Volume CCXIII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday; Fire Magic and the Prince of Peppers

Hello every One and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. My Writing has been rather sporadic and inconsistent lately because I’m nursing a fitness injury (damaged nerve), though I have been very busy with other projects in My Microcosm that I Will be tall King about today. I also believe the Ideas I’m war King on now Will continue to add Value to this Blog in the future, so I am excited to share them with You and that’s really the Luckiest part of this Wednesday for Me.

Dioscorea Elephantipe (Elephant’s Foot)

Today’s feature photo is of My newly appointed national plant for House von Dehn, Dioscorea Elephantipe, more commonly known as Elephant Foot. I am five for five on germination and as sad as it was to wake up and see My personal favourite laying on its side this morning, it is only because that’s exactly where the sun is coming from. Typically plants ‘wilt off’ if they are overwatered and it basically means the roots rotted out (game over for seedling). This little dude is perfectly fine, just a bit of a Sun war shipper. It’s tiny stem looks so frail and fragile but it is strong as wire. Soon the sun Will go down, the desk lamp Will be on, and this little dude Will stand up to reach My desk light. Notice how the leaf is shaped exactly like the tail of the Elephant in My Logo? There are no coincidences in the Universe, only the Illusion of coincidence.

But that’s not what I Wish to be tall King with You about today. People are always as King of Me what I would do with My Life if the world was already at peace, what would My contribution to Man’s kind be? Well, pretty much anything and everything I’m passionate about would contribute something to Man’s kind, the problem is that not any one single thing is really enough to be profitable as an entrepreneurial venture. Let Me Give You a recent example.

See the Banana tree on the floor to the left there? Well, that was a plant I bought at the beginning of spring last year for $2.50 – half price because all the leaves were half brown and yellow. I tore all but three of them off when I got the plant home, and removed the three final imperfect leaves this spring. The exact same plant of this size is selling for $25.00, same store (different location, though). But there were some other goodies hiding under this lady’s fine foliage…

Kidnapped babies from Mama Musa

Yup, these little angels have now been alive for over a week and have just started to resume growing. So now My $2.50 investment is worth $35.00 retail, though ‘Mama Musa’ (yeah, I name some of My plants) already has three more babies growing that I Will wait to remove until next spring, so she is worth far more than $25 considering she Will likely continue to produce offspring so long as I keep her healthy. It is Good to remove them because they Will divert energy and nutrients from the Mother and slow her growth.

So I feel this is a Good example because it’s clear and obvious how profitable plants are as an investment – the profit margin is huge because the value of a producing mother plant is obvious. Imagine if One were to just Magically receive $5.00 every time a new plant is produced – it would be a no brainer, everyone would have plants in their house producing babies! But to produce enough plant babies to pay the mortgage or rent? That would be a lot of plants and not really very practical as a business plan lest one has a greenhouse or something. Just imagine how many banana plants I would have to be producing every month just to pay $1000.00 in rent (which isn’t enough and doesn’t pay the other bills). If You are not Good on math, the answer is 200 baby plants a month.

This is why I thought it would be Good to Give My extra plants away because what am I going to do with all these babies? Not enough extra to make a living, but way too many for Me to keep to My Self and I can’t throw a plant in the garbage!!! So I am going to turn My passion for plants into a (not for profit) business operation by starting up My own micro nursery!!!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, I Will be tall King a lot more in the coming weeks and months about My entrepreneurial ventures because I have mentioned that I’ve had several ideas I’ve just never got around to getting started mostly because they all require some capital, however minimal. The other component is space – I need a Good place to be war King from. I have those things now (well, the financing Will be coming very soon, lots of People owe Me big time! 😀 ). The other plant I’m especially passionate about, are peppers.

Peppers are going to be the ‘cash cow’ of the operation as well as the gate-Way for an entire line of new Product-Sean’s. How, You might be thing King? Well, it starts with a Good name, ‘The Prince of Peppers’ Will specialize in micro farming interesting and unusual peppers, Will also sell and produce pepper products like salsa, hot sauce, seeds and spices, and any revenue generated Will be reinvested in My other not for profit projects like ‘Sickness Succs’ where I Will Give away free bonsai-style succulents to sick kids to inspire hope and teach the wonder of natures ability to heal and renew.

I’m also going to be Creating very specific and detailed business plans for everything I do beginning with the Creation of a ‘House von Dehn Universal Product-Sean’s’ holding company that Will ‘hold’ ownership rights to all My entrepreneurial ventures, corporate titles, art exhibition, My Book, website, and other works Created by House von Dehn under My banner.

Perhaps the best part of it all is that I Will be continuing to share everything I do with You and I don’t believe it Will take Me more than five years to have enough inventory to be profitable, and I Will be doing all of it with very little investment cost, and fabulous return on investment.

I’m just getting started on this idea and don’t even have any sprouted peppers yet, though I do have Spicy Bolivian Rainbow Peppers planted as well as a few others. Mostly I’m excited about these ideas because they really are extensive and the more ideas I have, the more ideas I seem to come up with. I’m going to get to share this whole project with You from concept-Sean to real eyes, eh Sean!!!

Once again, this is only the very tip of the iceberg with respect to My Ideas for entrepreneurial ventures, I also plan to grow as much of My own food as possible in as small a space as possible, grow My own herbs and spices, My own fruits and vegetables, and even produce My own vodka for distillation and infusion, and My own wine made from peppers!!!

‘The Prince of Peppers’ Will be the name of My micro pepper farm, and ‘Fire Magic’ Will be the name of the culinary pepper creations it Creates. I Will also be sharing all of My recipes and techniques with all of My readers and that’s kind of what this Blog was designed for.

As far as My Microcosm is concerned, I did get a name and email address for the person assigned to review My complaint with the Law Society of Ontario and I followed up on My last email to My sister’s lawyer as King if they plan to file the application they served Me notice of, and if so when. I ‘cc’d the person assigned to My file with the Law Society so they can see first hand what is going on, along with a copy of the [fraudulent] email Notice of the Application for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee [not yet filed] by My Sister. I also advised them I require a response to My email and Notice when the application is filed with the Court registrar.

That was Monday (that I received a reply and contact person for the Law Society) and I still haven’t received Word from any One. I was expecting to hear something after that last email, but nothing yet – they must be really, really concerned! If I don’t hear something by Friday, I Will call the lady from the Law Society to find out what is going on. Only reason I’m not doing that right now is because I’m curious to see how long it takes them to contact Me, or if I Will be compelled to contact them first.

Stay tuned, I have LOTS of new ideas to be tall King about that Will be a whole lot more positive than the doom and gloom We see perpetuated by legacy media. To be honest, that’s the other reason I’ve been taking a hiatus. My plants make Me feel so at peace and so Zen, it is difficult to come back to the illusion and continue to suspend disbelief.

Love and Blessings!!!

Oh, and I thought You might appreciate My perfectly proportioned Magic Pyramid Planter that sprouted three morning glory seeds overnight! They usually take ten to fourteen days, so I am thing King the Pyramid is already war King some Magic for Me. I Will also be creating a line of Magic Pyramid Planter pots for except-Sean-all, Magical plant growth!

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