Volume CCIX: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition; My Father, He Art in Heaven…

Hello every One, and welcome to the Sensei-Sean all Saturday Edition, thank King You for joining Me, Your Royal Highness is always welcome. Today feels like an appropriate Saturday for a ‘Sensei-Sean’ Edition because I have few things to teach People today related to Honouring My Father, and asserting One’s right to do so. I also have a Story to tell from My youth related to My father teaching Me to be ‘the Man of the House’ should anything ever happen to him. Today is also a lesson in family relay-Sean’s, and how much We might underestimate what People are Truly capable of when money is involved related to the inheritance of an Estate.

Let’s start with today’s feature photo which is the first of a four page, Hand Writ letter to My father, tall King about how I had come to visit My father to help him rebuild his home and make it beautiful again, if only he were not too proud to accept My offer. I also visit to let him know that I hold no grudges toward him for Our relationship because for better or worse he made Me the Man I am today, and I am proud of the Man I have become. Both of these sentiments are reflected in the Letter.

But before I get into the letter, I should let You know that this is the letter I have been as King of My Brother to Give Me from the moment I learnt he had found it. My Brother and Sister kept knowledge of this letter from Me for at least six months, and when I did learn of it and was as King of them to turn it over, My Brother threatened to never let Me see it if I did not forfeit My right to Act as Executor of the Estate and Sign a consent form to My Sister’s application in My stead. I know, I can hardly believe I am telling You this about My own family, but it’s True. What’s perhaps even worse, is what I had to do to get this letter back – I had to treat My Brother as I would any other ‘legal’ opponent.

I was so furious with My Sister and Brother betraying Me for a second time over this Estate, that I sent My Brother a Notice of Claim demanding he make sure the letter is in My mailbox in two weeks, or I Will be filing a Claim against him for $20,000. Ironically, it was also My Brother who said to Me once that My Notices accomplish nothing. I thought that was interesting because legible photos of the letter were in My inbox by Way of email the next morning, so the Notice to My Brother accomplished something, didn’t it? This time My Brother proved him Self wrong.

People don’t seem to like it much when I’m compelled to assert My Self, especially My family (because they know what I’m like when I’m angry) particularly if it is something of Significant importance to Me Spiritually, or even morally if One Wishes to be thing King of it that Way. So why they would push Me on something they know is so deeply meaningful to Me I can’t even begin to comprehend – I have no explanation but greed. To use the last letter I Writ My father as a tool to manipulate Me into submission is unconscionable to Me and something I would never have believed any member of My family were capable of (morally or ethically). Money makes People do crazy things. Let’s take a look at that letter, shall We?

Now, I’m not going to say it’s the cheeriest, friendliest, or most Loving letter One Will read, but it is most certainly Heartfelt and Honest. It also clearly indicates that I am not harbouring any resentment for My father, which was one of the other arguments My Brother had hollowly threatened to use against Me in Court if necessary. How? My Sister, My Brother, My Mum, they all know that as difficult as My dad may have been for any One to get along with, I was the One who endured the worst of My father’s cruelty, and would have most cause to resent him. Yet I’m the only One who does not, and My Brother threatened to use an example to discredit My motive for Wishing to Act as executor. Without any proof, there are plenty of Stories My Brother and Sister could tell that would Give motive for Me to resent My father even more than they do!!!

My Brother and Sister’s resentment for My father did not even begin until after My Mum and dad separated. Then, it was never about how cruel My father might treat them, but how angry and abandoned they felt when he disappeared from their Life. I, on the other Hand, was [admittedly] grateful for the separation because My father was so hard on Me, and I was finally freed from his consistent criticism. My Brother and Sister could do no wrong, I could do no right – that’s just the Way it was.

See, My father raised Me the same Way his father had raised him. It is the rule of the von Dehn House that the eldest son Will be responsible for taking on My father’s responsibilities should anything ever happen to him, I would become ‘the Man of the House’. For this reason, I needed to be treated differently from My Brother and Sister; I had to be tough, and I had to ‘grow up’ a little faster than My Brother and Sister.

