Volume CCXIII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; War King for My Father’s Honour

Hello every One and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Great Pleasure to have You in My House. I am excited to be Writing today because I have lots to be tall King with You about including an email exchange with Carmine Pignataro, a Peace offering from My Brother, updates on My new entrepreneurial ventures, and perhaps even some random reflections on some of the events taking place in Man’s Macrocosm (like Elon Musk Wishing to buy Twitter, for example).

Alright, let’s start with today’s feature photo which is going to be something of a new theme on My Blog if I don’t have other photos of importance to Post. It is also the beginning of a somewhat passive marketing campaign for My new entrepreneurial ventures sharing My passion for plants. Today’s beauty is another one of those gems that I’ve never seen in a store before which makes it rare to Me; this dark, sexy, seductive lady was coming home with Me for sure.

It was a 4″ tropical, though they are now $8., not $5. That’s quite the price jump from last year if one is really thing King about it. On the other hand, it also means the value of My collection of plants is increasing, too. I say it was a 4″ tropical because it was positively pot-bound with two of these little ladies in one container. I separated them into their own individual pots and I swear that within a week they were roughly one third larger, even though there was no new plant growth yet. It’s so big now, it has to sit on the floor. This is the other one.

Dracaena Spiritus Sancti

When I get home, I discover the plant’s proper name is Dracaena Spiritus Sancti. I know, right? You’re probably thing King I just made that up or something. Whenever I find a new plant, I have to look it up to find out exactly what it is so that I know how to care for it. This is another one of those plants that Will become positively massive! Up to ten feet inside a home, much larger in nature. See the tiny yellow spot on the leaf? That was My fault for presuming that because it’s a tropical it Will appreciate some direct sunlight. Nope, not this one. The plant was in the sun for only a couple of minutes before I noticed one of the leaves developing a sun spot. It is somewhat like a vampire. Direct sunlight Will turn this plant pure white like it’s been turned into salt (and yes it Will be dead). I am wondering if that’s where it’s name comes from because I saw a picture of one left in the sun and it looks like a ghost plant. Thankfully, I Will not have to cut the leaves off to hide the blemish, the leaves are slowly repairing themselves and the yellow is almost gone. The spot moves closer to the edge of the leaf everyday and Will eventually vanish.

But the beauty of the plant is not the reason it’s today’s feature photo. When I was thing King about purchasing this plant, I was thing King about how it Will look in My place, how I am Creating My Spiritual Sanctuary – those Words exactly were in My Mind, and I believed God would approve. In fact, I would even go as far to say that it was God who called Me over to the plant in the first place. And why do I require My Spiritual Sanctuary, why is it so important? Because it heals Me and also because I was as King God if I’ve Played nice for long enough already…

“Should I hold those who have dis-Honoured My Father accountable, even if it is My Brother and Sister?”

What are You thing King God said in reply? Nothing, God doesn’t work like that. He called Me over to a plant when I entered the grocery store instead. And again, it’s not a voice in My head or anything, it’s My own thoughts, same as any One has thoughts. This particular thought was, ‘I wonder if they have any new and interesting plants today’.

See, the thing is they almost never do. I generally know what plants they have and I’m only mildly interested in a few of the varieties they typically carry. But I’ve seen this plant before and I knew it was a ‘fake’ palm (plants that resemble palms but are not) but thought it was a philodendron of some sort and I’ve never seen it in a store, it’s the kind of plant One Will see in an open house or the décor of a fancy restaurant or something. When I get it home, I learn it’s Scientific name which is another Sign from the Universe that God is Blessing whatever I choose to do. That sentiment is followed up with a transplant that reveals two plants, and now I have just doubled My investment. Although it didn’t survive (I actually lost it – don’t ask how because if I knew it wouldn’t be lost), there was also a third baby shooting up from the roots. Nonetheless, it is still a Good Sign because now I know these Will propagate the same Way My banana plant does (Mama Musa), and I Will have more of these gems in the future. Both plants are roughly a week in My care and both have just started producing their first new leaves which means they are no longer in [transplant] shock. I may as well advise that when transplanting a plant, I do not water it right away, I transplant the whole earth ball, surround it with fresh potting soil in the new container and pack it in gently. This lets the moisture in the plant leech into the new potting soil and the roots Will chase after the water. After a day I Will water thoroughly with the submersion method, then it does not get watered again until it fully dries out. After that, just water as required. I can’t remember all the reasons why but I heard this helps to reduce transplant shock and Will encourage the roots to move into the new soil. In some cases, the plant Will actually produce new growth the first day it’s transplanted and before it has been watered!

