Volume CCXIII: The Super Natural Son Day Edition; Putin’s Economic Power Play

Hello every One and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. Today Will be a short Post reviewing the events of the week and tall King a little about what’s going on in Man’s Macrocosm. There are some very big upsets taking place in Man’s Macrocosm and I know this is a reflection of the events ta-King place in My Microcosm because both are of Significant economic change (the coin of the New Realm is change) and shift in economic Power. It’s an Estate Matter in My Microcosm but it is a Power Play by Putin in Man’s Macrocosm that I Will be tall King about today.

First, a message from one of Our sponsors, ‘The Good Green Thumb Nursury’ tall King about today’s feature photo.

Crassula Aborescens

Isn’t she gorgeous?! She’s today’s feature photo because she’s one of the very first grown from a cutting just two springs ago, and it’s a perfect example of what I Wish to Give away as part of one of My other not for profit ventures. ‘Sickness Succs’, is an Idea where I Will Give away cuttings from My own stock of succulents grown into miniature bonsai style plants like this one as symbol of hope, inspiration, and a demonstration of nature’s ability to heal and grow, to children struggling with life threatening injuries or dis-ease. I Will continue to grow a small collection of these from every [succulent] cutting I take and the goal Will just be to Give away a few more plants than the previous year. It is something I Wish to make a family tradition for My name day within the next five years. Pretty much all My [newish] entrepreneurial goals Will be a five year plan to develop inventory, marketing, and distribution strategies.

Okay, back to Our main Good News story of the week. What is Putin’s big economic Power Play? How about a new global currency? Have You heard of the Gold-backed ruble? It’s creating quite a ruckus with the International Monetary Fund and current fiat (fake, worth-less, debt/credit) because 5000 rubles Will be redeemable for one gram of Gold! What does that mean? Well, it means a ruble has real value. Remember when I said that anything of real Value is sufficient to nullify or purchase any debt? Yup, it’s True – and You Will begin to see what that means on the world stage in Man’s Macrocosm pretty soon. Why? Because any country that Wishes to buy Russian oil (or any Russian Good for that Matter) Will have to buy with Gold because the paper money doesn’t mean anything. So the United States, Canada and ALL THE REST OF THE COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD INFILTRATED BY THE TREASONOUS FOREIGN BANKS, Will be forced to buy their own gold with their own dollars and trade gold grams for rubles! Now You know why they hate Putin and why he’s the enemy of the west. He’s the proverbial thorn in the side of the [evil] globalists (there are Good Ones, too – and this is actually proof of that). Anyway, I can’t take credit for this breaking story, RissFlex has this covered for You in detail.

Unfortunately, that also means the housing market Will crash big time and inflation Will skyrocket here in ‘the West’ (how We are ‘the West’ when We are on a sphere shaped object is beyond Me because technically, they are ‘West’ too if We go far enough). Actually, I might be wrong about the housing market because that’s ‘real’ wealth, too – so the housing market might do well but prices Will go up like crazy. People Will be looking to invest in Gold, Silver, other precious metals and ‘REAL’ estate because they ALL offset inflation. Inflation is impossible when using real money, but I’ll explain that another day.

Okay, well this isn’t quite as short as I had thought it might be and the only thing left I Wish to touch on is Elon Musk’s recent Power Play. For those that don’t know, he purchased ten percent of Twitter stocks and declined an offer from board members to a seat at their table. He then tried to buy the whole company so he wouldn’t have to deal with board members at all!!! (You gotta Love the guy, I really don’t know how People don’t like him, he’s hilarious, humble, and wealthy – oh, and he’s a genius, too. What’s not to like?)

Apparently he was not able to buy Twitter, it’s not for sale – at least, not to Elon. But why is it cool? Because Elon’s all about free speech and Wishes to put an end to Twitter’s censorship of the social media platform. The reason I find it particularly funny is because I was just kind of randomly wondering what in the world would need to happen for Me to get My lifetime Twitter ban revoked? Then I hear that Elon Musk buys ten percent of Twitter shares and CEO’s are freaking out!!!

I honestly don’t care whether I get My Twitter account back at all because it was more or less Given to Me by the same People who took it away!!! I didn’t do anything to get five thousand followers in ten months, someone did that for Me. I’m a very Spiritual Man, I have Friends in High places. 😉

Oh, and finally, I Wish to say that My Estate Matter really is coming to its climax and I should have some news for You this week. I Will be very surprised if I don’t because at this point it’s becoming obvious they are just stalling for time. Also, I just know by the craziness in the Macrocosm that it Will be reflected in My Microcosm in some Way, too.

Love and Blessings,

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