Volume CCXI: The Super Natural Son Day Review; Elephant Foot Firmly Planted

Hello every One and welcome to the Super Natural Son Day Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. Has it really been a week already!!! It is hard for Me to believe but it’s True, so I Will be tall King about what’s been distracting Me in My Microcosm and how it relates to My Plans moving for-Ward in Man’s Macrocosm.

Today’s feature photo is a clue to what’s been keeping Me busy as well as a thematic Play on Words related to My totem animal, the Elephant (and now You know why it is used in My Logo/Flag). I was once Called ‘the Spirit of the Elephant’ by a Spiritual Friend and told the Spirit of the Elephant represents ‘Peace, Love, Truth, and Strength’ (which is also expressed on My Logo above each of the four Elephants starting from the upper left and war King clock-wise in Japanese characters).

Elephant Foot (Dioscorea Elephantipe)

At $10 for 5 seeds from a seller on Etsy, it is the most I have ever paid for any seed (usually it’s at least 10 to 25 seeds for roughly the same price). They looked a little like maple keys with the propeller part broken off. Instructions said germination takes 30-90 days, the first three shoots appeared on day seven! This is today at day ten.

This is one of those Universal, kismet, no coincidence sort of things. I was searching for rare succulents and was drawn by the photo before I learnt the name which it was Given because it produces a caudal instead of a trunk that resembles an elephant’s foot.

The elephant’s foot is firmly planted at the same time the Spirit of the Elephant puts his foot down with respect to family Estate Matters. Trust Me, it might seem like nothing but this is how the Universe speaks to Me. Seven days to germinate seeds that should take 30-90 days? Even more remarkable, I also ordered ‘wisdom tree’ seeds which are in fact Ficus Religiosa ($10 for 100 seeds, for example, same seller). Another plant I was randomly drawn to because it looked like it would be cool for bonsai purposes and is known by its common name, ‘the Bodhi Tree’ which is alleged to be the same type of tree under which the Buddha attained enlightenment. For these seeds, the seller messaged Me in addition to the included instructions to let Me know they take about ninety days to germinate and not to lose hope or patience. Four of twelve came up yesterday, day nine.

I do have a Special Gift when it comes to caring for plants. I can buy discount plants that look hopelessly damaged (I most often do not do this nor do I recommend, but I Will if it’s something I like and haven’t seen before or if it’s on My list of plants I ‘must’ add to My collection) because I usually can bring back any plant and it’s always worth it if I can.

So I’ve been busy war King with plants almost the whole week and I was also busy helping a Friend with a private Matter in My Microcosm. But that’s not the reason I haven’t been Writing this week – I quit war King out on March 1st, too.

Crazy but True and as determined as I was to not let anything interfere with My new war King out routine this year, I stretched after a set and… Pulled a nerve?! I’m pretty sure that’s what I did. That, or the nerve got jammed between some cartilage or something after the stretch. It’s the main nerve that runs down the arm and connects to the spine, so although the injury was in My shoulder (sort of feels like it’s in My chest, too), I’ve had ‘pins and needles’ in My middle and pointer finger of My right hand ever since, and the pain is un-freaking-believable!!!

It is getting better but it was a serious injury. It actually doesn’t seem to affect My ability to work out and I did continue war King out for a full week with the injury but the injury wasn’t getting better. So I’m trying to wait until I’m fully healed but the pain keeps changing. It feels like the nerve heals part of where it was damaged but also tightens the nerve while it’s healing – right now My entire right arm feels as though it’s in a very uncomfortable stretch, but there is nothing I can do to relieve the ache. It feels a lot like growing pains did as a child, except ten times the magnitude. This week it has been almost impossible just to sit at the computer with My arm in front of Me, never Mind Write a Post. I had My first real sleep in over a month last weekend (last Friday, Saturday and Sunday I was miraculously healed for the first time, it came back with a vengeance on Monday).

But the Truth is, I also haven’t felt much like Writing and I never force My Self if I don’t have anything of Value to say. The week has been quiet, I have still not heard any Word regarding the Law Society’s investigation into My Sister’s lawyer, and I received the last Letter I Writ My father from My Brother and removed the Notice from the Public Record.

As it stands now, last Word I received was a Notice of an application for Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee that turned out to be a fraud – no application was filed with the Court at the time I was served Notice. So I’m really just waiting to hear back from the Law Society and see how things Play out.

However, I have also put My foot down. My father literally promised Me his land after he died to do with as I Wish and I made that very clear to My Brother and Sister. The one thing My father did not Wish to see happen, was for his mortgage to go into default and for his property to be sold under power of sale. Allowing that to happen does not benefit anyone (except the banks and the lawyers). So I finally was as King of My Brother and Sister who was ‘officially’ in charge at the time I was being told not to worry about anything while the Estate was going into default without My knowledge.

Of course, they didn’t reply so I followed up yesterday to remind them a reply is required because one of them is liable and if neither One takes accountability, I Will presume both are equally accountable because We know it wasn’t Me… Well, wouldn’t You know, a few hours later My Sister calls Me! (This means that hell may actually freeze over and pigs may soon fly – in fact, I hear they have hovering police drones in some cities now!).

She starts the conversation with ‘Hi!’, all cheery and casual, nothing else. I wait for a moment. Nothing. I return the greeting and wait. ‘So, how are You?’.

Really?! “I’m fine, what?”.

“Sean, if You wanted the House to Live in, why didn’t You just tell us that from the beginning?”

Yeah, I’m not kidding You. I’m not even going to get into how ridiculous the rest of the conversation was but I’m pretty sure My Sister is responsible for the Estate going into default because the first claim she tried to make was that it is My fault the Estate went into default because I didn’t tell her I wanted to Live there! I told her it was one of the very first things I said to My Brother because I happened to be in need of a place at the time!

More importantly, it is irrelevant. Narcissists use irrelevant arguments. Doesn’t Matter what it was We were going to do with the property, the fact of the Matter is that to do anything with the property, the accounts have to be in Good standing. Whether I Wish to Live there or whether We sell the House is irrelevant because in either case, We Wish to be the Ones to sell the House at a time of Our choosing, not by default under power of sale!

Only the guilty party Will have an interest in transferring the blame, and I’ve heard nothing from My Brother. I believe he is innocent but I’ll admit I’m biased. But I am thing King My Brother got on the phone and told My Sister to tell Me she was handling things when the Estate went into default, and the best she could do was try to blame Me.

That’s about all I can manage for Writing today, though I do have lots to be tall King with You about including many (not for profit) entrepreneurial ventures. What I Wished to say is that although My injury is very uncomfortable, it has actually encouraged Me to spend more time beautifying My personal space and sanctuary, and is discouraging Me from Writing. Sometimes the Universe is as King of Us to take a break but We are too stubborn or committed to Our own Ideas to listen. So although I do have lots more to share with You soon, I Will be listening to My body and Writing more when the pain subdues some.

Love and Blessings,

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