Volume CCX: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; My Father, He Art in Heaven, Part IV

Hello every One and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Royal Highness is always welcome. While there is considerable chaos in Man’s Macrocosm, it does provide Us with an opportunity to see the world with Real Eyes for the first time. Generally, criminals always do the craziest things when they know they’ve been made, but are still hoping not to get caught – like revisiting a crime scene to hide evidence, for example. In Our Macrocosm, governments all over the world have commit so many crimes, they really have nothing left to lose and are now going for broke – and it’s very likely that Will be literal, too (if it isn’t already).

Just as an ‘off the cuff’ example from Canada, apparently some new carbon tax starts today which Will further inflate gas prices for Canada’s People, though all members of parlor games (parliament, MP’s) Will also be getting an increase in salary. Isn’t that fabulous!? Consider that not a single member of Canada’s government in any capacity does anything to generate any actual wealth; they don’t produce any good, and any service they offer is paid for by Canada’s People, including their salary. Government is Canada’s greatest economic expense, and it has a negative return on investment as far as Canada’s economic track record is concerned since the conception of its economy.

People are waking up to the fake news and fear porn propaganda because collectively People are getting tired of being afraid, or being told to be afraid. I guess what I’m trying to say, is that as chaotic as it may all seem, I’m confident the gig is up for all the State Actors who’ve been taking advantage of their People, this really is the unveiling and biolabs in Ukraine and confirmation that the Hunter Biden laptop is real are just a couple of examples in Man’s Macrocosm that the fraud being exposed. This is all genuinely related to the fourth part of the series concerning this letter because the Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm in all things and this Letter is perfectly synchronized with Man’s Macrocosm. My Letter is like the Microcosmic version of the Macrocosm’s Biden laptop, if that makes any sense. But there is more Magic in the Universe, too.

Today is also April 1st and the fourth New Moon of the year! Even the calendar of Man’s Macrocosm is perfectly synchronized with the lunar calendar this year, and this just happens to be the first time I’ve ever paid serious attention to the lunar calendar.

The New Moon is also a Magical time that affects every One’s Microcosm. Today is the beginning of a new cycle which represents the beginning of new events in Man’s Microcosm. This Will be True for each of Us in Our Microcosm, the only reason We don’t Notice it is because We don’t pay any attention to it.

In My Microcosm I have been war King very hard to defend My father’s Honour in the wake of his death for the last two and a half years. Every single person who has had a Hand in My father’s Estate has commit some kind of serious crime. For two and a half years, I am thing King they believed they would never be held accountable. Now they are beginning to know they Will be held accountable, and have no Idea what to do.

Based on everything else I know, I am thing King My opponents Will try to tell Me that the Letter is meaningless, that it is not a Will. The only reason I haven’t mentioned it before now is because it would be a ridiculous claim, I only mention it now because they have since commit fraud by Giving Me Notice of an application for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee for My Sister that was never filed with the Court, so there is no telling what lengths People Will go to! But I did file a complaint with the Law Society of Ontario and Hala Tabl is currently under investigation, so I’m pretty sure the gig is up for People in My Microcosm. Will they attempt to avoid communicating with Me forever? So far, that appears to be the best strategy any One can come up with. So let Me clearly explain why this is not only a Will but a Trust instrument.

If it were only a Letter Writ by Me, it really wouldn’t qualify as a last Will and testament, though it would still qualify as a binding Trust instrument. Because My father has edited the document, it is effectively a reply to My Letter, and the fact that he kept it, is evidence of his intention (Will) for Me to find it after he dies. I am the only One who Will understand the Words in the Letter, other than People in the community (Friends and neighbours of My father) who Will be able to verify everything I do put into context. Today I’m decoding My father’s last message to Me.




Yeah, the Brown’s were My father’s next door neighbours, Jamie and Mickie. My father and I had an amazing week, one of the most memorable weeks of My Life. Then CNN reported a passenger plane was shot down and said that although they had no information yet and no One was claiming responsibility, ‘early U.S. Intelligence reports’ suspected Russia. My father commented on how evil Russia is and said he wouldn’t be surprised, I said CNN lies more than they tell the Truth, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t the U.S. with intent to blame Russia. We didn’t even have a disagreement about it, he just stopped tall King to Me altogether after telling Me I don’t know the Russians at all! Then he fed the rest of the food I’d made him for dinner to his dog, got up and left. I’ll put that story into context another time, for the purpose of this Post, that was the end of the honeymoon with My father, he was back to his old tricks (using that expression deliberately and You’ll see why soon). The ‘Brown’s told Me they had heard My father and I had a falling out and that ‘they know what My father can be like’. They offered Me work in exchange for room and board until My father came around, I accepted their offer.