A Trinity of Peppers

I also figured this was worth sharing because just last Lucky Wednesday I was tall King about My new entrepreneurial idea, ‘The Prince of Peppers’ and ‘Fire Magic Pepper Product-Sean’s’ which Will include hot sauces, salsas, fermented peppers, spices, that sort of thing made from My excess pepper product-Sean. I had all the Good Ideas but none of My peppers had actually sprouted yet. My Words happened to Manifest the next morning with My first Sweet Grand Bell Pepper (right of photo) and the other two came up today! Kind of hilarious but True, not sure what kind they are!!! I am thing King it is one of My Bolivian Rainbow Peppers, but it could also be a Habanero, Chili, Baby Chili, or a Banana Pepper. One of them is a Bolivian Rainbow Pepper for sure, the other is taken from a collection of mystery pepper seeds collected from peppers I have purchased.

But all of this plant stuff really is My Sanctuary of sorts because this is exactly what I would be doing with My Life if I had no other obligations whatsoever. The reason I believe it Will be just as interesting for all of You, is because I don’t just grow plants for the sake of growing them, I Will be using them for things, too. I would be doing all of this stuff whether it were an entrepreneurial venture or not because I Wish to grow as much of My own food as I possibly can and I have a limited amount of space. At the same time, I have enough space and the perfect natural lighting situation that is very similar to greenhouse conditions.

Having said all of that, it’s not the same as having 8.9 acres of land upon which to grow My own food, raise animals, build My own greenhouse and home, and that’s what My father left for Me. It’s now gone because My Brother and Sister were negligent and allowed the mortgage to go into default. Recently, I have been as King of My Brother and Sister who was ‘taking care of things’ when the Estate went into default. My Sister suddenly seems less interested in accepting accountability for things when I am as King who is responsible for the Estate going into default. I was as King of My Sister specifically if she understands what it means to make that application, does she understand she Will be accountable and responsible for any harm done by Way of her negligence. She said she she does understand. I carefully advised My Brother that the very first priority is to make sure the creditors are paid. I told him if he does not do this, the Courts Will get involved and We Will have legal fees and other problems to deal with. If all the creditors are dealt with, there is no need for the Courts to get involved.

So what’s the Title of today’s Post all about? Well, My Brother emailed Me on Lucky Wednesday sometime while I was writing My Blog Post with something of a peace offering. Again, he doesn’t Wish to be tall King about the Estate at all, but he doesn’t Wish to lose Me as a Brother and he understands how angry I am. It might not sound like much, but it meant the world to Me because I do feel I am ‘at War’ with My family. It’s such a strange and alien feeling that it’s been hard for Me to know how to be tall King about it. I really did Give My Brother very explicit instructions on what to do to keep the Estate in Good standing.

As much as My Brother and Sister may know better than most that I have no problem asserting My Self and expressing My opinions, they also know My bark is worse than My bite, as the expression goes. I’ve never laid a hand on My Brother or Sister My entire Life, not even as a child. In fact, I’ve never initiated physical conflict with any One, ever! (But been on the defense plenty of times). Worst thing I ever did was trip My Sister in a race when I was like… I don’t know, very young. No excuse, it was a terrible thing for a Brother to do (she pushed Me first) and she ended up breaking her freaking arm! Truly the most horrible thing I’ve ever done in My Life and believe Me when I tell You, no One was more horrified than Me – that’s the reason I remember it so well today.

