Volume CCXIV: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday; Hell Freezing Over? An Email from Hala

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. It is a very Lucky Wednesday as I have finally received a reply to My email dated March 24th! I’ll have that for You today along with My thoughts on the email, and Will otherwise be Keeping this Post relatively short.

Before I get into the email, I Wish to share the Magic of the new wax Seal of My House.

House von Dehn, Kingdom of God

I’m not sure how Good it looks in the photo, but it Creates a perfect Impress-Ion of My House Logo to Seal the Magic of My Letters with wax. I figured today was a Good day to share this with You as it is just one Part of many Ideas I set forth at the beginning of this year to firmly Establish ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’ as an official Express Trust organization. For those who don’t know, a copy of My full Trust Declaration has been received by the Canadian government and was added to My file in early February of this year.

But today is typical for Lucky Wednesday because I have been waiting for this reply since March 24th, so today felt very Lucky in Deed. Of course, I’m not really surprised with the content of the reply, but I can tell You one hundred percent that My Sister’s lawyer is up to no Good. Before I get into it, why don’t You read it for Your Self to see if You can find anything ‘fishy’ about this reply.

Well, if You did read the above email, You likely read My reply as well and already know what’s fishy about it. Obviously, it is impossible for a Justice to endorse an application in the future, so the endorsement included is irrelevant to the application and suggesting it is not IS fraud, regardless what Hala Wishes to call it.

However, even as I was Writing this Post, there has been a reply to My last email! Hell really IS freezing over!!! I also Wish to let You know that these two emails are the FIRST time I have ever received a reply to ANY correspondence with My Sister’s lawyer. She does at least confirm that she IS My Sister’s lawyer (she refused to accept a conditional consent to My Sister’s first application on the condition that she pay her own legal fees and not bill any more charges to the Estate – she refused to accept My consent form, and when I said that she is obliged to accept My conditional consent as My Sister’s lawyer, she told Me she DOES NOT represent My Sister!).

Here is the most recent response.

So, what is My interpretation of all this information? I really don’t know what to make of it. If what Hala says is True and the application was filed WITH all of My Objections made to My Sister’s lawyer included, then I’m a happy Man! The only problem is, the endorsement is not relevant! It has absolutely NOTHING to do with the current application because the current application has not even been read by Justice Susan J. Woodley, and My intuition tells Me that Justice Woodley is an Honourable Justice.

So My guess is that if they did file the application electronically, and if they did also file all of My objections to the application, they already know that no endorsement Will be awarded, so they just included the previous endorsement. Also, the endorsement is just an ‘interim’ endorsement allowing the application to proceed, it is NOT a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee. The Justice clearly indicates that if I file an objection, the application is to be returned to the nearest Superior Court for review. So, in accordance with the current endorsement’s Order, the application should be returned to the Court for review to see if My Sister’s application should stand or be vacated, and if an ETDL (Estate Trustee During Litigation) should be appointed.

So what is the reasonable thing to do? Well, the Trustee Act allows a Trustee of an intestate Estate to request direction from the Court without a formal application under section 60.

Trustee, etc., may apply for advice in management of trust property

60 (1) A trustee, guardian or personal representative may, without the institution of an action, apply to the Superior Court of Justice for the opinion, advice or direction of the court on any question respecting the management or administration of the trust property or the assets of a ward or a testator or intestate.  R.S.O. 1990, c. T.23, s. 60 (1); 2000, c. 26, Sched. A, s. 15 (2)

So I Writ the Superior Court in Barrie which is the relevant probate Court for My Father’s Estate, and the same Court that was Given Notice that I Will be acting as My Father’s attorney should any claims be made against his Estate. Here is My email to the Court.

The best part is, NONE of this is stressing Me out anymore, just a little residual anxiety from having to wait so long to know what’s going on, and I’m still not convinced I’m getting the full story. However, one thing I can still say, is that the Courts have always been very Good. I expect that I Will have some [real] Idea what is going on with this shortly.

I’ll Keep You Posted (puns always intended).

Love and Blessings,

Post Script – Oh WAIT!!! Look at this!!!

What’s strange about this? Well, I haven’t Published this Post yet, People. Who has the power to download documents from My WordPress account before the documents are published? I don’t know the answer to that, I only know that most People I know wouldn’t have a clue how to do that without some serious hacking knowledge. Again, this stuff doesn’t worry Me at all – I told You I have Friends in High places that like to see what I’m up to.


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