Volume CCVIII: The Super Natural Sunday Edition; The Spring, the Fall, and the Quickening of Consciousness

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Sun Day Re-View, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to have Your Highness in My House. Why and how are You ‘in My House’? Well, You are in My thoughts, You are My reason and Purpose for Writing. When One clicks on a link to My Blog, it is a knock on My Door step, and the Words of My Post invite You into My Mind – am I not in Your House? You can hear My Words, right? One might be thing King of a Blog Post as a virtual open House where One can explore a Man’s Mind – but One cannot do so without simultaneously letting the Author of the Writ into their Mind, too. Our Mind is where We Keep Our most Sacred thoughts and Ideas, it is a Magical, private place, so it is equally Sacred to invite some One to share that space. This is why the Word House represents Man’s Mind.

Today is also a Super Natural Sun Day because it is the first day of Spring and the last of the Magic of Friday’s Full Moon, and also the beginning of the Fall of the criminal cabal usurping Man’s Sovereignty on the world Stage. This is also a reflection of what’s called ‘the Quickening’ of collective consciousness. We are collectively beginning to notice something is not quite right with government’s around the world. Everything seems just a little too conveniently synchronized to be coincidence – and You know how We feel about coincidences here! (There is no such thing as coincidence, only the Illusion of coincidence.)

As We begin to take Notice of a few minor things not quite adding up, or in some cases adding up too perfectly (like Russia tall King about Ukraine being used by corrupt U.S. elites to launder money and finance bioweapon facilities only a few days before Hunter Biden’s laptop confirms [some of] the same findings and are released to the public). Furthermore, a study has also shown that if People hadn’t been told the Biden laptop was just a conspiracy theory by mainstream media (when they in fact knew the allegations were True), Trump would have won the election by a landslide. So now there are rumours tall King about a lawsuit against all the legacy media outlets that censored and covered up the story for unfairly influencing public opinion with intend to deceive the People into voting for a Man with a son involved in criminal operations in Ukraine set up by his father (now president).

And all the while the legacy media continues to tell the world that Russia and China are the bad guys. Putin has already announced that he has secured the information necessary to prove the bioweapon facilities were financed by the U.S., and that they were conducting experiments on lethal viruses in those facilities. How much do You Wish to bet those same papers Will show gain of function research being conducted? The U.S. can’t even deny the allegations, all they can say is that they were ‘public health’ facilities, not bioweapons facilities. Really? Public health facilities typically experiment on viruses outlawed by the Nuremburg code? Hmmm… Interesting U.S. public policy for Ukraine, for sure – U.S. People would never put up with that in their country, though.

But Ukraine are the bad guys, this isn’t about Putin removing a corrupt government that was put in power by U.S. jackals to launder dirty money and fund dirty research – no doubt to blame it all on Ukraine one day and ‘shock and awe’ the country with their military industrial complex to destroy any evidence of their deeds. No, it wouldn’t be anything like that or One might get called a Putin lover and the only kind of Putin lovers Canada Wishes to see are those enjoying fries with cheese curds and gravy in Quebec.

Let’s face it People, the ball isn’t just ‘getting away’ from the global criminals, it’s already half Way across the street and about to get hit by a trucker convoy! They know We are not buying their lies anymore and all they can do is stand at the side of the road waving their hands in horror as they watch the ball get squashed on impact. If We don’t buy into this Ukraine thing, I’m not sure they have an alternate plan. They weren’t expecting Us to ever stop listening to mainstream media, what Will they do if We do?!

Well, Viva Frei might have some more insight for You and he has a fabulous sense of humour and the most stylish glasses I’ve ever seen. I don’t even need glasses but I Wish to have a pair like Viva’s just because they are so cool. I know, it’s weird for Me, too – no Idea what that’s all about, I usually don’t give a rat’s ass about that sort of thing. But damn, those are some cool specs!

So they are after Russel Brand now? Remember when I said Way back that I really liked the direction Russel Brand was taking and was thing King about maybe even trying to get on his Show one day? Yeah, well I didn’t tell You I changed My Mind about that because he’s most definitely what People refer to as ‘controlled opposition’. The fact is, if they didn’t like what Russel Brand was doing, they would just ban his YouTube channel. Same thing with Joe Rogan. These guys are not going anywhere!!! They are here to wake People up! Not necessarily because what they say is True and correct, but because they are questioning the mainstream narrative objectively.

I would like to humbly remind People that there is not a single person on the world stage with any serious amount of social influence that has not been catapulted to that level and allowed to remain there without intention. Not one. One may find it hard to believe they are that much in control of the game, but I assure You even that is an understatement, and not by a little. They know everything about virtually everyone – and most certainly about every One who Matters.

But People like Joe Rogan, Viva Frei, Jordan Peterson, Russel Brand, Dave Rubin, even People like Ben Shapiro and Alex Jones – they’re not really the opposition to the mainstream narrative, they are simply an alternate mainstream narrative. Hollywood films are a similar version of the same Idea – One can Love the Hero or the villain, the program for success is the same whichever path One chooses. The wisdom never changes, only what One Wishes to do with it.

They are seriously tall King about WWIII and that’s not the kind of foreshadowing I Wish to co-Create, so I am Manifesting that We Will all wake up and realize that We do not need western interests dragging the world into another war. China and Russia are Good Friends and some of the U.S. former middle eastern regions are not ‘feeling the Love’ for U.S. like they were before, so India Will back Russia and China, as Will the United Arab Emirates. Russia, China and India based exclusively on their population regardless their military prowess, are already a force the rest of the world Will not Wish to reckon with. I am also thing King most of Us know that they also happen to have highly capable armies in addition to an overwhelming number of troops if they are really pushed.

I am thing King We Will wake up before We Truly allow that kind of madness to set in because more and more information is coming out at faster and faster rates of speed (the Quickening of consciousness) awakening more and more People to not being woke. ‘Woke’ is the new ‘daydream’, the awakened are the new prophets (not to be confused with profits).

Finally, the other reason I feel that We Will wake up before We sleep walk into WWIII, is because I have a feeling My Estate Matter Will be resolved sometime this week! I can’t tell You why, or what it even means really, but I feel whatever is looming is war King in My favour. I Will be following up with My Sister’s lawyer tomorrow to find out what’s going on with the application and how long I should be expecting to wait to Present My opposing arguments to the Court. Events in My Microcosm are always cosmically linked to similar events in the Macrocosm, so the resolution of My private Estate Matter Will also mean some kind of resolution in the Macrocosm. Sorry I can’t be more specific but intuition is like that. I feel like We are on the cusp of something big, and the best news is, whatever it is, it’s Good!!!

So keep smiling and enjoy the Spring sunshine!!!

Love and Blessings

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