The point to all of this is that I told My Brother and Sister to leave all the Estate stuff with Me because whoever is in charge is also liable. I tried to explain to My Brother (and Sister in less detail) that objecting to My Sister’s application is in her best interest. Once again, they ignore My caution. Now that I am as King who is responsible for allowing the Estate to go into default, My Brother and Sister are silent. I am thing King that My Sister is beginning to realize that if she is awarded the Certificate of Appointment, then she is liable to Me/the Estate for all of the legal fees, sales commission, and other costs incurred by the default power of sale. Those costs are over $100,000.00 and none would be necessary if the Estate had not gone into default, the mortgage was only $200/month. I’m not so sure My Sister understands that if she is awarded a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee, I can file a complaint with the Court for her negligence and she Will not be able to remain silent, she Will be compelled by Court order to respond.

We still don’t know if My Sister has even filed an application because the Notice that was served upon Me was a fraud (the Court advised Me no application has been made) and My Sister’s lawyer does not respond to any of My emails. So I filed a complaint against Hala Tabl (My Sister’s lawyer) with the Law Society and followed up with an email early this morning. The initial emails were published earlier, here is the updated version.

The point to all of this is that I can only hope that My Brother’s email is sincere. For all I know he’s just trying to gain My favour because he’s responsible for the Estate going into default and doesn’t Wish for Me to hold him accountable. The fact is, I Will be holding whoever is responsible accountable, regardless if it is My Brother or Sister. In response to My Brother’s email, I told him I am Grateful he has reached out to Me and I graciously accepted his offer to maintain private correspondence outside of Estate Matters. However, I also advised him that I consider the Estate and Honouring My father something of a ‘business’ Matter that I need to take care of and the Courts are the proper venue for that sort of thing. As long as My Brother does not take any of My Court actions personally, We should have no problems.

It may sound as though I’m not being very fair with My Brother and Sister and that’s the Issue I was struggling with before I found My Spiritus Sancti. But the Truth is, everything I have done up until now was to protect My Brother and Sister, regardless Our differences. I obviously knew the two of them had allowed the Estate to go into default the moment I received a demand for payment in full from the creditor on Our first correspondence – did I ever go back to My Brother and Sister as King who was responsible for allowing the Estate to go into default then? Rhetorical – but no, I did not. I offered to take care of it, to fix their mistake without ever making either one of them so much as feel bad for allowing things to get out of hand.

There are two reasons I didn’t do that and the first is because it really didn’t Matter at that point, the damage was done, I was trying to deal with ‘what is’ as best as I was able. The second reason is because I did resolve the Issue and I didn’t Wish to take the chance that Noah may try to absolve him Self of liability (for refusing acceptance of My payment) by transferring the blame to My Brother and Sister for allowing the account to go into default in the first place. The two Issues really have nothing to do with one another except that one is responsible for the state of affairs at the time I was involved/included.

But now My Sister Wishes for the Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee again and this time I’m quite happy to let her have it so I can hold her accountable, I’m just hoping they Will hurry up and get on with it already.

The fact is, if God had a House and three children, two of which have a house and everything else in life they had ever said they dreamed to have, and one child in need of a House, who is One thing King God would Gift the House to? Now You know who it was intended for. My Brother and Sister believe it is more important for a Brother and Sister to increase their own treasury, than it is to ensure their sibling has a place to call home. That is My Brother and Sister We are tall King about, and I AM ashamed to tell You. But I Will be holding them accountable, I am officially ‘at War’ with My family.

The Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm in all things, I wonder what this Will mean?

Love and Blessings,

P.S. – I’ll get to the Elon Musk thing tomorrow!!!

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