Volume CCXV: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; Prince of Wands, Burning Down the House

Hello every One and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, thank King or Queen You for being here, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. Today is one of the most Magical Monday’s in a long time!!! To start the day, I received another reply from the Court in response to My Quest-Ion regarding My father’s Estate, this time saying that the Bracebridge Court has ‘receipt of an Application for Appointment of Estate Trustee’ with regards to My father’s Matter. Really?! Well, I am thing King that is very interesting and I Will be tall King to You about why it was the most Magical Motive a Sean for My Monday.

First, let’s take a look at the second reply I received from the Court this morning.

Now, can You see why this is very interesting? What are You thing King, is some One digging their Self a deeper hole? Keep in Mind that I was served with a Notice of Application for Certificate of Appointment for Estate Trustee on March 24th, 2022. It is now May 2nd. Consider how convoluted and irrational this email sounds. Does it sound reasonable to any One that an Application can be both filed with the Court and not filed with the Court at the same time? Of course not. Is it a little strange and suspicious that the Bracebridge Court would just randomly call over to the Barrie Court and tell Brendan that they found receipt of an Application that has not yet been entered into the system because they are behind on Estates?

There is only ONE answer to that Quest-Ion, and it is either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If it is not entered into the system yet, that means it hasn’t been filed yet so what is the receipt for? That Will be interesting to see, right? Isn’t that what I was as King for, full disclosure of the Application that IS before the Court? Rhetorical, that IS what I was as King for. So of course, I am just going to be as King again because I have the right to full disclosure.

The other reason this email is in fact Magical, is because remember how I was saying that when People are up to no Good they tend to make careless mistakes? Well, now there’s allegedly a receipt at the Bracebridge Courthouse I am entitled to a copy of, and I have a feeling they Will have a hard time producing it because I was already as King for it. I believe if there was a receipt Brendan would have included it with the email. I am thing King this is Law Society’s doing, and they were as King of the Bracebridge Court to tell Me they have a receipt of filing. If it’s not showing up in the system, it is not filed yet!!!

But there are a few Magical things about this. If it hasn’t even been filed yet or assigned a number, then it obviously hasn’t been assigned to a Justice for review yet, either, has it? Of course not. We knew that anyway because a Justice can’t make endorsements to applications that exist in the future, but now We know for sure that Justice Susan J. Woodley has no clue that My Sister’s lawyer is saying she has endorsed this application. So I have an email scheduled to send in reply to Brendan tomorrow morning at 5:37 AM that Will be as King of Brendan to please just run the application and endorsement by the Honourable Justice to ensure that My Sister’s lawyer is not trying to misrepresent her endorsement from 2020.

Oh, I get excited just thing King about it!!! You know that tomorrow a whole bunch of People Will be scrambling at the Courthouse, I can Give You My Word on that! It Will be very interesting to see what Justice Susan J. Woodley Will have to say. I am thing King she Will probably not be very impressed by any of this, but who knows. Don’t shoot the messenger, right? Did You know that Gemini’s (Gem-in-I is God) are also the ‘Messenger of the Gods’? True Story. Once upon a time only Gemini’s could Write the Laws for Caesar – look it up.

The fact is, it would be impossible for the Justice to endorse an application that hasn’t even been entered into the system yet, so My Sister’s lawyer trying to tell Me it is in response or relative to the application is absolutely fraudulent because she is intending to mislead and deceive Me AND misrepresent the Justice which is equal to misrepresenting the Court with intent to deceive. Contra Bonos Mores, Latin – ‘Against Good Morals’, Maxim in Law.

I also served My Brother and Sister with the Divine Resolute Sean Propose All and they have until just after midnight tonight to accept or decline. If they were to accept the Resolute-Sean proposal I would not send My reply to Brendan tomorrow, and Will not file a Statement of Claim against them. If they don’t (and they haven’t yet so I doubt very much they Will), then the email goes out as scheduled and We let the chips fall where they may. One can only lie for so long. Am I really expected to believe that the onus is on Me to check back with the Court routinely to find out if they have managed to get around to entering an application that was allegedly filed with the Court so that I can respond to it and participate? No!

Even if what Brendan claims in his email to be True, the onus would be on the Court to advise both the applicant and the respondent that it has NOT yet been filed with the Court, and they Will Give Us Notice when it is. Otherwise, what I’m two days late and the Justice endorses another application I don’t get to object to because the Court took six weeks to file the documents and only two days to assign it to a Justice for an endorsement? It’s ridiculous, this is serious, and I’m so pleased I get to share all this corruption with You.

See how even My boring little Microcosm can be momentously Magical and relative to Man’s Macrocosm? How are they going to get out of this one? Best part is, I’ll be sharing My email to the Court with You all tomorrow!

Love and Blessings,

Sibling Song of the Day

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