the barista’s are dressed in blue to continually remind Us We are still in the Matrix. This is also to connect Man’s consciousness to the Idea that Commercial Admiralty Law is also just a fiction that appears very real.

We are about to meet Trinity, so that is where I Will leave this week’s edition. Lots of big ideas happening in this film, thank King Your Royal Highness for being here.

Love and Blessings,

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