There is much more to the whole Story. I stayed in Gravenhurst for probably close to eight months altogether and was very well known because I ended up managing the most popular coffee shop in a very small town. I also know My dad a lot better than My Sister and Brother do, at least in the later stage of his Life. The reason My dad wrote the Word ‘BROWN’S’ with an arrow pointing to the paragraph where I speak of learning a lot about My father, is because he told Me in that first wonderful week that the Brown’s were the only People on the lake I shouldn’t Trust. He specifically told Me not to be fooled by their kindness, he told Me it was all just an Act. To be clear, that was not My experience, the Brown’s were very Good to Me and I especially bonded with the Lady of the House, Mickie, who I am thing King was 86 years old or something.

The back Story covers the whole eight months I was staying in Gravenhurst and I Will tell the whole story as best as I can remember in a separate series. The real significance to My father Writing ‘BROWN’S’ is his belief that they had all kinds of terrible things to say about My father. They didn’t. Their concern for My father was genuine, My father was paranoid. He believed the only reason any One was in his Life was because they wanted something from him. Because he had nothing else of Value to take, he presumed every One was after his Estate. Just to Give You an Idea, when My father learnt I was war King for room and board at the Brown’s for the winter, he accused Mickie of stealing his son (like I’m a possession to be Given away or something)!

My dad’s letting Me know he does not appreciate the chosen proverb!!! There’s a back story to this too but the fact is My dad Love’s dogs. Aside from that One Friend, dogs are the only other thing My dad Trusts. He used the expression all the time, so throwing it back at him was… like an inside joke of sorts. Whatever, I acknowledge it’s inappropriate but considering it’s the worst thing in the Letter it’s really not that bad… The fact is, he cared enough to tell Me how he felt about it and he’s clearly trying to send Me a message – that’s the takeaway. Even something that doesn’t seem so Good can have a positive legal application.

My father doesn’t highlight anything else until ‘the death of You’. This suggest he knew he would be dead by the time I receive this Letter because he is too proud to be as King Me for the help he needs.

The next series of Words underlined are ‘a cheat and a liar’. It’s interesting because these are the two Principles My father stressed upon Me the most. At the same time, My father was okay with other People cheating, just not Me – only People who have no Honour cheat.

My Brother even mentioned that I should hate My father because he hit Me so hard once I couldn’t wear shorts to school and couldn’t walk properly for a couple of days. I told My Brother I’d broken the most Sacred rule, the Honour of My Word. That’s what that beating was about, and I’m glad for it.

Then My father puts asterisks beside these Words;

“Your Word. Show Me where I can build My home, grow My plants and raise My animals. Then, I Will believe You are a Man of Your Word.”


Now, if I had been there when the property on the Estate was being itemized and assessed, I would have been exactly where My father Will have Imagined Me to be at the time I receive his Letter. I would have been able to walk around the property and decide for My Self where I Will build My home, grow My plants, and raise My animals.

The other thing all People who knew My dad Will tell You, is that he believed that von Dehn is a Noble and Honourable House. My Duty to My father as the eldest son, regardless what My opinion of My father had been in Life, is to Honour My father in the wake of his death, to represent My father as favourably as possible.

The last line My father underlines concerns his reputation on the lake.

The question marks are because My father is probably dying to know what his reputation on the lake has to say about him. It doesn’t Matter so much now. It was very Good at the time I was first reunited with My father, and that was the reputation My father was proud of, and how he Wished for Me to remember him.

“I Sincerely hope that I can help to make Your home beautiful, too.”

That is the line that makes the Letter a Trust instrument. If My father’s home was not in a beautiful state at the time of his death, this is a promise to help My father make his home beautiful that he Will no longer be able to refuse to accept. I had a ‘Trust’ obligation to make My father’s home beautiful again so that it would not be remembered for the state it was in when it was found.

Alright, I Will do a little mini-series tall King about that chapter of My Life in a little more detail. There is so much more to this story and I feel that telling the Story Honours My father… And this is how he still Arts in Heaven.

Love and Blessings,

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