Volume CCVIII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; The Magic of Micro and Macro Cosmos Colliding

Hello every One and welcome to the Lucky Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition where We are tall King about Casting Spells for Characters to perform on the world stage of this Glow-ball Product-Sean. The Lucky of My Wednesday this week was the Magic of a Spell Cast upon Me last night, though the effects of its Magic were what made today feel Lucky. Today’s Title is tall King about the Micro and Macrocosm because those two worlds really are colliding, and that’s a Good thing – the microcosm is the Universe perceived from the individual perspective, while the Macrocosm is the collective perspective, or events that affect all of Us.

The reason the collision of these two perspectives is so critical to Our evolution is because it speaks directly to the root of Our problem which is ego and individualism. In a nutshell, it is the belief that the [Sacred] Gift of Life is exclusively for the individual, while the evolved version of Man’s kind regards the Sacred Purpose of Life to be a Gift to evolve and improve Man’s kind as a whole. Right now We are collectively more interested in what We can take from the world than what We can Create to contribute to the world.

In the Macrocosm, for example, the world is collectively becoming aware of just how much We are lied to by mainstream media. In a Way I am thing King We all expect State Actors to lie to their People to get the popular vote, but generations of People all over the world have been raised to Trust their media and news sources (whether or not it was Good counsel) and many are now feeling deeply betrayed. The exposure of major lies by mainstream media about vaccine safety, efficacy, ‘scientific data’, masks, mandates, lockdowns, and how they mischaracterize peaceful protesters as terrorists and radicals, while supporting riots, vandalism, and mass violence if perpetrated by #BLM (#BlackLivesMatter) or #Antifa.

The radical groups terrorizing People are supported by government, while peaceful protesters advocating for the protection of Charter and international Treaty rights binding on Canada are considered terrorists usurping a ‘legitimate’ government. There is nothing legitimate about a government that fails to Honour its contractual obligation to its People, which is the People’s Charter and/or Constitution in every nation.

In the Macrocosm, State Actors of every country on earth have been negligent in their duties and responsibilities to their People, and the People have been equally guilty of not holding State Actors accountable for their pathetic performances. Now that the government has demonstrated gross negligence and vast overreach of the powers afforded to them by their Sovereign People, the People are frustrated that these State Actors do not respond favourably to their protest. State Actors all over the world are now trying to divert their People’s attention away from the havoc they have caused at home and as King of the Sovereign People to pay attention to Putin, the ‘big bad wolf’ of western society. Will the People fall for the same gambit, time and time again?

Sadly, odds are they Will, which is precisely why they (State Actors) Will stick to the Play Book regardless how poorly the performance is going or how much booing they hear from their audience – they don’t care, they already paid for the Show!

Gaslighting legal and lawful obligations is the State Actor’s go to and it is a tactic used by lawyers all the time. Lawyers are not operating within the law, they are operating outside of the law in a legal fiction which paints a pretty picture of the colour of law, but not the Rule of Law itself. The lawyer’s number one job is to keep their client in the dark (black robes for the underworld) so they remain inside this tiny little jurisdictional box where they can maintain control and their illusion of authority. Just to Give One an example of how True this is, a lawyer licensed to practice in Ontario cannot practice anywhere else!!! Their job is to ensure that clients consent to Ontario’s legal fiction before they can provide any counsel. Should the Rule of Law not be the same everywhere? It is – We must consent to any inferior jurisdiction, and consent can be revoked at any time if Our Sovereign (God Given/Inherent) rights are violated.

I took the last weekend off because I have been feeling anxiety regarding an Issue with My father’s Estate. It’s one of those things where I Wish to share as much relevant information with every One here as can be of benefit to any One dealing with a similar Issue without oversharing personal events of My Microcosm. Notices I send to State Actors regarding their trespasses upon Charter and Treaty obligations Will always be relevant because they affect every One in the Macrocosm.

Personal legal Matters regarding My father’s Estate may not seem so Universally beneficial, though it does Show how lawyers try to implement these tactics to take advantage of the People they are supposed to be helping and pervert the Rule of Law itself with their legal ‘voodoo’ Magic.

In My Microcosm, State Actors have gone to great lengths to keep Me out of Court because that’s the only place lawyers can get away with gaslighting their legal and lawful obligations. A lawyer cannot just ignore a lawful argument in Court, or the point is presumed to have been accepted. They do call it ‘Court’ for a reason – if a party volleys and the volley is not returned, a point is won.

I was feeling unusually anxious last week because I’m not at all concerned about the validity or merits of My legal and lawful position, I am worried that the system is so corrupt, My Sister’s lawyer Will find a Way to make her application to the Court without My objection to her application being heard. It doesn’t take twelve days for a lawyer to draft an application for Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee, and My Sister needs to send My Notice of her application, and indicate to the Court whether or not she has My consent to her application. If she doesn’t, the Court generally Wishes to know why.

But Monday was Magical because I received an email from My Mum who told Me that My Sister was concerned that she had not heard back from her lawyer yet, either and was wondering what was taking so long. That news really only made Me feel better because I don’t Wish to believe My Sister and Brother would be complicit with the lawyer trying to keep My opposing arguments from being heard by the Court. This confirmed that they are not, they were just as curious to know as I was.

Well, it must have been after I finished My Matrix Tell a Vision Interpret-a-Sean last night that I found the email in My inbox from Erica Kapa, paralegal for My Sister’s law firm. Erica is as King of Me to consent to My Sister’s application to the Court, indicating that My Signature is required

Here is the Consent Form Erica is as King of Me to Sign, including My reply.

So the Good News this Wednesday is that it is pretty much impossible for My Sister to get around Me now. If My Sister were to make an application to the Court without including My email response and the attached email, they Will in fact be committing Willful fraud in their application with intent to pervert the course of justice.

Today felt Lucky just because I knew Erica woke up today to find this email in her inbox!!!

I believe that My Microcosm and Man’s Macrocosm are in perfect harmony with one another. They Will not be able to gaslight Me much longer in My Microcosm, which means they Will not be able to gaslight the People much longer in Man’s Macrocosm!

Tomorrow We Will be thing King about the Tarot!!!

Love and Blessings,

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