Volume CCX: The Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; My Father, He Art in Heaven, Part III

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition where I am helping My fellow Master Magicians to fully tap into the Power of the Spells One is Casting with One’s Word. Not only is this House von Dehn, Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean, it is also the Temple of Equated Forces where each of Us are Secretly Hero’s of Our own Story war King tirelessly to accomplish Our Quest. Here, We have already accepted Our Destiny, chosen to be the Hero of Our own Story. We have decided that Luck is like Destiny, We make Our Luck by the Virtue of Our Deeds.

I still can’t help but wonder what other People might be thing King when they get the Magic of this Mage’s Sacred Calling correct. Not only is the Magic of it properly Spelled, but the Style is proper, Common English also. You Will Notice every other part of the address is in ALL CAPS – I Spelled it properly on the address form! Everything is legal, and everything in ALL CAPS is Commercial Admiralty. ‘King Sean, House von Dehn’ is above all of that, ‘walking on water’. The metaphors are real, People – remember, this whole commercial world was set up by the world’s most Masterful Magicians.

Almost all My mail comes to Me this Way now, or ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’ in place of ‘King Sean, House von Dehn’. I’m sharing it specifically because it’s the first international package I’ve received and it’s the first time the rest of My address has been converted to ALL CAPS. Technically, legally, I am a foreign nation to Canada, that’s why My thumbprint is adequate postage (Post-Age) because every Sovereign nation requires a ‘stamp’ to uniquely identify their nation. Because all commercial systems are trading in debt, the thumbprint authorizes all costs necessary to deliver because My need for the service has real value. [Just to help conceptualize this Idea, consider that the thumbprint makes the document entirely unique, like a piece of Art. A piece of Art has real Value, it is not a debt, it is not a promise to pay anything, it is a ‘His Story’ Call (name) Art I Fact; Artifact. Even if it were only worth a fraction of an ounce of silver or gold, it is worth more than any amount of debt. So, for the sake of equity and convenience, the Value of the stamp (thumbprint) is equal to the value of the cost to deliver the artifact.] I’m also sharing because it was sent from England by Way of Royal Mail, and I have previously told My readers that ‘Canada Post’ is Royal Mail! It is the exact same company, different franchise. The corporation of Canada was Given Royal permission to use Royal Mail to develop Canada’s mail system and eventually change the name to ‘Canada Post’. Her Majesty owns Canada’s mail system as well as Canada’s currency, it is not Called ‘Royal Mail’ for no reason.

This is the Real Magic I Wish to be tall King about today which is still the Lucky of My Wednesday despite the Gift having been Presented and received for the first time last Thursday.

The Title of today’s Post and this series is specifically related to the Letter it Self which is My most recent and My most Treasured Art I Fact. I am always tall King about the Power of Our Word, how important it is to Honour Our Word, and how these Principles in Life were taught to Me by a very strict father (at least for Me). To the best of My knowledge, this Letter is on its Way to Me now. The Letter was found by My Brother and kept from Me for God only knows what reason.

The reason I’m continuing this Story on Lucky Wednesday is because it really is the final nail in the coffin for any One else Wishing to Act as Executor of My father’s Will for a virtually countless number of reasons. Obviously, the Letter should never have been withheld from Me first and foremost, so there is some serious explaining to do in that regard right off the start. But there are a number of other reasons why this Letter is so important, aside from just the personal sentimental Value for Me in My Microcosm that was so deeply meaningful and emotional for Me (I didn’t even Write about it the day I received it because I needed some time to digest).

I can put every single sentence of this Letter into context, and I know exactly what he was as King of Me and what he is trying to say. It might seem to My Brother and Sister as though it is meaningless because the Letter was Writ by Me, but My father has altered the document, he is responding to Me.

The most damning thing about the Letter for My Brother and Sister, is that I was not silent about having an obligation to Honour My father – not only because of My Spiritual beliefs and the Ten Commandments, but also because I specifically Promised My father I would take care of things for him if he died without a Will. My Brother seemed to make out as though I was just making it up, ‘pretending’ that I care about Honouring My father because I wanted his Land. I’m not going to lie, I did want his land. I was even hoping he hadn’t left a Will because he’d Promised Me if he didn’t leave one, it falls to Me. My Brother was trying to suggest My father had never said that, or that if he did, it didn’t mean anything.

This Letter was Written a long time ago now – several years before My father died. My father was a very proud Man, too proud. Too proud to be as King Me for help when he needed it most. Too proud to even let Me in his home, and that’s where he really needed the help. I helped him clean up his yard and around his home, but he insisted on not letting Me inside until he’d had a chance to clean up ‘just a little’. But it was never getting done, and too ashamed to let anyone in to help him.

One of the most frustrating things for Me through all of this was that it didn’t seem like My Brother or Sister Truly believed that I had for Given My father. This Letter clearly shows that I did, and that I made a very real and genuine effort to help him in his time of need. My father was a smart Man, he did not emphatically underline the Words ‘the death of You‘ in relation to being too proud to be as King for help before he died. And although the next Words emphatically underlined are, ‘a cheat and a liar‘, I am thing King he probably does not Wish to remembered that Way. I have a Duty to Act on My father’s behalf in a Way that Will reflect most favourably upon My father and the reputation of Our House.

So I guess the real ‘Lucky’ of My Wednesday is that this is one more example of My Words Manifesting. I knew I had made these Promises to My father but I didn’t expect that there would be physical proof of these Promises still in existence. My father would not have kept the Letter or edited the contents of it, if it wasn’t important to him.

The most unfortunate aspect of all of this is that if My Brother and Sister had taken Me a little more seriously from the beginning, I could have explained to them that My father Loves My Brother and Sister every bit as much, all he ever Wished to know is if I believed each of them to be happy and fulfilled. My father was genuinely concerned with their happiness and nothing else. He didn’t care how they felt about him, he just wanted to know they were content with the Life path they’d chosen. My father also genuinely Wished to have some One inherit his Land and knew My Brother and Sister would not be interested in fixing up My father’s House and making it beautiful. We bonded on similar values that resonated with My father’s Vision for House von Dehn.

The other beautiful thing about this development is that I feel like I have some kind of closure in My Microcosm or something. The Letter effectively also has a minimum commercial Value of $20,000.00 because that was the amount I was compelled to demand to have the Letter returned to Me. In Order for the document to retain it’s Value, the $20,000 is converted to equitable real Value in gold or silver, and the document is added to ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’ Trust ledger as a Valuable family artifact relative to its weight in gold (or any other precious metal), along with a copy of the documents (Notice of Claim) that gave rise to the consensual Value of the Artifact.

I’ll have at least One more Post to add to this series to explain how all of this relates to the Rule of Law, Canada’s Estates Act and Trustee Act, and why I am feeling a sense of closure in My Microcosm even though I’m still effectively waiting for the climax. My opponents have tried to deceive both Me and the Court for about as long as I am thing King they can, so now I am quite happy to wait while the Law Society conducts their investigation.

I’ve also got some private business I am war King on this week so probably no Post tomorrow and that’s why no Tell a Vision Tuesday yesterday. I’m busy till Friday but Will be back for some Free Lance Writing then!

Love and Blessings,

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