Volume CCVIII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; The West and the Mass Exodus

Hello every One and welcome to the Free Lance Friday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have Your Highness in My House. Today is My most Favourite day for Writing because I allow My Self to say whatever I Wish and there are plenty of things to be tall King about! Today’s Title, ‘The West and the Mass Exodus’ is in direct reference to the impact True dough (and his stupidity is so well renown throughout the world I Will not have to defend the Magical Spelling I am using here for People to know who I am tall King about) has had on Canada’s economy, which of course Will also have an impact on Canada’s neighbour’s south of the fictional (but legal) border. Of course, the fear-mongering propaganda campaign of the West’s legacy mainstream media are now tall King about another war and pointing the finger at Putin to distract from the problems at home.

So today’s rant Will be a little more fun and entertaining for You because I’ll be sharing some of the videos I’ve viewed over the week and there are a lot of People who are thing King like Me that are much better at Presenting the information. This video, for example, is guaranteed to not be removed because it’s one of the media networks True dough bought and paid for, yet they also seem to Given up defending him. Take a look…

And who better to roast a Man than Russel Brand? The accent adds emphasis (in My humble opinion). Not only is True-dough the laughing stock on the world stage, but he is also one of 313 Canadians Russia has sanctioned! I didn’t know People could be sanctioned, did You?! I’m sure it can’t be lawful, but I’m actually pretty happy to know it must be legal (or they wouldn’t be tall King about it) because all State Actors are subject to the legal fiction they Created. It’s kind of like that first scene in Game of Thrones where the King has made a law that states if any One speaks of White-walkers, the penalty shall be death. The Common Law says that the One who makes the Law must carry out the sentence, so the King is forced to kill the Man who reports the White-walkers. So True-dough Will be subject to the same laws he has imposed upon others.

What if China and Russia become the new international economic superpowers and the U.S. dollar becomes obsolete? The individual sanctions imposed by Russia on individuals would have the potential to keep them bankrupt forever. People have been tall King about a social credit system, what if Trudeau, Biden, Hillary and the criminal cabal in high places are all bankrupted virtually overnight? All ‘power’ of western leaders is gone when the dollar collapses, and I’m not sure People are really grasping that yet. Jen Psaki stated that the sanctions on the U.S. don’t really mean anything because they don’t plan to vacation in Russia anytime soon and they don’t have any bank accounts in Russia. But maybe that’s the point. Maybe it’s not about the bank account the have in Russia, but the bank account they won’t be able to get in Russia when the world switches over to the new [interim] economy. When the dollar collapses, every One Will be Wishing they had Russian Rubles and Chinese Yen, and some People Will not be able to get them.

What I find most interesting is the People Putin has sanctioned specifically. It appears to be People who are all connected to Biden and Hillary and all that criminal conduct south of the border. Can We not see that they (U.S. and Canadian governments) have been war King in tandem together throughout this plandemic? Trudeau ‘just happens’ to be refusing to turn over papers regarding Chinese scientists at Canada’s top lab? Is Canada producing bioweapons? Is Canada one of the U.S. safe havens for biological weapon production and experimentation? No One would ever suspect Canada, right? Such Good People here. Such Good People, that they are easily taken advantage of by a corrupt government.

Now, this is one of those things that Will probably be unavailable for viewing in Canada shortly after I Post because that has been happening lately – Truth! But do check it out while You can because this is as close as I can get right now (on YouTube) to counter legacy media’s continuous propaganda.

They (‘the West’) say a lot of things about Putin that I haven’t seen a lot of support for. Most of his security briefings are public and he insists on the minutes of these meetings being publicly broadcast to the People of his country so they know how he responds to his advisors and informants. He develops strategies in real time based on his intelligence reports. The West are all ways tall King about how he’s totalitarian and a dictator who oppresses his People and prevents freedom of speech and other basic ‘rights’ (like gay marriage, for example).

