Volume CCIX: The Super Natural Son Day Edition; My Father, He Art in Heaven, Part II

Hello every One and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Super Natural ‘Son’ Day Edition, thank King You for joining Me, Your Royal Highness is always welcome. The reason ‘sun’ and ‘son’ sound the same is because the Macrocosm reflects the Microcosm in all things. The sun in the sky is the son of the Universe, Giving Life to everything on earth. The Spirit of God, the breath of Life, is the Son of Man. Christ represents ‘the Truth, the Life, and the Way’, and is said to be the Son of God who brings Light to the world. Light and Life are synonymous with one another, so the Idea of the Son of God being associated with the Sun in the sky is also subconsciously letting Us know that the Spiritual darkness Will end, the Golden Dawn Will come – as sure as the morning Sun.

Today also feels like an appropriate ‘Son’ day because I Will be wrapping up a Post related to Honouring My father, My father’s Estate, and the last Letter I Writ My father tall King about the importance of a Man’s Word, and Honouring his Promise to let Me build a home on his land, grow My own food, raise My own animals, and to help him put his own House in Order.

Knowledge of this letter was kept from Me by My Brother for over seven months! I only learned about it because My Sister had commit perjury in an affidavit defaming My Character in her first application, and I was trying to persuade My Brother to get My Sister to withdraw her application before I object so her crimes don’t become known to the Court. I advised him that if he is supporting her application, he Will be presumed to be supporting her defamation of My Character and fraudulent testimony, too. I was also as King of My Brother to consider whether a Court justice is likely to expect Me to Trust a Sister who goes out of her Way to defame My Character on a Court of Record. Does that sound like a ‘Trust-worthy’ individual who is protecting My best interests?

My Brother didn’t concede his position but he did get very angry. I told My Brother I have a Sincere and genuine desire to Honour My father, something neither My Brother or Sister care about. My Brother said to Me (something like),

“Really, Sean? You know I have the last letter You wrote him? You say Your Words Manifest, right? You told him if he doesn’t change his Ways he’ll die alone in his home with his dogs. That’s exactly how he died, are You happy? That’s what You were Manifesting for him, right?”

I can’t remember what I said in response to all of that and I didn’t know exactly what I’d Writ, but it sounded like something I might say. I had no reason not to believe him because I most certainly remember thing King those thoughts if I didn’t Write them. At the same time, it did weight heavy on My Heart because those were not the last Words I would Wish to have My father remember Me by. I knew I’d Writ the Letter with Good intention and was disappointed to be thing King I’d been so harsh. But that’s not what I said in My Letter, My Brother lied to Me and tried to make Me feel responsible for how My father died! Take a look.

I said that pride might kill My father if he is too proud to be as King for help. My Brother also failed to mention that My father had edited the document. That effectively makes this My father’s last Will and testimony!!! Am I to presume My Brother doesn’t know this when he produces a hand Writ Letter from a stripper named Tiffany, claiming it is a legal Will!?

I could not understand for the Life of Me why My Brother did not Wish to challenge this ridiculous claim Tiffany was bringing forward, but now it all makes perfect sense. The Will Tiffany was claiming to be real said that the Estate should be divided between My Brother and Tiffany. My Brother had agreed to split his share evenly with Me and My Sister, so My Sister was happy to agree, too. Anything was better than what I had first told My Brother when I learnt that My father had died and that there allegedly was no Will – I told My Brother that ‘dad’ had Promised Me that if he doesn’t leave a Will, the land is mine to build a home, grow My own food, and raise My own animals. My father Honoured his Word by Way of this Letter. My Brother knew it, so he kept it from Me.

In fact, My Brother didn’t just Keep it from Me, he tried to convince Me that dad had made a lot of Promises to a lot of People that he didn’t keep. And that’s the real reason My Brother did everything he did. Because the first big Promise My father actually kept was to Me – the One My Brother and Sister presumed he disliked the most. They don’t Wish to build a house, grow food, or raise animals on My father’s land – but that’s what My father wanted. He already had a chicken coop for Me, I just needed to clean it out and find a Way to keep the coyote’s out. My Brother and Sister knew I didn’t want them to sell the house because it would be perfect for Me for exactly these reasons.

My last trip to see My dad is something I did Write about here and mentioned several times that it is one of the best memories of My entire Life because for two weeks I felt like I knew who My father really was. It was like everything else I had ever known about My dad was some Act he put on to make Me tough, to test Me. He even told Me these things!!! Then, after two weeks, he went right back to being the father I once knew, the actor, testing Me. I passed My father’s test and My Brother is both hurt and pissed because all the Promises My father had made him about leaving him and Tiffany in a Will was a lie – and that was something My father had been tall King with Me about, too.

