Volume CCX: The Super Natural Sun Day Edition; A Kingdom of Heaven Present a Sean

Hello every One and welcome to the Super Natural Sun Day Review of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. Today’s Post Will be a little different from My usual fare, as I Will be tall King a little more about The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean, which is [officially] the name of an Express Trust Organization Created this year to celebrate the fifth anniversary of My Cestui Que Vie [Trust] in God. I’m not really sure how that all sounds to People, if it sounds complicated or confusing, so today I’m going to be tall King a little more about what that is, why it’s important, and how it Will shape My Life moving for-Ward.

Today’s feature photo may seem a little off topic but it could not be more on point with ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’ Trust I have Created. It is a Trust Declaration that was Writ with intent to expand and further define My Cestui Que Vie Trust in God. The Idea of both, is that My Life force Energy is the True wealth of the Trust, and it was God’s Intent-Sean that My Life should be of Benefit to Man’s kind. Today’s photo is just one of many examples from My Microcosm taken from one of My Life’s True passions. I Love plants. The untapped potential of a seed and what it is capable of is a personal fascination for Me that Will never die. I especially like growing plants from seed for that reason, and because I am responsible for every stage of care.

This is succulent cutting I recently received to add to My collection. This particular cutting came from England. It was roughly eight inches long and arrived with one end wrapped in a small ball of earth inside a plastic bag. The root ball might have been as big as a quarter. I cut it into eight pieces and now have eight Senecio Rowleyanus started, more commonly known as ‘String of Pearls’. It’s a prolific, succulent vine that Will do very well in a hanging basket, and My first [real] succulent vine.

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean, right? Trust Me, I’m getting there (and puns always intended). Before I do, let Me Show You My current plant collection.

Yeah, the last photo shows some personal favourites I’m coaching along. People can say what they Wish about the Power of Our thoughts and intent-Ion, but I know from personal experience that plants I pay more attention to Will grow faster. So I’m encouraging My favourites by keeping them close. If One looks at all the photos and has a very keen eye, they may notice there are a couple of plants (Coffea Arabica and a ‘Crispy Leaf Fern’ (Latin name unknown, I’ll get there) not doing so well, though they are in fact thriving. Usually if the plant is wrapped in both paper and plastic for the trip home they manage fine, coffee and crispy did not fare so well on their trip home, it was some ridiculous cold outside. The coffee plant’s leaves turned entirely black, only the trunk was still green, and the fern had all of it’s outside leaves die which left almost nothing. There are six new leaves coming up in the fern, and all the coffee plants survived and have new leaves emerging. So even the worst of My plants are doing well and this is only the very beginning of the sunshine. I Wish to show You one more before I tie this all into The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean.

Musa… not sure what kind.

This is a banana tree, ‘Musa’ something or other. This plant I bought last spring for $2.50 as a 4″ tropical. It was half price because every leaf was seriously damaged – torn, yellow and brown. I stripped off every imperfect leaf when I got it home. Every leaf You see now, was grown in My care. They are selling this very same plant at My grocery store. The 4″ is now selling for $14, the larger version (which are slightly smaller and nowhere near as healthy as this fine specimen), 8″ pot are selling for $25! See where I am going with this?

If I ‘own’ the plant (kings and queens don’t actually own anything, they are stewards holding land for God), then I have increased the Value of this Estate asset tenfold in a single year! Now, Imagine if One were to do this with everything.

The point is, I didn’t repot this plant because I Wish to increase My profits and sell it for $25 – I have no interest in selling it at all! However, when I transplanted this beauty, I was also Gifted with some off-springs.

This is the first time I’ve had a banana plant and of four little mini banana plants coming up at mum’s base, only came off with any roots. One got hopelessly crushed during the operation, two are in critical but stable condition while We wait to see if they Will root. The one in the top, far right of this photo had a healthy looking root attached and appears to be doing just fine. It also looks almost exactly like mum did a year ago after I stripped off all her dead and damaged leaves.