Well, it’s only half True from what I hear. I can’t say for sure because only People who have experienced both Truly can. But Putin has very specific reasons for banning the Western platforms and apps he bans because of their tracking devices and their ability invade privacy without being detected. As far as banning gay marriage is concerned, from what I understand that is True, too, because Russia considers the Family a Sacred unit and marriage a Sacred union between a Man and a Woman. Hate Me if One Will, but I agree. I don’t care if People Wish to be gay and live out their days together in monogamous bliss, but marriage for gay People is for ego, insecurity, and social acceptance, not for starting a family because families just don’t work that Way. I also believe that without traditional male and female role models, children Will suffer some kind of emotional instability because there is no balance. I also realize there Will be substantial evidence to show that homosexual parents raise fabulous, well adjusted children just the same as there are many children raised by heterosexual parents that Will grow up deprived of Love and abused. On a more basic, perhaps even old fashioned level, I just don’t see the point in getting married if One is not planning to raise a family and there is no ‘natural’ Way for a homosexual couple to do that, so I don’t believe there is any obligation within the Law for the state to approve gay marriage in the interest of promoting family values in the community.

I still haven’t gotten back to My last Tarot read yet, though I am planning to get to it soon. When I say there is a lot going on in Man’s Macrocosm, it is almost Mind numbing how True it is. I just shared a video of Putin releasing his information regarding the bioweapons facilities in Ukraine and how the Biden administration installed a government in Ukraine so they could launder money. Well, here’s ‘The Five’ tall King about the relevance of Hunter Biden’s laptop today. And keep in Mind all the People that are including in Pizza Gate, the Hunter Biden laptop story, those accused of spying on Trump’s campaign are the same People Putin has sanctioned? I find that very curious because I am Willing to bet that Putin has serious intel on the People he has sanctioned, he is not just sanctioning random People from Canada’s government. He’s draining the swamp and calling out all the People in Canada’s government committing treason all over the world. Don’t believe Me? Oh, just wait for it. We still haven’t seen those ‘top secret’ lab documents Trudeau refused to hand over to parliament yet, and the Canadian Central Intelligence of Parliament is already investigating Trudeau very seriously. I have a feeling he Will be Ordered to turn them over soon enough. In time, the Man Will go to jail (unless We bring back the guillotine, but that’s really up to the People and only Quebecker’s seem excited about that in Canada). It would definitely make some heads roll, though! (Okay, so I only included the guillotine reference because I wanted to make that very bad joke, I confess.)

Oh, but I haven’t even managed to get around to the big news that nobody is tall King about, and that is the Canada’s ‘Mass Exodus’. To be clear, I hate vague and I watched the video twice but if he mentions how many People are leaving in ‘record numbers’ let Me know in the comments because I didn’t catch a number, and I don’t know what ‘record numbers’ means. However, the video caught My attention because it was literally one of My very first thoughts when I heard that True-dough had frozen bank accounts of the Trucker Convoy (yeah, I’m Gifting it with capitals because the whole world knows what I am tall King about, it’s an important thing).

Here’s something People should make no mistake about. Regardless what One’s thoughts on capitalism may be, one of the fundamental Principal beliefs of the ‘free western democratic societies’, is the right to own property without interference. People Love to own shit!!! People especially Love to have lots of money secure in their bank so they can continue to collect more shit. When some One can just ‘freeze’ everything One ‘owns’ because they don’t like One’s political opinion… Well, One doesn’t really have any freedom at all anymore, do they? I figured the very first thing People with money would be doing, would be moving it out of Canada. Turns out, I was correct!

This is the real reason Trudeau’s Emergency Measures Act was revoked, too many banks were losing boatloads of money, and Canada’s national debt just climbed to a trillion dollars and is rising steady. Canadians with money, are getting out while they can now that they’ve seen True-dough’s True stripes.

In My Microcosm there was no reply to My email, so We continue to wait patiently. I am very optimistic because I really do feel as though My Microcosm is aligned with Man’s Macrocosm. They couldn’t keep their bioweapons labs and laundering schemes secret forever, even without Donald Trump draining the swamp, the guilty parties were already covered in mud and are now leaving tracks wherever they go. What Will My Sister’s lawyer do? Present the application to the Court with all the Notices attached and hope the application succeeds? Or make the application to the Court without mentioning a Word about My email letter of response to the request for My consent to My Sister’s application? My guess is number two, but that Will also be another criminal offense, so I’m not so sure. For now, they continue to stall and I am continuing to charge interest.

Oh, and most Fabulous part of this Friday? It’s a Full Moon, which generally represents the climax of Ideas. So things should be tapering off soon and winding down toward the end of the month. It Will also be getting warmer! Lots to look forward to, People. No doom and gloom, that’s what Gives them Power!!!

Love and Blessings,

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