See, Our House had a foreign invader, the Bilcke’s. I was going to Call it the house of Bilcke but it doesn’t deserve that Honour. I am tall King about My step-father, and My father was as King of Me what he was like and what thought of him. I was Honest, and I am the only One in My family who didn’t like him. I saw right through him. Materialistic, shallow, cunning, intelligent, and a Master manipulator, the ultimate narcissist. Everything he does, is for image. He loves no One but him Self and he holds social status in the highest regard – it was the only reason a Man like this gets married and pretends to love the children and Lady he’s committing his Life to. Marriage is Good for image as a professional, especially if One appears to be a loving and generous father. Seriously committed method actor, I Will Give him that much, but he knew I could see right through him.

I told My father not to worry about it, he told Me he’s not worried about it but he can see how it’s infiltrated the family. He told Me that he’s tried to reconnect with My Brother, and that My Sister Wishes to have nothing to do with him. I told him not to worry about that, she Wishes to have nothing to do with Me, either. He laughed. Then he said, (something like)

“You were always the One I was counting on, I told all My Friends that of all My children, it Will be Sean who comes and offers to help Me. You know I said that to My Friends just the night before You arrived? Can You believe that?”

“Yes, dad, I can. You were as King for Me. The German’s Winning the World Cup was the night I arrived was the Universe celebrating Our reunion.”

Above all, My father specifically told Me not to worry about anything I might hear about a Will until I see one, “nothing is set in stone, Sean. If there’s no Will, You know this is all for You.”.

I guess I’ll have to do a Part III to this series because please Keep in Mind that I only just learnt the [exact] contents of this letter. The ‘Will’ My father was tall King about Promising half the Estate to My Brother and a thirty-something-year-old stripper named Tiffany was never real!!! It was a joke! I have always known there was no Will, it’s not My father’s Way.

My father told Me there was no Will, he was just stringing Tiffany along (he wasn’t stupid, he just had a weakness for women) and knew Michael would be angry if he wasn’t included. Basically, My dad told everyone Tiffany was in his Will so the lie would be consistent. My father never had a Will, never even started the process of Writing one. That’s why it was important for Me to know that if there wasn’t a Will, it goes to Me.

The other reason I didn’t mention any of this to My Brother is because there was a part of Me that couldn’t know 100% for sure that My dad was telling Me the Truth when he said all of that. If I say all of this and a Will does turn up, then I’m the One who got duped. So I was just kind of patiently waiting to see what did turn up and the more People looked into it, the less likely it looked that My father had ever even started one.

I did make sure to let My Brother know right away what My father had Promised Me, though. My Brother was the One to tell Me that it was he and Tiffany in the Will, I was the One as King to see it.

In Part III I’ll be tall King about the edits My father made to the Letter because those Words were obviously intended for Me. When My Brother first told Me about the letter almost two years ago, he didn’t mention that My father had edited the document. The parts of the Letter My father has underlined and placed asterisks beside are messages for Me. Tomorrow I Will be sharing My Interpret-a-Sean.

Otherwise, this is very big Good News in My Microcosm because it pretty much puts an end to My Sister’s application. Noah’s Ark just got hit with a tidal (Title) wave. It also means that My Brother and Sister effectively owe Me a Homestead for their negligence, and I’ll be tall King more about that tomorrow, too.

It’s also been a roller coaster of a week for Me because I can’t even begin to articulate how much this letter means to Me. It might seem like such a small thing to some People but if they knew My father… They would know exactly how meaningful something like this is.

Oh, I also have another detail that I’ve been keeping from the world because I didn’t Wish for My Brother or Sister to be offended. My father’s best Friend reached out to Me and told Me he believes My father Wished for Me to inherit his property if there’s no Will (though he doesn’t Wish to get involved, he just said My father mentioned that if he doesn’t leave a Will (My father believed) it goes to Me by default). My father was also as King of his best Friend to store all of My father’s most precious personal items, artwork and sculptures for Me whenever I get around to meeting with him to pick them up. I told him I Will wait until I get the rest of the Estate is dealt with. Apparently there is a collection of My father’s paintings, sculptures, and other precious family artifacts that he specifically Wished to make sure I receive because he thinks (My father) that I’m the only One who Will appreciate them. He’s absolutely right.

Love and Blessings,

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