The Law Society of Ontario; Conversations With Carmine Pignataro

Yes, the belligerence of Hala Tabl, My Sister’s ‘lawyer’ continues. So I followed up with a Magical Monday Morning email to Carmine. Enjoy.

Also, keep in Mind that the cause of My complaint to the Law Society was Hala’s inability to respond to this very important email regarding My Sister’s application. Carmine has been ‘on the case’ for a week today and has failed to elicit a response from the lawyer she is allegedly investigating. This should be a priority because I am being harmed by Hala’s negligence, and every additional day I wait adds to that harm. The best Way to begin resolving an Issue is to put an end to the harm being done. This is why I am suggesting Carmine is incompetent because she is increasing the liability (lie-ability) claim.

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