Now, I can probably handle two banana plants, but I most certainly don’t need more than that and I like variety, so I’d sooner grow something else. If all the offsets had Good roots and survived (two more still might) what would I do with the extra banana plants? I don’t ever Wish to throw them out because I recognize their value and know some One Will want them.

So I come up with Ideas for Giving things away because I know I’m always going to produce more than I need for My Self. Plants are only a very simple example but it applies to everything. It is also related to My Estate Matter and Trusts because that’s what The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean Trust is – an umbrella Trust for everything else I may Wish to do as a Trusted represented of God’s Kingdom.

I had an Idea a couple years ago before things got so crazy with the plandemic to Gift succulents to sick kids in hospitals as a Sign of inspire-a-Sean. I even had a slogan I Wished to paint or have styled onto the ceramic pots that would come with a tiny succulent started from a seed or cutting that says, ‘I’m rooting for You!’. The Idea is to teach children how resilient nature is by the example of the cutting taking root and making a whole new plant.

I suggested the name of My not for profit venture should be ‘Sickness Succs’, a bit of Word Play on succulents to sync with My Style. But it’s not even because I have some crazy desire to do this as My Life’s Purpose, it’s just something much better than throwing out the crazy amount of plants I Will produce just because of My fascination with plants. I repotted all My plants for spring which is something I Will do every year. I wasn’t trying to harvest plants for an entrepreneurial venture, it’s just part of taking care of plants! But this is what was produced by the carnage…

Everything in that box has a root starting on it somewhere and although it might just look like a mess, there are well over fifty healthy cuttings in that box guaranteed to produce a new plant. They’re over a week old, too and no damage whatsoever (succulents, baby). There are only five varieties but I also lost almost all of the succulents I started over the winter of My last apartment because it was too hot and too dark, so I only moved My main plants.

What I have pictured above is not enough to start up a thriving business or anything because it’s a very limited supply, and I have no desire in starting a business that would require Me to grow enough plants to have a consistent supply and be profitable.

What I Wish to emphasize is that if We presume My collection Will continue to gradually grow, every year I Will have more excess than the year before. Now consider if I were growing My own fruit and vegetables, raising My own animals, that sort of thing. Every year I would have excess from My crops to distribute among the community. Now Imagine that every One were doing the same thing with whatever it is they are passionate about?

I don’t actually know what I’m going to do with My box of cuttings because I have plenty of each of the varieties in the box for My Self already. I don’t even know any One in My microcosm that would Wish to take them from Me for free, and I really do not Wish to throw them out, so I may very well sell them. Whatever I do, I’m keeping receipts and taking inventory, ‘Sickness Succs’ is a not for profit organization whether it’s registered or not, and it (and any other entrepreneurial venture) is a Creation of the Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean. This also makes ‘Sickness Succs’ a Trust asset (even if it only the Idea as I have explained it to You here).

It may take several years before I have a substantial enough surplus supply to make sending succulents out to sick kids significant in any Way but for Me it’s not about an entrepreneurial Idea so much as it is about the intention and establishing a family tradition. Consider that every year I were teaching My children to tend plants, how to prune them back, and showing how cuttings can be used to propagate more plants. Would it not just be a cool family tradition to take those extra cuttings, transplant them into tiny little pots and Give them to some One who might appreciate them? It only sounds like a ridiculous Idea when One starts thing King about how to make a million dollars doing it. That was neve the point.

The point of this Post, however, is that these are the kind of Ideas I am thing King about and why I Created The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean Trust. One of the Trust assets are the ‘Life and Works’ of Sean von Dehn and even the Idea ‘Sickness Succs’ has Value once it is expressed. Everything I do Will also always be protected by My original Trust in God because everything else I do is a Trust asset designed to Benefit Man’s kind. (And obviously that includes other things like ‘www.vondehnvisuals.com’ and ‘The Good News Journal’, so placing them all under One umbrella Trust is the easiest Way to secure My interests.

Love and Blessings,

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