Volume CCXIV: Court Fraud and Hala Tabl

Hello every One and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition of the Good News Journal. This Will be a short Post for now just to update on the current investigation into My Sister’s lawyer, Hala Tabl who has been lying to Me about documents filed with the Court. She claims to have filed an application on March 24th, 2022, and included an endorsement from a previous application filed in May of 2020 that she claims is in response to the application of March 24, 2022? Does that make ANY kind of reasonable sense? Of course not. A justice cannot endorse an application she hasn’t seen, and including an endorsement to an unrelated application is Willful intent to deceive (fraud).

I have an account for the online portal, even though I generally don’t like to use it for filing documents, I am planning to use it for future claims so that Steven Pardou (registrar) Will no longer be able to remove documents from My case file and remove default judgments awarded against My opposition without any Notice to Me or judicial process. I should probably issue a claim against him, too, but I have bigger fish to fry right now.

At any rate, I did review the online portal which keeps Me updated with the latest documents filed with the Court. As You can see, no application was filed on March 24th, the only application showing in the system is My Sister’s previous application made on May 29th, 2020. Obviously, the endorsement has nothing to do with the current application, and this is clear evidence of fraud and intent to deceive Me (mens rae – of ‘guilty Mind’). You Will also notice that there is no determination or ‘endorsement’ forthcoming. This also proves that My Sister commit fraud by lying to Me about the status of her first application, which does not appear to have been withdrawn.

Now I’m not sure how serious this seems to My audience here, but this is VERY serious if it comes before an informed and Honourable Justice. All parties to any legal proceeding in Canada are ENTITLED to full disclosure of all facts related to the Matter. This means that I should know what the Estate assets are before My Sister even makes an application, otherwise I would be consenting to an application in ignorance and ‘trusting’ that My Sister is being honest about the Estate assets. I have no reason whatsoever to believe My Brother and Sister are being honest with Me about Estate assets because they’ve refused to share those details with Me.

So it’s pretty clear they Wish to shut Me out of these proceedings and continue to lie to Me about what is or is not before the Court. They included the previous endorsement because the application sent to Me by Way of email on the 24th of March was never filed with the Court! There Will be a receipt and confirmation of the filing provided by the online portal to My Sister’s lawyer, and they should be able to produce that filing confirmation upon request. They Will not be able to do so because they are lying to Me. Lawyer = liar.

So I’m just going to continue to allow this to play out, let them attempt to deceive Me as much as they Wish, and when everything is said and done, I Will then know the full extent of their nefarious acts and can hold My Sister accountable by filing a Statement of Claim against the Estate for the emotional, psychological and economic harm she has done to the Estate. That Will be Fun!!!

Can’t help but Wonder what Carmine is thing King about all of this and what she Will present to Me in the report of her investigation. We should know within another nine days or so, roughly.

I advised My Brother and Sister that it does not Matter how hard they try to Keep information from Me, I Will eventually learn everything there is to know regarding this Estate because not all judges are corrupt, and I am thing King that My Sister’s lawyer does not have enough political influence (or cash) to bribe justices like the city of Ottawa likes to do. I guess We Will soon see.

Love and Blessings,

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