Volume CCXVI: The Super Natural Son Day Edition; Full Moon Court Fraud Finale?

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural ‘Son’ Day Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. I have Writ of the Magic of Moons for… Well, for many Moons. The new Moon generally symbolizes the planting of new seeds of Intent-Ion in Man’s Macrocosm, while the Full Moon represents those same seeds of intention reaching fruition. I have suggested that the more People pay attention to this, the more it Will become apparent there is some Truth to it, and perhaps the better We can relate to each other, too – as We are all going through something all of the time. These Moons gradually evolve Our consciousness, especially if We can recognize the patterns and learn from them over time.

Well, despite being aware of this phenomenon and noticing it in My own Microcosm frequently, I can be as guilty as any One else when it comes to knowing what the Moon might be up to and where We are in the ‘moonthly’ (monthly – the Word month actually comes from the Word Moon as each month was once a ‘moon’s length of time) cycle. This month was one of the best examples because I have been dealing with a major Issue in My Microcosm for over two and a half years now, and believed the Matter was nearing its climax since early last week. Perhaps if I’d been paying more attention to the Moon cycle I would have known that the most important event in My Microcosm Will reach its climax in sync with the Full Moon, and would not have been so surprised to know I would be waiting another week for the conclusion.

I’ve known that My Sister and her lawyer were trying to trick Me into believing they had filed an Application for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee from almost the moment the Notice was served upon Me. Of course, not being able to find the Application in the online portal wasn’t enough to make the accusation of fraud, so I when I was unable to find the Application in the system, I was as King of My Sister’s lawyer for her receipt for filing with the Registrar. My Sister’s lawyer refused to respond to My query and screened My phone calls, so I filed a complaint with the Law Society. I stated that I believed My Sister’s lawyer was not Acting in My Sister’s best interest because she appeared to be committing court fraud by serving Me with Notice of an Application that has not been filed with the Court, and suggesting an Endorsement dated 2020 is relevant to the Application allegedly filed on March 24th, 2022.

Well, wouldn’t You know that despite the fact that the Law Society Issues licenses to lawyers to ensure they know the Law and can be held liable (bonded) for failing to comply with the Rule of Law and or the Rules of Civil Procedure, they do not have the authority or jurisdiction to comment on Matters of Law or Court filings (basically they have no Idea whether or not My Sister’s lawyer is complying with the Rules of Civil Procedure and have no Idea what constitutes Court fraud or professional misconduct. Serving an individual with a Notice of a Court action that hasn’t actually been filed with the Court is apparently NOT professional misconduct – the Law Society does not hold their lawyers accountable or responsible for knowing how to competently file Court documents, or have any knowledge of the Rule of Law). Does that SOUND like an organization that should be Issuing licenses to practice Law? And yes that’s rhetorical, and yes ‘practice’ is in italics because they have asserted that the Law Society cannot speak to Matters of LAW – they have no knowledge of what is lawful, only of their legal fiction, which has NOTHING to do with the Rule of Law.

Why is that relevant? Well, because that’s what the Law Society is – a private club posing as a public service for People who Wish for legal advice. One is consenting to the fiction by consenting to the jurisdiction of their society of liars. The job of the liar/lawyer is to Keep the individual in their legal fiction so that they don’t have to deal with the Rule of Law. This is why One should never hire a lawyer – they do NOT work for You. This is also why Carmine Pignataro is wrong – because,

“the lawyer’s first duty is to the Courts and to the public, then to their client. Should the lawyer’s duty to the Court and the public conflict with the interests of their client, the former shall take precedence over the latter.'”

Corpus Juris Secundum, paraphrasing ‘Duties of the Attorney at Law’

Corpus Juris Secundum is an Encyclopedia of Law that describes the duties of the Courts and the Attorneys war King for them.

The Law Society required for the Court to comment on the filing and to determine if Court fraud has been committed. Two weeks ago last Thursday, Brendan McCarthy of the Barrie Courthouse confirmed once and for all that no Application was filed with the Court on behalf of Tanja Johnson on March 24th, 2022, which also means the Endorsement is a fraud because it is allegedly an Endorsement to the March 24th Application which has not yet been filed.

Well, wouldn’t You know that after sending My Sister’s lawyer and Carmine of the Law Society a forward of the email confirming that no Application was filed with the Court on March 24th, 2022 (fraud), the same Courthouse emailed Me again to let Me know they received an anonymous voicemail from the Bracebridge Courthouse saying they had found a ‘receipt of filing’ for the Estate I had been as King about.

So I sent the Notice that was served upon Me to the Bracebridge Courthouse and advised them that I require a copy of the receipt, and for the Notice served upon Me to be forwarded to the Justice to confirm she has Endorsed the Application that has not yet been filed. I am thing King it is reasonably fair to say I was confident that would put an end to the Matter, but it only succeeded in delaying the Matter for another week because [of course] the Bracebridge Courthouse is complicit in the fraud and probably don’t Wish to inform on their Self (I’m basically forcing them to turn their Self in). So I required an ‘impartial’ Court to forward My email. What better ‘impartial’ Court than the one that knows Me best, right? So I sent this email to the Ottawa Superior Court on Friday afternoon.

If You read the email, You Will Notice they have already replied to indicate they were unable to view the pdf’s in My first email to the Bracebridge Courthouse, and requested for Me to resend the documents. I also requested that they respond to let Me know if they require any additional information. The fact that I did not hear back before 5:00 PM on Friday, tells Me that they did not require any further information and that the email has [finally] been forwarded to the Justice. Now We Will get a result!!!

Only then was I as King of My Self when the next full Moon might be and wouldn’t You know it’s tonight and tomorrow? And it’s a lunar eclipse no less!!! What does that mean? Well, kind of like the yin and the yang, it represents the light in darkness and the darkness in light. Take these concepts and apply them to the psychological and emotional aspects of the Issue and You Will have a reasonably Good Idea. Essentially, it means bringing light to dark issues, and potentially even darkness to lighter Issues, depending which side of the Law one is on, I suppose.

So I am anticipating a Fabulous Full Moon this midnight and a most Magical, Motivate Sean all Monday for tomorrow. I am so curious to know what the Justice Will have to say about this!!!

I figured today was a Good day to introduce You to the new wax Seal for House von Dehn. When I use it for the first time I Will show again – the detail is highly impressive!!!

Have a most Magical Moon-day, I’m reasonably sure I Will!!!

Love and Blessings,

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