Volume CCIX: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; Holding Lairs (Lawyers) Accountable – Complaints to the BAR

Hello every One and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Highness is always welcome in My House.

There were no specific events today that One would immediately identify as ‘Lucky’, though sometimes Luck can be a little more subtle and equally Significant when We [see with] real eyes that We make Our Luck!!! Isn’t that what being a Witch, Wizard, or Warlock is all about?

The Casting of Magic does not begin with the Spelling of it; it mimics the Miracle of Man and begins with the Concept-Ion. In Idea is a Concept (Magical trick/con cept/taken) which/Witch is a form of Energy (ion). So the Real Magic of a Spell begins with the Energy of the Original Concept-Ion. However, the Inspire-a-Sean of the Concept-Ion is the Motive-a-Sean behind the Intent-Ion, and the Intent-Ion determines the Root Power of the Magic One Will be Casting into the Universe. The reason every concept is a trick taken, is because the entire Manifest Universe is all in Our head, that is the Real King Dome, or Kingdom. That is why the Kingdom of Heaven is before One now for those with eyes to see. Does it sound confusing or esoteric? It’s really not, it’s very natural because We were Created with the Power to perform Miracles with Our Mind – anything One can conceive of One can Create, it is all about which ‘tricks’ (Ideas) We choose to take. The culmination of Our collective Ideas are what make up a Man’s constitution. Let Me Give You an example.

A Matter regarding My father’s Estate is coming to a climax in My Microcosm. It is impossible for the Matter to not be on My Mind because Honouring My father is deeply personal for Me on a Spiritual level most People cannot even comprehend. I can’t forsake My father or I Will Truly anger God. People do not Wish to know what God Will do for Me when God is angry – so much so, that I am genuinely concerned for People who anger God in My Presence.

I Will Give a very recent example later in this Post, for now My Wish is for You to know that these are the sponsoring thoughts behind the Spelling of Magic. These ‘Root’ thoughts and feelings determine the Power of the Spell. Honouring One’s father is the Fifth Commandment, so pure Godforce Energy is sponsoring the Ideas and Concept-Ions behind this Spell. My Sister’s lawyer is not responding to My emails or phone calls which seems very suspicious to Me. My concern is that they Will try to keep My opposing arguments from coming before the Court, and I have already sent enough emails indicating that I require a prompt reply to let Me know how they plan to proceed. I feel like I’m chasing after children.

So today I was wondering what else can I do!? I could just begin drafting My Claim against Noah and Laraine, but I do not Wish to do that until We deal with My Sister’s application because if the application is done properly and in accordance with the Rule of Law, all these Issues can be addressed when My Sister makes her application – it actually saves Me from having to file a Claim because it’s the same information either Way. Also, My intent in that regard is to wait until the damage is done! This is still causing harm to all intended Beneficiaries, so I can’t know the extent of the harm until the bleeding stops. So what else can I do?

Did I not once say that all legal processes begin with a complaint?

Complaints to the BAR are generally taken very seriously and it can hurt the lawyer tremendously. If the complaint or violation is serious enough, they can even lose their license to practice. Once a complaint is made, regardless what the outcome of the complaint is, it remains a ‘stain’ on the lawyers Record. One can call the Law Society to find out how many complaints have been filed against a lawyer, and many prestigious law firms Will Wish to exclusively have lawyers with pristine Records in Good standing. Needless to say, not Good for business.

In case the included screenshot is not clear enough to read,

“Before you make a complaint to the Law Society, you should try to resolve the problem first. Speak with your lawyer or paralegal about your concerns – most want to solve problems before they become complaints.”

Makes sense, right? I am thing King that it seems very suspicious that My Sister’s lawyer doesn’t seem to be overly concerned that My father’s property has already been plundered without My father having any legal representation. It seems to Me that any lawyer representing My father’s Estate and the best interests of the Beneficiaries would be just as concerned and curious to know how all the real property has disappeared without any judicial process or Notice to the Beneficiaries. My Sister’s lawyer does not seem to be concerned about this, she appears to be aiding and abetting the crimes against the Estate.

But of course, I do Wish to make sure that I Honour the process, so today’s ‘Lucky’ of My Wednesday was another email to My Sister’s counsel advising them that if they do not respond to let Me know how they intend to proceed shortly and explain why they are not concerned about the unlawful sale of My father’s house, two vehicles, and all the personal property inside the house and on the land, I Will be filing a formal complaint with the BAR.

Here is the Magical Spelling of Magic Cast at My Sister’s counsel by Way of email today.

Alright, Ladies and Lords, Queens and Kings, Goddesses and Gods, Witches and Warlocks, that’s all I have for You this Lucky Wednesday and it may not seem like much but this is one of those subtle Spells that Will sneak up on some One, and I have a feeling a formal complaint with the Law Society Will get the job done. Remember, the Magic of the Spell is Motivated by God!

Oh, on that Note, I almost forgot to tell You about My most recent example of why I am concerned when People anger God in My presence. A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a community event for tenants of the building and the moment I entered, I was aggressively verbally assaulted. A lady started yelling at Me to get out or put a mask on right away, when I said I have an exemption she said they don’t allow for exemptions, and I stood My ground. Standing My ground basically meant not leaving and advising them that they don’t have any legal or lawful right not to allow for My exemption, they are trespassing upon My rights. I am not even going to repeat the verbal insults that were hurled at Me, but I basically just ignored them and did My best to make My stay short. The entire time this lady is yelling and screaming at Me, (and getting in My face about it), I am as King of God to please have mercy. I advised My Friend that I was deeply concerned for her because Good things do not happen for People who are tall King to Me that Way. He told Me not to worry about it. The next day she fell on the ice and broke her hip. Don’t make God angry in My presence, it is not a joke.

Love and Blessings,

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