Volume CCXIV: The Super Natural Son Day Edition; The Divine Inspire a Sean, Part II

Hello every One and welcome to the Super Natural Son Day Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. I hope You like today’s feature photo because I am having a Celebrate-Sean of My Divine Inspire a Sean, and I was as King of God if I should… You know, if any wine labels ‘speak’ to Me then I Will know the Universe Wishes to Celebrate-Sean with Me. And what is the first bottle I see when I enter the wine aisle? ‘Sibling Rivalry Red’ – a label with what looks like an older Brother on the left, a Sister in the middle, and a little Brother in the background. sporting a goatee and looking as though he Wishes to have nothing to do with the conflict. Could there be a more perfect Sign?

So I am a little bit intoxicated this evening in Celebrate-Sean of My father’s Estate Matter, which is why this is the Super Natural ‘Son’ day Edition. The Matter regarding My father’s Estate is basically over, though I’m not entirely sure My legal opponents real eyes that yet. On Thursday of this week I received an email from Brendon McCarthy of the Ontario Superior Court confirming once and for all that no Application for Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee was ever filed with the Court on March 24th, 2022 for Joachim Heinrich von Dehn, contrary to what My Sister’s lawyer has been telling Me ever since Notice was served upon Me that same day.

What does that mean? Well, it means that My allegation of Court fraud with intent to deceive Me is no longer an allegation, but a Matter of fact. See, Courts are very diplomatic and impartial, so the Court did not say that My Sister’s lawyer is lying to Me with intent to deceive, the Court simply told Me what is. Right now, there is no application for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee before the Court, and no record of any application being made on the 24th of March, 2022. It means that My Sister’s lawyer is lying to Me, which is fraud with intent to deceive, but the Court Will never make that allegation. In fact, the Court Will not typically do anything more that what One is as King of them to do, and only if they are able in accordance with the Powers afforded to them by the Rules (of Civil Procedure).

But if I were to be as King of the Court if sending Me Notice of an Application filed with the Court that has not been filed with the Court is a violation of the Rules and or an Act of fraud, the Court Will provide an answer, even if it is only to advise that they cannot make that determination, they Will provide direction and instruction so One can get such a determination from the Court.

But it is obvious (self evident) that telling One a thing has happened when One knows a thing has not happened is dis-Honest and an attempt to deceive the Court or the individual, then One can simply Present the information to the Court like a Gift, and be as King for the Court to make an Order.

The Law Society of Ontario concluded their investigation the day after the Court responded to My query regarding the application. That was exactly what I was expecting would happen because the Law Society now knows that My Sister’s lawyer has commit fraud with intent to deceive the Court, but they do not have the authority or jurisdiction to make that determination because it is a Matter of Law! My Sister’s lawyer has the same rights any One else has, which is the presumption of innocence until proved guilty in a Court of Law by a jury of competent peers.

So even though it’s relatively obvious that My Sister’s lawyer is lying to Me (unless of course the Court is lying – I’m banking on the Courts being the honest one here), the Law Society cannot make that determination. However, the Law Society did make recommendations for Me moving forward, which included Presenting the information to the police, a justice of the peace, or as King of the Court to make a ruling on the Matter. They (Law Society) have also requested that I Give them Notice if any of the aforementioned avenues determines fraud or professional misconduct has taken place.

The most kismet part of this? Today ‘just happens’ to be My Sister’s birth day, so she gets to spend the day deciding if she Wishes to be complicit with her lawyer’s attempt to deceive Me and defraud the Court, or if she Wishes to fire her lawyer and let Me know that serving Me documents that have not been filed with the Court was not My Sister’s intention, she was Trusting that her lawyer would be Acting within the Law and making sure My Sister’s strategies are both legal and lawful. I am thing King My Sister should probably advise her lawyer that if a Court determines that serving Me documents that have not been filed with the Court to be an Act of fraud with intent to deceive Me, her lawyer accepts full commercial, civil, and criminal liability for her actions.

Otherwise, it appears as though the lawyer is going to tell the Court that she was just doing what her client was as King of her to do, and that it was My Sister’s intent to ‘trick’ Me into believing an application was made when no such thing was done. My Sister’s lawyer was just trying to serve her client as best as she was able and make all her dreams of deceiving Me a reality.

Should be a Fun week, People. What are You thing King – is telling some One that an application is before the Court when no such thing is taking place an Act of fraud with intent to deceive? How is One thing King a Court would rule?

Let Me know Your thoughts, People. I Will be drinking some Sibling Rivalry Red today as a Celebrate-Sean of My Sister’s birth day and her lawyer’s attempt to defraud the Court and deceive Me.

Hundreds of views of Hala’s Court fraud, the reply from the Court, and of the related Posts and documents since the Court’s reply on Thursday, which tells Me the world is watching this one very closely. It Will be interesting to see what they do now. I am thing King the Lawyer/liar with the pants on fire is about to get burned – I am the Prince of Wands, after all!!!

Love and Blessings,

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