One year, My Mum’s Mum died just a week before Christmas. My Mum’s family immigrated from Scotland, so My Mum needed to make a last minute trip ‘home’ to Show her respects and attend the funeral, leaving My father in charge of the three of Us. It is one Christmas I Will never forget.

On Christmas eve, We were playing a game of Trivial Pursuit. If One hasn’t heard of it, it’s a very hard game – like Jeopardy, sort of. But there is a ‘Junior’ Edition which is designed for [very smart] children 8 and up. I am thing King I Will have been eleven at the time, My Sister nine, and My Brother would only have been five but was partnered with My dad. If I Wished to Play, I had to accept that I had an unfair advantage and would Play the Genus Edition instead. Basically, it was Me playing the Genus Edition, against My father playing two pieces of the Junior Edition. I was smart, but not that smart! It’s amazing I won any pieces of pie at all, yet I did – I am thing King I had two when I finally got so frustrated, I said I didn’t Wish to Play anymore because it was too hard for Me.

Well, apparently that’s not a Good example to set for My Brother and Sister, and I should be happy to see them win. Of course it had nothing to do with winning or losing, it was taking forever even with My dad playing the Junior Edition for My Brother and Sister, and I was just bored of Playing and frustrated with how difficult it was. The chances of Me getting a question right were very slim, the chances of Me getting a question right when it’s actually worth a piece of pie, virtually pointless.

At any rate, that disqualified Me from Christmas dinner and I was sent to My room without anything to eat. I could hear the celebration from My bedroom, and My father instructing My Brother and Sister that their Brother had set a bad example and was being punished, and were forbidden from visiting My room. As cruel as it might sound, it is also one of My most cherished memories because My Brother (five years old) snuck up to My room to Give Me an apple and told Me he thought My father was being unfair, and that nobody should go hungry on Christmas. I Will never forget his kindness, and the symbolism of the apple and My Brother’s innocence is not lost on Me. There’s a part of Me that can never stop seeing My Brother in this light. My Sister on the other Hand, was in her Glory – she Loved it when My father was mean to Me and would do everything she could to get Me in trouble with him for exactly that reason. But that’s just the beginning of the worst Christmas of My Life.

When We all awakened the next morning, You might guess what My father had done? He had taken all the Gifts My parents had purchased for Me and divided them between My Brother and Sister. And if I didn’t Wish to spend all of Christmas day in My room again with nothing to eat, I was going to look happy about it! So I did. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Good enough.

My Mum called to Wish every One a wonderful Christmas and was as King to speak with each of her children. My father told My Mum I’d been misbehaving and wasn’t available, My Mum wasn’t taking no for an answer and insisted on speaking with Me. I did My best to sound as jovial as I possibly could, but of course My Mum was as King what ‘Santa’ had brought Me for Christmas.

“Nothing, I’m not a child anymore, I’m too old for Santa.”

“What are You tall King about, what did Santa Give You for Christmas?! Tell Me!!!”

“Nothing, Mum. I told You, I must be too old for Santa now.” (That’s what My father had told My Brother and Sister when they were as King.)

“Put Your father on the phone right now!!!”

And You might guess who got blamed for My Mum finding out. I spent the rest of the time My Mum was in Scotland at a Friend of My Mum’s.

Now You know why My Brother and Sister believe I have no reason to Honour My father and probably wonder why I would ever Wish to. Because he made Me tough, he made Me the Man I am today, and I am proud of the Man I have become.

I’m longer than I Wished to be, but I Will continue this Story tomorrow because there is still plenty I Wish to say regarding the last Letter I Writ to My father and the motivation behind My Brother and Sister keeping it from Me. I always Wish to believe the very best in every One, that any ‘immoral’ act is not intentional but negligent. I Will always remember My Brother as the One who brought Me an apple when no One else cared. I Will always believe in My Heart that is who My Brother really is. But he hasn’t been that Brother for a long time and My desire to see him that Way has seriously clouded My Vision. But the smoke is cleared, I see My Brother and Sister for what they have become, rather than their potential.

Love and Blessings,

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